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  1. Oh! Yes, the blackie's Jebby Yup his white filmness has almost all gone off, and he's happy as can be! Thanks for letting me knw!
  2. Yup i knw. I tried asking at my LFS, but the guy there said he doesnt provide testing because he doesnt even test his water! He said he only tests his water when sth is wrong. The white has disappeared, so yes it's wen growth Thanks for your help everyone! They are doing great , and i will be sure to keep up w my water changes
  3. Oh, that's great news!! I was soooo freaked out when i actually saw a tiny piece from that white stringy thing fall off! Phew.. I dont have a test kit yet. I will definitely get one in June because i will try working. Then when i earn my own money, my dad wont have to spend his to buy fishy things for me LOL ! I have been going to my LFS and they stock Tetra kits. Are those good? If they are, i think i will get those! However, i did a wc today. abt 40 to 50 %. They are acting fine. Active, eating, and swimming well. Pureen is also pooping egg poop. As in her poop has bubbles haha. But they are doing great. and they're even more active after the water change. I started cycling from scratch. I knw i shld not have but i have been wcs every day, unless im too busy. So far, it's day 3 of cycling. And they have been doing great!
  4. Ok so i took some shots of Pureen. The clearest Pic i could take :X See her wen, there's like a white line there? It's like deep in her wen if im not wrong? Because there's a lil less whitish line to the right of th more obvious line. The white line on the other side of her wen has disappeared. This morning, i found what seemed to be an "egg sack" or sth. It was white, and i suspect it dropped from where the white line on the left of her wen used to be. I scooped it out, and pressed it real hard, but it didnt burst or anyt.. So maybe it's not an egg sack. So does anybody have any idea as to what this white "thing" is? Pictures : And this is just a grp shot of my three self raised platies in the ten gallon.
  5. Hi everybody ! Thanks for the compliments ! I saw Jebby flash once ytd. That really freaked me out! And Pureen has got two white "lines" on her wen! Omg, are those fish lice??? Can someone show me a pic of a fish with an orange wen with lice? I would really appreciate it!! Other than these, they have been active, and swimming well Oh i forgot to mention, Jebby's poop has had no colour ytd and im afraid he has got some internal bacterial thingy going on ??? I tried for the first time feeding them frozen bw ytd, and they loved it !!!!!!!! :D:D:D
  6. I hope Sushi is fine!!!!!! She's such a cutie!! Do post back soon!
  7. Thanks for the fast reply Trinket! I went to check on Jebby repeatedly today, and the milkiness seemed to go off. Now he doesn't look tht milky anymore:D I dont have a test kit because i am currently low on cash, so i dont think i will salt them just yet because my tank isnt cycled yet. Thats why i will do water changes everyday. Thanks, i knw they're cute They are active, and their fins are all erect (that's a great sign r8?) and they look happy Btw, do you knw what i should,and should not do w Jebby? Because i dont want him to lose his black. I read that Black ranchus shld be fed foods w/o colour enhancing stuff added? I will post back here if Jebby shows any signs that are cause for worry Dont they look so small?
  8. Erm, it did not let me edit ... Anw, i am such a dumbass because i forgot to upload the photos See all the fuzzy areas? Is this a cause for worry? I am so scared to lose this lil bugger coz he's so cute.. The white areas on his wen, are they signs that his wen is growing or sth ? Here is a pic of him with Pureen. Also, Pureen has a couple of red streaks in her tail. I think they are just signs of stress coz i got her just ytd, when i got Jebby. They will go off right? Thanks everybody ~
  9. hello again everybody! I just want to knw, does this fish have velvet? I was on a local forum, and there's a fish like that, with whitish stuff, and the ppl there said it has got velvet, but the rest said it was perfectly alright. Btw, this is my new fish I call it Jebby I knw i said i would get goldfish again in June, but i couldnt resist his lil face when i saw him. I also got a new oranda. it's a she, and she's called Pureen I knw im overstocked, but im gonna perform daily water changes from now coz i stripped everything dwn today, and threw away the filter media coz I was afraid Wall E's sickness bacteria were in the filter. now there's 3 buggers in my lil tank. I think i should be able to hold out till june. Im afraid that Jebby has velvet tho. I got Pureen and Jebby just ytd night. Hope he's fine. The two of them are active, and looking very bright! I think Reyna is still mourning Wall E tho.. She is not sick or what, just that she tends to hang alone, but she would join the other two sometimes. I think she's perking up alr tho ^^
  10. I hope Skittle will get better soon! it's so stressful when our babies get sick! hang in there!
  11. Oh, i could go with bleach ! Oooh it makes me excited just thinking that i have found sth to sterilize my fishy stuff with! Thanks! Is this also applicable to fish nets, and all ?
  12. Lulu is really growing now, isnt she? They're both great beauties!
  13. Awwwwwww all of them are soooooooo cute!!!!!!!! How i wish they were in my tank!!
  14. Ohhhhhh they're so cute!!!!! Great babies you have there!
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