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    Rob, your new tank set ups are really cool :thumbs: I'm so inspired by them :heart

    What's you background Rob?

    I'm wondering if you'll be offended if I steal your idea :o


    Thanks! The background on three of the tanks is just black paint. The 75 (with the buddha) has no background. I did not paint it before setting it up.


    I would never be offended by that. It's not really even my idea. It's just bits and pieces of things I've seen along the way and picked up on here.

  2. Now that the shell is long gone, the babies still seem happy, but not as much. I'm confident that these make my babies happier. I've gotta find a way to keep them around. My main fish tank is the heaviest on stocking and my tap water is barely safe to drink lol.

    Do you have any dead spots at the top of the tank? Maybe you could put one in a shower caddy near the top someplace? Like this:




    Grats Lisa. I hope you are able to get them well quickly.


    Thanks!!  Actually I think those were just bubbles.   :rofl  I looked at the pics Alyssa took of him in the bag along with the fact that those spots were gone shortly after I posted the pics and I went :hmm




    Patti, my girl at Blue Fish :rofl , said the ranchu just came in yesterday and if she didn't know me she wouldn't sell him yet.  She said they usually QT for 2 weeks before they sell but since she knows me she'd sell him.  That, and she said all the fish that came in with him all look fantastic/healthy/no unusual signs or symptoms.  She offered to hold him for me for 2 weeks while they QTed him but I said NO WAY!   :rofl3


    That's good news :thumb: I love that ranchu. I love calicos of any type of goldfish.

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