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  1. He looks so cute and tiny like a lil baby! <3
  2. Thanks Badoba. My PH stays stable aroung 8.0 and goes to 8.4 every now and then. Out of the tap and a majority of the time its at 8.0, so not a big fluxuation. As for the KH and GH I don't have those tests. We had a problem with his fins about a year and a half ago when I first got him but then it went away and he's been fine.
  3. Yea, seems to be the story of my life lately ha ha!! Oh well, this too shall pass and we'll be fine :-) Nah, Bertie isnt doing bad at all, just the fins look horrible. Not really bad, but not the best. They are tinged a bit with white, and when I get the fin to grow back lately it has been a lighter color and not as thick. That sounds bacterial huh? I'll dose with pimafix and melafix starting saturday after I get paid again. That will help a bit I hope!
  4. I cant get a picture for a few days as I wont be home till really late and I leave really early. I have 4 bubblers in the tank. and yea, I prazi'd the fish when I got Lulu, they got re-prazi'd when I prazi'd Gibby, and they just got Prazi'd again twice, a couple weeks ago. I need to get pimafix, but after the dentist and hair appointment tonight, I'll have to wait a couple more days for $$. It has to bacterial though because the ammonia and nitrites never get high at all. The nitrates might get to 5 on water change day. Gibby is still in the QT tank until I can get a tank divider. Also, someone in the family just busted their fish tank, so they're dropping off a fish for me to have this morning. :-S I don't really want another fish, but I cant say no as otherwise It'll just die because they don't care. I also have no spare tank as the hospital tank has Gibby, and Bertie and Lulu are in the big tank. So I'll add the little new guy in with Gibby, Prazi both and see if I can find a tank divider soon...
  5. Its still there!! GRRRR I have tried melafix and will use the last this weekend, I'll salt again as I just did a big WC. all readings are perfect so it isnt ammonia. I'll try a dose of pima-fix. Only problem is that i am BROKE Being a poo university student who works is hard! blah... i'll order it online and get it next week. online is cheaper maybe hmm
  6. Thanks Gibby is fine this morning. Swimming around with her one eye. I have a few questions: 1: Is a black moor still a black moor even when no longer black? 2: Do pearlscales even go with telescopes? I didnt read anything that said they were not compatible when putting them together. 3: If both eyes were gone, would Gibby still be ok? 4: with a tank divider, do you then need two filters? Thanks
  7. if the vet wont do the injection, what about a vet nurse? do you have those there? My friend is a vet nurse and told me she'd do injections for lulu if my dropsy meds didnt work. so if you know a vet nurse I'd ask them. and wow, 3 yrs! Thats a long time :-S I always look for poos when I have a sick fish. I'm still watching Lulu's poos lol! crazy people. Good luck martha
  8. The tap here always seems to stay the same - PH at 8.0 sometimes 7.8 and the other readings 0. Gibby seems fine in her lil tank. Maybe I'll leave her there for awhile. Til she's half their size at least. or find a tank divider Thanks guys. Im sure she'll be fine. Just seems like something else to add to my list of things to go wrong. Off to bed now I guess. Another long day tomorrow.
  9. Ok thanks Caitie. I have melafix on hand. and Bertie only flashed this morning when I woke up. I watched him and he did a "flashdance" across the tank. So I prazi'd right after removing Gibby. I had to babysit tonight so didnt get home til late. *sigh* I read a thread earlier about "pluckers" and missing eyes on the fish and I thought, well I'm lucky my fish have their eyes. And what do I come home to??? Gibby's eyes are much smaller, as Bertie and Lulu have big BIG eyeballs due to being a black moor and telescope. So yea, maybe one of them thought she had some food stuck to her face and ate an eye What happens if I put Gibby back in and her other eye gets eaten??? Do I salt to .03% or .01% is fine since it isn't really bad? I just put her in the smaller tank as it is much easier for the constant water changes Thanks
  10. Well, they havent harassed her. just chase her, but they chase each other too. and all three fight at feeding time. I noticed this morning Bertie flashing for some reason?! I have prazi'd them. So Lulu and Bertie and currently being prazi'd and Gibby is being salted. She's been with Bertie for like 3 weeks and fine. So I think it's Lulu. Lulu is more of a bully... but it isnt as if she's awful. and Bertie doesnt take it from her. I dont know. Im trying to figure it out.
