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  1. I always had trouble with this on these filters. If I remember correctly, I filled the filter with water and then put the lid on and then filled the tube, plugged it in and I think that usuaully worked. I haven't used a rena for a few years, so I may not be remembering correctly.
  2. I always loved my Rena's but sold them off when I left the hobby for a bit. I have a Cascade now and it really may be the easiest I have used to get primed and started after a cleaning. As far as filtering goes, I would say it does a good job. I like that all tubes in the tank are black, rather than the light blue of the Rena's. I would say the biggest complaint I have about the Cascade is that it can sometimes randomly blow out some air that gets trapped somewhere, but that may be my fault since I have had it apart so much and it probably needs some new gaskets.
  3. Rummynose tetras are great schoolers also and look very nice in a large group.
  4. I don't think I was able to close it without it attached to the top. The last time I used one was about 5 years(and many beers) ago, but to the best of my knowledge it would not shut when unattached.
  5. I had a few Filstars in the past. I believe I had the same problem and it was just a matter of seating and reseating until it settled correctly. Don't force it, or it will break.
  6. Mikey, how far do you pump the water? Do you go up a floor or is it all on the main floor?
  7. I don't mean to be insensitive, but that is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. If it were my fish I don't think I would do a thing to change it.
  8. I think I have read that you will still get an ammonia reading if using Prime but it will be non-toxic. I think Seachem has a kit you can get to let you know how much toxic and non toxic ammonia is in the water.
  9. I checked the online ad for my area in South NJ and the sale is on here as well.
  10. My spraybar was the same way. What I did to cut down the current from the bar was drill out the holes so they were about 5 times as large as the original holes. This lets the water out of the spray bar with much less pressure since it is no longer forced through the tiny holes.
  11. Ive been doing the same thing.. it's in a sense a hobby as well. My bf said I should marry this website .. LOL I have a feeling you and I are not the only ones. lol A lot of members here do use the word "hobby" I think. I don't consider this a hobby for me though. I don't know. I just call them my pets. I have both my tanks barebottom and I do the least work possible on them. But I am diligent on doing huge water changes every 5 days and making sure they look healthy. I just talk about them a lot to my daughter because she gets "it". ha ha And I do sit in front of the tanks and stare at them a lot just like they stare back at me. ha ha ha I did recently just purchase a big Fancy Goldfish hardcover book a couple months ago. It's a beautiful book with a ton of info. and lots of gorgeous photo's. ha ha I don't know if I should laugh or blush. That is funny and sad for him at the same time. What can I say, I really wanted to know the gender of him. Thanks for cking out my post. And,...Welcome to the forum. Thanks, and he is a beautiful fish.
  12. Poor Jet has no dignity left. He has been photographed in more compromising positions then anyone should ever have to endure
  13. I have one that accidently got sucked through the siphon tube during a water change, and ever since then spends all day attacking one of the air tubes in the tank. Paybacks I guess
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