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  1. Thanks, this is good info. I will keep it filed away for when I am deciding what to do in October/November
  2. I was going to start a thread once I get it completed It's been a crazy busy summer so far. I thought about building a temp greenhouse for the winter. I'm already looking into it.
  3. I'm thinking about just using a stock tank for the less hardy fish. The pond has a big area that is about 32 inches deep so it should be deep enough for the others.
  4. Hi all, I have recently put a pond in the yard and I am going to be moving 2 tanks worth of fish out there ASAP. I will have these 2 setups available. The 40B will include the stand, LED strip, tank, and filter. The 55 setup will include the stand, tank, and filter and glass tops and possibly LED light. I haven't really thought about pricing yet, but it will be very reasonable. I'm just putting this out there to gauge interest before going to Craigslist :scared They will be pickup only. I may have a filter or 2 left for sale also. I'll update with pricing and all available equipment once I figure out what I am selling and keeping since I will still be running a 55G, but the 2 tanks listed will surely be for sale. Thanks
  5. Wow, what a beautiful fish Jared. Best of luck.
  6. HomerJay

    My Tanks

    Wow. Beautiful setups. Nicely done
  7. I had one, and woke up one morning and his eye sack was stuck to the filter intake. Never had another after that and probably never will
  8. Thanks Reds. The Pothos are just wedged in behind filters and lids and spray bars. I use craft mesh for the dividers. You can get it at Michaels or AC Moore or any craft store really. I haven't noticed any water quality issues, but I do notice that one side will get dirtier than the other. I just siphon the bottom with an airline tube when it builds up. I have the intake on one side of the mesh and the return on the other, so I think it keeps the water moving pretty evenly.
  9. Beautiful parents. Love the fat full bellies on the fry.
  10. Josie, I only had it like this temporarily. I do weekly 90% water changes. I also have multiple filters on each tank. I never really test the water unless I see an issue. The only time I have seen an issue is when I cleaned my filters too aggressively and caused a cycle spike.
  11. Here's some of mine [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://
  12. That's great news that they are getting better. Hope they are continuing to improve!!
  13. Thanks Mike! She came with that name. She was named before they discovered she was a female. I figured I'd keep it since they did
  14. Thanks Susanne. She is a cool fish and has a great face.
  15. Made some changes to one of my 55's and added a new Ranchu from a user on instagram: [/url]">http:// New girl in the middle Her name is Gus: [/url]">http://
  16. HomerJay

    Betta Sororities

    I'm sorry Rob I felt this way about my african cichlids too much violence. Goldies are such happy go lucky food hounds I agree. I have had many african cichlid tanks over the years. They were all I kept for about 15 years, and they are nowhere near as bad as my sorority. Maybe I just had a tankful of angry women My Africans would chase each other, but I never had the actual fin damage like I saw with my girls. I did keep my favorite girl though, and she is doing well.
  17. HomerJay

    Betta Sororities

    I would use at least a 20. I just had 11 in a 40GB and they managed to get along, but not without squabbles. There were always ripped fins on everyone but the dominant female, so I know they were never really settled. I lost 2 of them along the way, one disappeared and I have never found her, and the other I had to put to sleep as I came downstairs and they were all tearing at her while she was still alive. I'm not sure if she was sick or if they had attacked her. You can see how many plants I had in the tank if you go to the current tank of the month poll. It was still not enough to prevent them from fighting with each other. I recently brought them all back to my LFS to change the tank over to goldfish again. It was hard knowing that the ones down the pecking order were getting beat up so I called it quits. I have read many stories like this, but thought I would be OK. I wasn't Good luck if you try it, but be prepared with a backup plan.
  18. Wow, they are two beautiful fish. Good luck with them
  19. I love this setup. It's beautiful. Babe is a lucky guy.
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