  11. and I cant edit my above post now either Im so mixed up LULU - had dropsy. Now is much better BERTIE - Shredded fins we cant seem to make better NOW GIBBY - An eye is completely missing. ALl we have is a tinny empty crater where it was this morning.
  12. Geesh. Is there a place at koko's to just go a cry? I wan2 go there Now Gibby is suddenly missing an eye. and I bet Bertie or most likely Lulu "plucked" it out. Its still bleeding,s o I have her in QT and .01% salt with her own food. Gibby had dropsy, bertie's fins are shredded, and now gibby is missing an eye. What am I doing wrong? I have had a good run for a year and a half and now problem after problem after problem. It's really disheartening. I'm just so confused. I dont know what I am doing wrong!? Bertie and Lulu are much bigger than Gibby. One eye has been plucked clean out. Its just gone, but she seems fine. what did a fish do, just suck it out of the socket? Is she going to lose the other eye if I put her back in:why:
  13. Oh Martha! Nice to see you again I've missed you! Just wish it was under nicer circumstances. Lulu had a bad case of dropsy just over two weeks ago! but she's better now thankfully. We're sending our best good luck toughts your way!
  14. Wow, so nice! I would love to try a bit of planted in the next 6 months!
  15. Yea, I may try the melafix and aquarium salt again this week. Maybe with bare bottom it'll help more? If no luck, i'll bring in pima fix next week with the melafix. Lulu is still doing well, she seems a bit weaker than the others but I believe that is improving. What I mean by weaker, is over the weekend, when I would wake up and Bertie and Lulu would be zooming around the tank, she'd kind of rest for an extra hour and then be fine for the rest of the day. But she still loves her foods so she seems fine to me This morning she was up and zooming around when I got up at six, so I think the gel food is helping her to regain her strength.
  16. I really like the light on the bubbles! looks almost like a hot fire!
  17. I dont have any [pima fix but I can get a small thing later this week. he isnt stressed or in pain, it just doenst look nice! as for my set-up, it is a *52 gal which is currently 50% full due to the bowing problem we are having * there was only two fish in the tank, but now 3. Bertie, Lulu, and Gibby. Bertie is abot 3 or so inches, from tail to nose. Lulu is just uner - so maybe 2.5. and Gibby is tiny at perhaps 1.5 inches. two teles and one pearly. * Current filter is a eheim for 40 litres or so. * weekly water changes, currently at 50% a week and 90%-100% every 3-4 weeks. *It is barebottom at the moment because of those worms!! but the tank is cycled b/c before my WC two days ago I had 10 nitrates. so that should be fine. We'll just keep plodding along and try to get them to heal lol. Like i said, he isnt hurting or stressed - just the fin isn't a beautiful due to the tears. I do believe perhaps there oculd have been a bump when I removed all the rocks last week, but then again I use those bio-noodles in my filter so the tank is still cycled?
  18. Aww The poor fish! I feel sorry for you having to watch this and not know what to do, yet you're doing everything you can think of! I really wish you luck with which ever way you choose to go.
  19. Il ike the changing colours black moor! Nice pics. Loving the chub chub cheeks some of them have, and vader is a cutie ha ha!
  20. Nice goldie! Liking the tank Decor
  21. Very cute! Thanks for sharing
  22. I just noticed that you said it could be bacterial? Would rubbing a tad bit of iodine on his fins while he is out of the water help? Also, I just had Lulu who recovered from an awful case of dropsy. Could there be something in the tank which I need to deal with, or is it just a one off? How do you get rid of this bacteria? :-/ Will the bacter re-affect Lulu, and continue to attacl Bertie's fins? And what about my new fish?
  23. yea i have tried melafix, salt... i can try again. maybe with a bare tank it'll work better
  24. Yea the long fins are nice, but I have to be careful of tank decor as he rips the fin easily! we're currently trying to get it to heal again!! and I noticed today that Lulu is as big as my bertie now, and she was pea-sized compared to him when she came home with me! wow here's a pic of the tank when the decor was in! it looked awesome! Just Bertie kept splitting his fins so now the tank is bare until they are fixed and here is bertie mid-way through his color change!! here he is nearly all black In the back here, he is completely black and now he looks like this : Lulu has also changed. She used to have a WHITE body : and now she is more speckled: So they have changed heaps since I first got them
  25. I think if you click at the top of this topic page "watch this topic" you can get notifications... I think thats how it works?
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