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  1. I can't agree more! BIg tanks with good filtration has been my success rate with bettas! I've had 3 girls and 3 males since I started fishkeeping and they've all done so well in big tanks...30L plus size! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your baby! They are such characters and it is a heartbreak when they pass awy
  2. I guess having a camera at the ready is a complete no-no then?
  3. I was gobsmacked when I first put the 3 fish together and Watchu went crazy chasing the two girls. I have never had fish breed so fast! He's not done it since the initial honeymoon period so I am hoping Mrs Chu will rekindle his embers Would it be rude or voyeuristic for me to sit and watch them all day when they first meet?
  4. Strange title for the thread I guess, but I am kind of excited This weekend I am going to move Freckles, my calico oranda, into the back room tank where she'll have more room to swim about and I'm transferring Mrs Chu, my golden calico ranchu, into the front room tank. Why? Well I am really hoping she'll hit it off with my gold and white ranchu, Watchu and make sweet music with him At the same time (well not literally - I'm not Inspector Gadget), I am going to transfer Chopsy and Watchu's love child to it's own growing on tank using some of the substrate from the tank and filter media too. In fact I think my weekend is going to be totally fish based as I have work to do on my marine tank and dwarf puffer tank as well. No rest for the wicked I am told I'm on strict instruction not to overdo it after my heart surgery etc, but I am looking at it all as good exercise Just had to share my excitement with people who'd relate to it
  5. My goldies in the front room tank are just like that. The tank is alot warmer than I intend it to be (75 degrees) due to our freak warm weather at present, but the fish are very lively and swimming about really well The girls in the back room tank don't swim about so much (when they can't see me) as the tank is cooler thanks to the north facing room.
  6. Oh it sounds like you'd fit in with my group, then
  7. Indeed it was a slow process. The tank's a fair few months old now, but I condensed the diary to start off with
  8. Oh no!!!!! That's awful! I really hope it gets sorted out ok! I guess that means you didn't get away then? We (not wanting to rub it in) had a lovely weekend of fun and laughter with great friends I'd love to know what the problem was in the end. So glad your wormer plus arrived too. You should find that just the one dose may well be sufficient
  9. Hey that's groovy! That might be a solution for my two marine tanks as well! The marine tank that's in the same room as the warm goldie tank has similar problems. Those fans look like they just clip on the side - ideal! I'll give the ice bottles a miss. I wouldn't want to harm my fish at all.
  10. Thanks Koko! I will try keeping the lights off and I already have a huge bubble disc in situ. I keep the lid up so a bit of cover on the tank and the use of a fan will be next to try Anything to keep my babies cool.
  11. Just an update... one of my fry survived the 'great greedy guts attack of 2009' where the big fish decided to push the fry net almost over in their quest for an ever expanding waistline, thus letting all bar one of the fry out to their impending doom (unless they are very lucky and are actually hiding away in the undergrowth). The survivor is slate grey and has a lovely twin tails and I think a dorsal fin. It's less than 2cm long and is being moved to it's very own 50L tank to grow on for a while some time this week Hopefully when it is moved to its new tank it will start to develop in leaps and bounds
  12. I'd just like to know, seeing as this is my first summer of goldie ownership, how you all keep your tanks cool through the summer? I was alarmed to see in this short spell of warm weather we Brits are having, that my tank in the front (south facing) room was reading 79 degrees today! I am currently freezing some bottles of water to near frozen to float in the tank, but at the same time, I'm wondering if this is the best thing to do. I keep the room blinds closed when the sun hits the front of the house, but it isn't really helping with the overall tank temps. All comments read with interest. Thanks PS Finally I am a FULL member! *yay*
  13. I am so pleased to see another upsidedown goldie Charlie is gorgeous (as are the others) and my Freckles the calico oranda spends parts of her day happily resting upside down. We too, say she's having one of her 'moments' as she is frequently seen bobbing around normally and then the next moment she's uspide down!
  14. What a lovely tall hex tank The fish look very happy in there
  15. Beautiful! My Chopsy is that lovely slate blue colour and shows nosigns of changing I am delighted to say. I was lucky to have choiceof 3 slate blues and she was the one with no orange or red patches on her. I love star too...very pretty
  16. thanks for the lovely comments Mrs Chu, the ranchu, is going to the tank in the other room and Freckles will be joining Curly and Roger as she's quite big and Wachu the ranchu in that tank keeps barging her out of his way.
  17. I'd like to introduce you to my 30L nano tank that's set up by my bed. Something really nice to look at if I can't sleep The tank is a German made Dennerle Nano Cube 30 and came with a light, filter and all sorts you could utilise to start a nano invert project, but it was well priced and a nice little set up A small amount of LR to get me going added some live sand and I was off - nice and murky add one small black coral goby - aka Darth and one lime green prickle face coral goby - aka Tequila (lime green with added salt) and you have the beginnings of a nice little tank Peek-a-boo red bubbly algae intentionally added to help with future nitrates final fish stocking - a hifin banded goby aka Goby-wan and a pistol shrimp aka Ken-obi the brown diatoms came and went with the addition of a true turban snail the transfer of a few corals from my other tank starts to help this one take shape At the moment I am not happy with the lighting..I miss the actinics of my other tank as they really bring out the colouration of the corals. This tank for now is to remain a soft corals tank and I am hoping to add to the ricordea garden in the process
  18. I am leaving the open water for the clowns as they will appreciate it as they get bigger Edna is really a rock dweller and spends alot of her time hovering about looking for copepods etc, but it is nice to see her come upfront on occasion. Thankyou! If I can do it, anyone can. I spent a fair few months researching and 'gen-ing' up on everything - tanks especially, to find something that fitted the designated space I had for it and was also fairly straightforward enough to get going with while cutting my teeth in marine fishkeeping. I've had a few hiccups along the way - mainly down to being ill advised on what corals can go in my tank - but it's all part of the learning curve. I have a second tank running now so will do a thread about that too. It's only a small one so I have to take it very slowly. Thankyou to you all for the positive comments. I use a Fuji FinePix S9600 to get my pics. It has great macro capabilities as well as a good zoom lense and I really like it. It's a Bridge camera so preparing me for the step up to a DSLR
  19. It's still lovely! We're off to Waldegraves and the weather forecast says good!
  20. I wonder if they grew so fast because they went from a cramped and overcrowded fish shop tank to a big 180L tank overnight?
  21. We have a VW camper too I also have an old aircooled beetle and we have a retro late 60's caravan too! We're off to a not-so-exotic location...Mersea Island in Essex
  22. OOOH! I'm going camping tomorrow too Do you campervan, tent it, or cavaran it?
  23. So it does I love moss balls and have them in all my freshwater tanks
  24. Online only for Wormer Plus I'm afraid Otos are meant to be in small groups so you'll notice a difference in the character and behaviour when you get more You can always keep a fresh bit of cucumber in the tank for them. Always best to have a liquid test kit about the house so if there are any issues you can check straight away. Also remember to do larger 50% weekly water changes! Overfiltering the tank is also necessary as they are messy guys and eat meaty foods too. Same as you would with goldfish
  25. The tank looks great btw There's a moto worth remembering in the pufferfish owner's circles...never trust a puffer
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