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  1. I know that mandarinfish are already in the beginning process of aquaculture. Who knows before you will see one at a store? Wild caught mandarins that are kept in a tank with lots of pods and a refugium tend to live 1-3 years, but it is impossible to know how old they are when they are caught from the wild.. Mandarinfish eat clownfish eggs.

  2. Glass injuries are one the worst type of injuries, especially when they involve a foot or a hand. Glass injuries often require stitches. I know mine did...also nerve repair surgery for 3 hours and physical therapy. Perhaps that is part of the reason why glass is supposed to be illegal in war according to the Geneva Convention? ;)

  3. Worked on Ranchu in the wee hours last night. Nothing awe-inspiring, but I think my little 4 1/2" red and white girly girl turned out pretty good, though she might need a little touch up....


    I can clone out the white spots on her head. They kinda bother me. I think this is just excess skin/slimecoat that needs to slough (doesn't look like ich or fungus in person), but I'm going to have to do some research and find out for sure.

    Other than that, whaddaya think? Anything I can do to this to make it better?


    The ranchu portrait looks excellent! What media did you use? If I were to critique it....

    You chose an excellent perspective with the top view and the fish appears life like and 3-d, but I would like to see more contrast between the fish and the background.

  4. I hope the toilet training bowl was only used for demonstration in his comedy skit.

    How about a tank designed with a built in waterproof robot in the shape of your chosen aquarium ornament that is capable of locomotion

    that automatically vaccuums the fish poo off the bottom of large bare bottom tanks ? The robot would put the pish poo in a watertight chamber until it is emptied at least once a week when a partial water change is completed. Crazy idea, huh?

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