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  1. Most of them came from my big tank to be honest. They aren't always expensive. The more colourful they are the more expensive they are priced, but the green ones aren't so bad. The bigger zoa rock cost ?20. Not cheap but not extertionate either I am pleased with the tank so far and can't wait to get more sexy shrimp but they aren't easy to come by.
  2. Sea serpents I swear Roger is not overfed. They get fed once every other day. It's only him who makes these poop chains. I have been avoiding the tank I have to say. They always swim up to me when I look in although it is easy to not feed them as I know they are going to benefit eventually. I will be happy to see them eat their peas though Thanks for the moral support
  3. I have pom pom crabs and a barnacle blenny in here now He's a funky little guy
  4. A quick photo update on progress so far I haven't added much to it since my op but it is all doing very well I have some blue eye cardinalfish now to enjoy the main water column with the clowns and I love them I got scared when my cleaner shrimp moulted. It's skin was stuck to a pump and I was convinced it was the whole thing without my glasses on lol An early video clip - a bit poor quality but it gives you an idea
  5. Day two of the big starve and none of the fish are talking to me
  6. He just gets fed every other day on a mix of bloodworm, enriched brine shrimp, saki hikari fancy goldfish pellets, peas, cucumber, lettuce. You know, a general smorgasbord but not all at once
  7. Luckily he doesn't do that too often but it's more than I'd like him to do it! So starve for 3 days then peas for 3 days it is. The whole lot of them will have to go through it as there's no way I can single him out and don't have a suitable QT tank/filter at the mo due to buying two beautiful bettas yesterday. Great timing by Roger Freckles certainly is a big girl Helen, but Curly is bigger than her now lenght wise, just not belly to back wise I didn't realise Curly had pulled that expression until I was tidying up the pics. As said, I couldn't do it again if I tried! It was only later that I did start to wonder if Roger actually had a n issue of sorts as he's the only one who does it to that, erm, length Day one of the big starve has commenced
  8. He's had some peas, but it befuddles me how poop like that indicates constipation! It doesn't stay there for ages or take ages to be produced either. I've just looked at this... Long thin poop: Same color as there food but its thin and long. This normally caused by stress and not eating well. Fish should be closely watched. White poop with air bubbles: There isnt any color to the poop and there is air trapped in the poop. This is signs of constipation, the food isnt being prossed in the fish. Fish should be not feed for three days and then feed nothing but peas for three days. Thin white poop: There isnt any color to the poop. This is a sign of a bacterial infection inside of the fish. Fish should be placed on Anitoboitics and feed nothing but anitibotic foods. Long clear (zig zag) with air bubbles: There isnt any color to the poop but it is long and with air bubbles in the poop. This is normally the fish reabsorbing eggs. Long and thick poop: The poop is long but the same color as the food you feed them but it trails the fish. This fish is feed to much and is alittle consitapated. Fish shouldnt be feed for three days. Short to medium poop: Good healthy poop should be the same color as what you have feed them. The poop should be short to medium length and not be trailing the fish for long lengths of time. and know the poop to be long, but I wouldn't class it as thick. He's fed every other day so wouldn't say he's overfed either. I have fed him peas as said, but it says for long thick poop to starve him for 3 days? Now I'm all confused.
  9. Really? That surprises me as he does eat alot of greens. Thankyou. I'll go and thaw out some peas now then
  10. It's only Curly that has this amazing ability. Maybe I should write to Guiness World Records
  11. Our Roger is reknowned for his incredible ability to produce mega poops and today has been no exception. I wish I'd been able to clean the glass better but this photo says it all...even down to Curly's reaction I has gone now but I had to capture it for the record else you would never have believed me not a care in the world! I'm uploading a video clip. Gross? I know the others poo alot but not like Roger does. Is this something to be worried about/a problem I can address? They have a good varied diet of greens, live and frozen foods and Saki Hikari probiotic food but only Roger produces such sausages!
  12. The owner of the fish still hasn't got back to me with params etc so I can only hope the fish pulls through. It doesn't look nice though, and yes, the other fish aren't white Thanks for replying anyway.
  13. I'm afraid I haven't got the parameters etc necessary for successful diagnosis in the occasion as the fish is not mine and I am waiting to hear more about such things from the owner. It's a (once) panda moor who's turned white. Nothing unusual there but it used to look like this once it had turned completely white...(not my pics) 2 weeks later it looks like this... The owner seems unphased by the redness and I am not convinced. I am thinking it is down to water quality issues? All I know at present is that the fish is in a 100L tank and I do believe it is in with a ranchu, a black moor, a small plec and some form of carp and an Eheim 2010 external filter and an airstone. Can anyone shed some light onto the red patches for me please? I am told the owner knows that many of the fish will need to be rehomed when they grow more btw. I just want to give more suggestions for this poor little fish's problem
  14. Oooh Shamu, you beat my highest running tanks total by one It feels odd not having a tank in the bedroom at the moment as I love to watch fish before falling asleep. It's great until the filter wakes you up in the middle of the night by having a strop and going noisy
  15. Gosh, I don't know if I can single out a favourite colour! I adore my slate blue oranda, Chopsy. Then again I adore all my goldies
  16. Ah it's always so exciting to plan another tank. I have MTS - Multiple Tank Syndrome - and don't worry about it in the least. My BF loves my tanks and occupants and enjoys driving me up to my favourite LFS without complaint. Mind you, in return I let him play on the PS3 without complaint from me (most of the time)
  17. Snap. One day a week my babies go without and then feast on their peas the next day. They are none the worse for it and my upside down oranda and sometimes floaty ranchu don't have any issues any more
  18. Oh the poor fish! I can't believe those readings. Well, actually I can but I don't like them I hope this has an agreeable outcome for the fish! How can people be so cruel?
  19. I love the shape of the tank! It's quite different and hence interesting What are your stocking plans eventually? I'm dead nosey when it comes to other people's marine plans hehe
  20. Aw! I've always loved the idea of living in a commune! My pompom crabs will be collected sometime over the weekend! I am SO excited about that!
  21. You'd still want more once it was filled up though! Well, I know I would!
  22. The tank is 23L so rather small, but nice. Ok, not that exciting, but here are the tank shots with the new cool white lighting and a video clip I need more colour in here and more corals to bulk it out. It will come in time PomPoms going in this weekend! Just realised I didn't post up these pics of the light for size etc
  23. Alistair, Hooter is so groovy! Those eyes are the best! Sand conches are the only snails to have a real 'pupil' as such. Really brings them alive I fixed a couple of moonlight led strips to my lighting yesterday and the tank lit up like an 80's rollerdisco at moonrise I'll try and get some pics tonight that do it all justice!
  24. Ditto that! I have had 3 marine tanks and have skimmed none of them. I try to get plenty of live rock in the tanks and rely on religious weekly water changes to keep the tank clean. I tend not to skim as I can't help feeling the corals benefit well from a slightly 'loaded' water column There's pics of my tanks in the tanks - marine section
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