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  1. I must try to make some gel food too! I'm wondering if I could make some for marine fish as well lol
  2. Oooh you're lucky! I pay ?15 a bag for mine! I started using this food about 2 months ago. The fish seem to do very well with it. No floaters or tippers - and the colors are great. My fish give the fins up for this food too. It seemed to help one of my upsidey-down fish and one who suffered a floaty bottom at times
  3. Ok coral naming....from second post onward as best I can. I don't have any anemones. 1 rainbow acans 2 blue mushrooms 3 duncans in the middle, ricordeas below 4 orange fungiia plate coral 5 cabbage leather 6 torch coral or frogspawn (euphyllia sp) 7 green reticulated coral goby on montipora digitata 8 acropora sp and acans 9 green coral goby on plating montipora capricornis 10 various mushrooms 11 various zoanthids Others - green spotted polyps, red sea pulsing xenia, xenia elongata, lobophyllia, kenya tree, birds nest coral, toadstool leather, green fungiia plate coral.
  4. The tank looks great! I am so relieved it wasn't left straddling the counter top The sword plant you have tied to the bog wood will need to have its roots planted in the substrate btw Something like anubias or java fern could be tied to the wood though
  5. Thankyou ladies I would love a marine puffer tank one day I am also thinking about ugrading the goldie tank the other side of the hearth to match this one! My goldies would love it and I think it would look awesome! I will be suggesting LFS tokens for presents from now on
  6. Norm is still with me Hooter again being a good glass cleaner a hermit resting on the cabbage leather the first two of a shoal of blue eye cardinalfish FTS Thanks for looking
  7. I have been given some gorgeous corals and now the tank is (just) 4 weeks old and is looking grand. All my corals are so colourful and opened out so much with the new T5 lighting my sand conch Hooter I have a pair of watchman gobies - Beaker and Bunsen - aka The Muppets tbc
  8. I've upgraded yet again from my 24 Gal nano tank to a nice Fluval 155L tank. It's been a bit of an epic adventure this one as I had to deconstruct the nano in order to put the new tank in its place! This had to obviously take place all in one day and it was backbreaking to say the least It's a lovely tank...all rounded with the two marine bulbs it really comes to life even when empty For a while I had live rock, fish and corals all over the house in any spare recptacle I could find In went the rock and sand then it was the turn of my existing corals the tank has pride of place right next to my end of the sofa tbc
  9. Breathtaking! I am speechless after watching that! I am now saving up!
  10. Thanks peeps I am still awaiting more sexy shrimp and the pom pom crabs, but added a bit of caulerpa to the tank to create some movement in there I can't wait to get more critters in! I have also bought a new led unit to go in as the halogen lights heat the tank up way too much.
  11. Thanks! I have another three in a different tank
  12. I haven't updated this thread for a while as I have been taking things slowly, but I now have LIFE! It's of the non coral variety too! A grand total of ONE sexy shrimp and a yellow clown goby who is in hiding at the moment *sigh* The sexys are proving hard to get and Laura at Amwell's spotted a rogue large sexy in one of her coral tanks so it's come home with me There are a few more on order with some pompoms and hopefully they will arrive by next Friday. A few pics of the sexy but the ycg has hidden at the mo, so I'll pop a frag of motipora in so it has somewhere to perch He had his tushie to me I'm afraid I have more sexy shrimp arriving at the weekend and also some groovy Pompom crabs!
  13. 'She' is turning into a beautiful goldie! Her orange colouring (especially on her wen) is almost luminous under the tank lighting! The moustache is so funny. It really does look like she's been in the chocolate spread jar
