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  1. OOPS! My bad, I live in VT, so VT and any bordering state, and the closer parts of New York.
  2. A balloon bellied german ram? He does not get along with my other two (Shocker, I know). I really want him to go to someone's home rather than back to the fish store:( Thanks, Stasia
  3. Thanks balashark! I think everyone is gonna make it. While the qt was spiking I moved my ram into a breeder cage in the main tank (since that tank is being treated too). I put a new cartridge in with new carbon and the old one in the qt. I've done two water changes a day since it spiked and the levels are going down. No ammonia, and a little of nitrates and nitrites. I figure even if I reinfect the tank it'll be fine, the only thing i plan on putting back in at this point is Pepe the shrimp because I don't know how long I need to quarantine him. The Ich appears to be gone, but I think I'm going to do one more treatment in the main tank anyways to make sure I got rid of all it. I think I will be returning the ram to the fish store when I'm done treating and know he's healthy Does anyone (near VT) happen to want a balloon bellied german ram? I'd prefer to give him to someone I know will take good care of him. Thanks all, Stasia
  4. New Carbon. I was worried the old would reinfect. I still have it though if that would be helpful. Sorry if I'm being unclear. I'm really frustrated. :( I'm putting the old one back in I guess either way, the fish will die, so might as well try it.
  5. So I tested the water in the qt, it's crashing. There are traces nitrates, nitrites and ammonia. And this was after the water change. The tank was stable before but was a newer tank set up, about a month and half old. I have one fish in this tank. I guess I should put the old filter in, my concern is I will reinfect the tank with ich. Any thoughts?? I'm nervous Thanks, Stasia
  6. Thanks for the site. It said to put new carbon filters in after treatment, but I've also heard otherwise. To use the same ones that you've let stay in a bowl of water while treating. Thanks, Stasia
  7. Do I put the USED cartridges back in after I medicate? or do I put new ones in. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys:) Final question and an update. How long does my vampire (atya) shrimp need to live in a fishbowl? I know the ich does not affect him, but how long until the ich in his water die off? Update: The qt is doing well, no casualties and all 3 fish look good. I need to do a water change tonight and supposedly, the treatment is done with. As for the main tank, with one dose the ich are off the rams (as they did not appear to attach to the pleco and the angels as of yet). I will do the second treatment tonight. As for Pepe (atya shrimp) he's living in a fishbowl with a bubble stone and hideyhole. Not quite a palace, but hopefully he can go back soon. Thanks again, Stasia
  9. The qt tank developed ich symptoms the day after I transfered some of the fish to the main tank (after a month of quarantine). I'm not sure what happened. Anyways, the inevitable happened, the main tank developed symptoms today so I'm treating that tank too, Pepe the prawn is living in a fish bowl for now with a bubble stone and hideyhole. How long does he have to live there before he's cleared of ich? I always feel like whenever my tank gets an ich outbreak that I'm a bad fish mom:( like I did something wrong, but I can't figure out what I did this time. I did take the heater out which dropped the temp 3 degrees in the qt tank, could that have done it? ~Stasia
  10. Hello all. I'm looking for some speculation. SO, I got some fish about a month ago; a pleco and some rainbow featherfins. So they're all looking good, no disease, ich, anything, so after a month I put them in the main tank, but not all of them just so I have something keeping the qt going. Here's the annoying part. The VERY NEXT DAY I look at the at the qt, SPOTS on two of the rainbow featherfins. I treated the tank for ich because I thought it couldn't possibly be ich, after all, in my experience, ich pops up pretty fast if you have it. Also, I treated because I want to know what I'm going to be dealing with should it pop up in the main tank. SO, today, two days after initial treatment, no spots in the qt. Which means, ich. So now my question is, did the pleco and fish I transfered to the main tank just miss the ich hatching? It's been 3 days since I transfered and there are no symptoms on any of the fish in the main tank. Should I expect an impending ich outbreak? Ugh, I'm so frustrated. I keep my tanks pristine; problems only happen when I get new fish > Also, on a side note, are Angelfish impervious to ich or are more difficult for ich to attach to? The last ich outbreak I had did not affect the angels in the least so if I have it again in the main tank it will be tough to spot since the pleco hides and the rams are skittish. Thanks so much for reading my rant, any speculations? ~Stasia
  11. Here they are! Taking the plunge into the main tank Once again, note on the pleco the "spiny wings". I put them both in and I'll probably never see them again as Pepe the Prawn (Vampire shrimp) and the pleco both went into the hidey structures. Stasia
  12. Thanks, I'll try rearranging the tank. I wouldn't mind the "bickering" as long as it wasn't stressing them, like my angels. Cichlids are annoying, but they have such personality. ~Stasia
  13. So, I got two balloon bellied rams one gold one german blue, they were fine together in my 30 gallon tank with my angels.... and then I pushed it, and got a 3 ram. Suddenly the rams all hate each other and they fight all the time. Not against any one in particular. I removed one and now they're relatively peaceful again. I think they're all males. Is there any hope that they will eventually get along after they stake out territories? The tank is heavily planted and there are lots of hiding places. Funny, the angels "bicker" all the time in a similar way, but never one more than the other. *sigh* cichlids. ~Stasia
  14. The bowl idea sounds good. I do have to do a water change so I'll try that. I really want to stay away from the net. ~Thanks, I'll try to get a good pic too.
