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  1. Not to be argumentative, but over population of rabbits is quite a problem in a lot of areas. I live in close proximity to a few cities where there aren't many predators like foxes, coyotes, or eagles, due to being island bound cities with few trees. You would not believe the assortment of wild "pet" bunnies you see! They don't say "reproduce like rabbits" for nothing...
  2. Even if a pond/garden system is beyond someone's abilities, you can always use the water from your water changes for house plants or gardens! Jackalope, you may want to search out advice from people who are a little more like-minded. I do have to say that it seems a bit odd to us to want to eat goldfish. Asking people who own goldfish as pets about how best to raise goldfish to eat is like asking for dog and cat recipes at the SPCA. You're not going to get the kind of response you want or need. I hope you are able to take away some useful knowledge. Though I hope you don't choose to raise goldfish to eat, I do wish you good luck with your aquaponic garden.
  3. Tilapia seem to me to be a much more viable option than goldfish for consumption purposes. I can honestly say I have never eaten a goldfish and my opinion stems not from a taste standpoint, but from practicality. As has been stated previously, goldfish need a lot more water to grow to their full potential than most other fish. I don't know the actual numbers, but if 1 gallon per Tilapia is correct, then I would definitely go with the Tilapia. From everything I've read, Tilapia reach harvestable size by 6 months. It would take a goldfish substantially longer to reach a similar size, and of course would require ten to twenty times the volume of water. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i think because of your 50 gallon tub, and 40 gallon grow bed you are considered to have a 90 gallon system? And that is very strange that your lettuce doesn't do as well as tomatoes. Lettuce and other leafy vegetables and herbs always seem to be the main crops that aquaponic systems support. And people complain that fruit-bearing plants don't get enough of their required nutrients from aquaponics. Are you beginning with pet fish because the conventional food fish are hard to get in your area? I've done some research in my area and it's hard to get tilapia. There is one commercial farm near to me, but they weren't interested in dealing with such a small number of fish. If I were to use trout, I would have to get a license to farm a native fish species or else a hatchery wouldn't even sell me any fish. The cost of the license alone removes any financial benefit of growing my own fish in my backyard. I'll have to make some friends who won't have any problem letting things slip under the radar.... How much can you sell guppies to the store for?
  4. I'm not one of the experts here (far from it) but I have done some extensive reading on aquaponics. The one thing that stuck out to me was the importance of establishing a cycle in your tank before anything else. Your vegetables and fruit will use nitrate to grow, which only appears once you have an established colony of beneficial bacteria which convert ammonia (from fish waste) to nitrite and then finally to nitrate, which is in turn removed from the water by the plants. I'm sure you know this already. But another important factor is to slowly introduce fish as you are building your cycle. If you can, get your hands on some pure ammonia to start the cycle without fish (to save you a little time, money and frustration). Or if you know someone else with an established pond or aquaponics set up, ask for a barrel of water from their tank or pond, and some media containing beneficial bacteria. This will help jumpstart your cycle. What was your reason behind choosing goldfish for your set-up? Are you planning to grow another type of fish for consumption once you have a handle on the process? Feeder Goldfish do seem like a good choice when you want an inexpensive way of trying it out, but like fortunefaded said, feeders are notorious for being diseased right from the store, if not the breeder. And goldfish are not as easy to maintain as other fish. If you are determined to use goldfish, i would have to suggest buying them from the less populated tanks at the fish store (which usually means they cost more). They will more likely be healthier, though you should still treat for disease before beginning your planting phase. I'm not sure what plants will soak up and hold, but I personally dont want the contents of fish medication to be in my tomatoes... Take care of your water first and foremost. Good water quality will make healthy fish, which in turn will make healthy plants. Once you have this all figured out, then you can start focusing on the balance between fish numbers and the amount of plants they can support, or how many plants you need to keep nitrate levels down. An intimidating task...that's why I still only just read about it!
  5. Watch out, you?ve got a bully on your hands! I have a similar situation in my tank. I have two commons and one ryukin, and one of the commons is a real pushy pig. He swoops in and steals any food that he can if the other two dawdle at all. Then he pushes the other two around the tank after, as if to say ?Stop eating my food! He puts it in the tank for me, and me alone!? This behaviour doesn?t seem to negatively impact the other common, but if I don?t trick the commons, then the ryukin gets the short end of the stick. I have to wait until the ryukin is looking into the corner, then I lure the commons to the other corner with food. I drop an equal amount of food in both ends of the tank so that the ryukin has a chance to get his fill before the commons come streaking over to his side to clean up. Then some pebble picking begins, followed by the Piggy?s macho pushing. My goldies must have serious constitution, because neither of them ever give up food to him. Then again, if I was a goldfish getting gelfood, I wouldn?t let go either!