  14. Lovely fishies I do like their tank! Very colourful and the moss is beautiful.
  15. I thought that you might like some new pics of Curly the colour changing goldie! She's totally transforming herself into a beautiful pure gold oranda from a biddy chocolate colour. So here's a time line... January onwards 3 weeks ago yesterday she wants to be an opera singer Freckles never stays put long enough to get a good pic and I always capture her bottom Face on she looks like she's had her face in the jar of chocolate spread
  16. My slate blue oranda was the only one out of 4 from the shop I bought her from that didn't have tinges of orange under the scales. I have had no change in her colouration for 7 months and she's a fair size now. The others that had hints of orange are still at the shop and are becoming much less blue and more rusty
  17. I am not sure how big your goldies are or how big your bits of flake are, but I feed my fish as much food as they can eat in 2-3 minutes and probably underfeed rather than over feed with foods that can possibly foul the water (flake and pellets and such). If you have fed little you can feed more but if you throw in too much then it can lead to problems. That sounds really obvious now I re-read it
  18. I have three tanks with a mix of nerites, ramshorns and applesnails in and they are all absolutely fine
  19. I should update you all on the progress...or lack of it! I moved the two fish about and sat waiting to see if Wachu found Mrs Chu enticing. Mrs Chu set about happily bibbling about totally oblivious to Wachu and vice versa. Chopsy seemed to show Mrs Chu round the tank like "Here's the bubble disc...and over here you can find lots of trapped goodies...watch out for that bit it is a bit tricky and I once got stuck in that." She seems so small compared to the other two fish but she's happy enough. No noses up bottoms or anything yet though Is it a 'seasonal' thing with goldfish - like kittens being born in the spring? Oh, I should add that Freckles is delightfully happy in the other tank with Roger moor and Curly! She's even stopped going upside down!
  20. I am sad to report that my little guy lost his battle and died a few days ago There was no reddening to be seen prior to his demise. I am so upset that I lost the little chap!
  21. I'm having a worry with my little survivor! I moved it to its own tank yesterday and had the dismay to find its tail fins seem to be incredibly short, so much so that he seems to have trouble swimming! I set up the tank (30L) with a Fluval 1+ internal filter filled with a mature sponge and floss which is also wrapped in floss and the outlet is covered in floss for gentle water movement. I used 50% old tank water from the main tank it was in and also have an airstone and some gravel from the tank along with plants and a moss ball from his net and the tank too. All he seems to be able to do when not struggling to swim, is do a nose stand It can get around but it's hard work. I put a tiny amount of pimafix and melafix in the tank water too. It had a couple of interloping snails that had got into its holding net but apart from that, its tail had been in perfect condition until a day or so ago...I know that for certain because I checked up on it prior to getting the tank ready and on the quest for further photos. Any suggestions on what to do? Will its tail regrow? I really hate the thought of losing this little survivor, but I don't want it to suffer. It is eating ok as I put the flake right by it and have seen it wriggling over to the flake sat on its moss ball too.
  22. I did indeed do it myself. It was just a plain background of emulsion in satin sheen and then I used a special paint for 'dry brushing'. It's a thinner emulsion that's matt in finish and you apply it with a dry brush in swirls Just keep the drush good and dry - don't over saturate Oh...it wqs textured paper which made it so much easier
  23. Nice start to the site Julie Can I just mention...your comment about the dark stripe on the bellies of males - not strictly true. I had a group of 4 females and the dominant fish had the belly stripe If you need any photos, let me know as I have rather alot
  24. While buying more corals in my LFS the other day, my OH surprised me with a "So glad you're on the mend and all fixed" present...namely... When I unpacked it and before it was slotted together....QA Cat, Emmy, inspected the base for irregularities Further testing began. The vital sniff test was undertaken results were thought about and approved by Top Cat, Podgey! a soft focus shot So, inspections completed, I set it up in it's final resting place and turned on the lights... Ohh, pretty! the lights seemed quite bright when empty. Time to fill up...ahh bliss! Only two buckets to fill Interesting development of air bubbles collecting under the top Time to entertain oneself by chasing bubbles with a mag float a plain shot for those who despise 'arty farty' et voila! Almost bubble free! Priming the filter pump is much easier if you remember to fill the HOB first Recommended water level when filled and decorated is 5mm above the top of the tank the sound of a gently churning pump greets my ears and a soft trickle of water looks a bit empty so I put some wildlife in for a dummy run I think the water's too cold....he looks shocked Now to put the Koralia in...ooopsie...time to empty some water out of the tank and lift the HOB out so I can thread the flex through the back section to hide the cable well at least it works! The heater's in and heating the RO It's a neat little contraption that should hopefully be easy to hide. I may take some measurements and make something at work and get some alfagrog contraption going. It's only 23L (6US gallons) so it's going to be a small set up mainly for sexy shrimp, a porcelain crab and some pom pom crabs. Guess what though....Hagen recommend it as suitable for GOLDFISH! They even have 3-4 fancy goldies in the advertising gumph AAAAANYway, I've got the salt mixing now and it's live rock tomorrow so watch this space!
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