  15. Hi All, Ok, I'm trying to get my spiny pleco out of the qt and into the main, but I'm having some problems. 1) I can't catch him, he's too fast 2) Whenever I touch him with the net his spines are like hooks and he sticks to the net and jerks around until he's free. I don't want to hurt him. Any other methods? I have flashbacks to when I caught my pictus catfish with a net and he stuck and he nearly pulled his fin off. Instead we cut the net away from his fin, but for the rest of his life (like 3 days) he swam in circles with the piece of net on him. UGH. Thanks, Stasia
  16. Nick, that is great news! Thanks, Stasia
  17. Hi All, I just picked up an Atya Shrimp (Vampire) he is very cool. However, I worry he will eat my other fish. Does anyone have experience with these guys? I've read that they don't eat community fish AND I've read some articles that say they do. He is in my qt with a few featherfin rainbows. Two were dead this morning. I got them all yesterday and not sure if they died from the transportation process or the shrimp. Either way, no one makes it to the main tank until I figure this out. (Water parameters are perfect, and temp is 81F PH is 7.0). Thanks, Stasia
  18. Hehehe, I searched "giant pleco" in google images and found this... Someone obviously had a lot of time on their hands funny though. ~Stasia
  19. VERY similar Willl. I fed his tank mates brine shrimp. If he were a vampire pleco would he be interested in those? He didn't seem interested. He moved around today a bit, to the other side of the tank. I'll get a better pic when I transfer him to my main tank (I'll do the light colored bowl thing). Thanks All! ~Stasia
  20. Thanks for your responses! He actually looks very similar to that picture. He has the spines on his fins but he does not have any on his "nose" just a few (like the ones on his fins) by the edges of his mouth. They are actually a bit hair like. I went back to the lfs today and asked about the type he is. The guy said it was an "L" and then some number because that's how they label them because there are so many different types. Maybe he's a cross? Thanks, Stasia
  21. Pleco pic. I can't seem to get close enough and have it be clear to get enough details. Look closely at the fins. Thanks, Stasia
  22. Hi Repsychus, I'm wondering, did you happen to look at his barbles? Also, what kind of substrate are you using? I'm sorry for your loss ~Stasia
  23. Hello Everyone, I've recently returned to the forum, somewhere along the line I got busy and dropped away from the boards. I also forgot my password and no longer have the old e-mail address used to start my account so I started a new one with a similar name. I'm not really a noob Anyways, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post an introduction, but I just want to let people know what my community tank includes in case anyone is wondering I have a 35 gallon tall with 2 large angels. My tank recently suffered from a particularly difficult-to-get-rid of ich which hitch-hiked it's way into my tank via a small gold ram I got at my lfs. I only noticed his sickness when I went to the lfs the next day to notice the tank he came from was riddled with the parasite. When I got home, lo and behold, ich-y gold ram. Consequently, the gold ram died after 1 treatment. Ich was still not gone. It took two more treatments and water changes and wiped out 6 neons and a full grown clown plecostomus (which I was very sad to lose). Only the two large angels survived and for a while, it did not look good for them. I have been keeping fish, particularly angels, for almost 10 years now and never have encountered such resistant ich. SO... To make a long story short, I've learned my lesson the hard way and I set up a quarantine tank which is where I am currently housing two balloon bellied rams (which I have never seen before and think are super cute!) and a weird plecostomus that may have been mislabeled at the lfs. See my pleco post if you know anything about plecos:) Also, some good news. I went back to the lfs and pretty much explained and complained about my losses as a result of their selling me a sick fish and they compensated me half of the worth of my fish that died and half the cost of the meds I used to treat the tank (since my water params were fine). Very reasonable considering I should have had a qt tank to begin with. So I will continue to frequent my lfs Anyways, I'm glad to be back Thanks, Stasia Here are some pics, they are mobile uploads, so they're kind of blurry. and in the qt pleco pics to come.
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