  6. Oh that's perfect! Thanks alot AutisticFish! Hmm... how to convince the girlfriend to let me expand the family a little... She must think I'm a little crazy for giving so much care and attention to my fish. If she doesn't understand, at least all of you do!
  7. Wow! Those are some fantastic looking Goldfish! I haven't been able to find a store that even comes close to that kind of quality with Goldies here in the Lower Mainland. Where in Vancouver is this shop? I hope it's not too far from BCIT because I'd love to check this place out after school!
  8. Thanks A Penguin. I went out and got the aquarium sealer from my LFS anyways. I'm sure from everything that I've read that silicone 1 is adequate for resealing, but I'm not sure of the longevity now... I don't want to have to reseal the tank again. That was a lot of awkward work razor blading that sealant out! I got my 65 gal all sealed up now. Now it's waiting on me to make a stand at the steel shop i work at. I'd prefer to have a nice wooden stand, but hey, you use the skills you have, right? Besides, I have my 30 gal on a stand I made 2 years ago and it's rock-solid. I put wooden doors and panelling on the steel frame with decorative hinges, and cupboard door handles. It even gave me a chance to try my hand at wrought-iron working for an accent piece around the bottom of the tank. Then I gave it all a few nice coats of black paint. It turned out very nicely, I think. It looks like I made it, but not in the way that someone looks at it and says "yikes, you made that yourself, huh?" I think for the 65 I'm going to go a little more bare-bones, and structural looking. I have enough cabinet space in my first stand for all of my equipment, so I think my only decision is whether I need make room for a DIY-sump or not. I think I'll leave that experimentation alone for a while and just get a couple of canisters so I can focus on arranging my fish into more roomy and convenient living arrangements. After all, the hobby stopped being about what I want as soon as I bought the fish. Now they run the show... Anyone else feel like your fish own you?
  9. GE won't hold up? I read so many comments on this site saying that silicone I was the same as the aquarium sealant, just packaged differently so as to demand a higher price from our niche market. Oh well. Not a big deal. I want a lasting seal so I'll just go to my LFS tomorrow.
  10. Shamu, does he have any trouble with his vision? Does anyone know if those can be clipped off? I'm sure it's not a problem for him or you, but can it become problematic if left to grow for too long? I've opted not to get into any fish with growths just because I'm scared that at some point I'd have to perform surgery! If you do have to clip, how often?
  11. I have removed all of the sealant from my tank and I have taped out the seams. I am ready to seal, but I am hesitant to begin. I?m using GE silicone 1 and I remember reading that it gives off ammonia while curing. I have a running tank in the same room with the tank I want to re-seal. Will the airborne ammonia affect the water in my other tank?
  12. Is it normal to see small amounts of red vessels in white-tailed fish? I?ve never really looked that closely at my ryukin?s tail before. I noticed when I bought him, that he had a tiny black dot on end of one of his tails. The dot has become larger over time, and I just noticed today that the black dot now has an dim orange halo growing around it. I had no light on the tank for an extended period so this orange is a big surprise to me. Then I looked at his pectoral fins, and one of them is getting the same orange along the edge. Then i looked again at the tail to see if there was any red streaking. There are barely visible red vessels near the bottom of his tails. I just read that red streaking can be cause by high nitrates but my nitrates never get over 10ppm. What else causes these red streaks, or are they always there?
  13. Freshwater fish tend to lay eggs in shallow areas. You have to remember that depths vary in bodies of water and most ponds will have shallow areas as well. Are you going to use a pre-formed pond?
  14. Thanks RedTiger! I?ll keep that in mind. I think I?m going to try some coral chips as well. My GH is a major concernto me, although I have no idea what it does for the water! I?ll get this water quality stuff figured out eventually! I want to have a handle on everything before I order a pair of Wakin this summer. If I?m going to pay that much to ship fish across the country, then I want to leave no room for error!
  15. Hahah, great theory! Goldfish Mistletoe! I think goldfish release eggs a few times before they finish spawning. I believe plants are an important trigger to spawning. The fish see it as a kind of nest for the eggs? I may be wrong, but I seem to remember reading that somewhere on Koko?s.
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