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  1. I know that mandarinfish are already in the beginning process of aquaculture. Who knows before you will see one at a store? Wild caught mandarins that are kept in a tank with lots of pods and a refugium tend to live 1-3 years, but it is impossible to know how old they are when they are caught from the wild.. Mandarinfish eat clownfish eggs.
  2. The Baltimore Aquarium is awesome. I can't believe you did not photgraph their rainforest exhibit.
  3. Fishbowls are great for mixing paint, among at least 100 other things.
  4. I really like your aquascaping and I'm sure the new goldies will enjoy their new home, too.
  5. I hope the toilet training bowl was only used for demonstration in his comedy skit. How about a tank designed with a built in waterproof robot in the shape of your chosen aquarium ornament that is capable of locomotion that automatically vaccuums the fish poo off the bottom of large bare bottom tanks ? The robot would put the pish poo in a watertight chamber until it is emptied at least once a week when a partial water change is completed. Crazy idea, huh?
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