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  1. I went to my LFS yesterday and saw some gorgeous jet black ranchus and orandas, but was put off buying one if it's going to change colour
  2. I concur! This forum is so firendly it's like getting home and sitting in your favourite chair next to your favourite fishtank...it just feels right!
  3. My big 140L brackish tank has had a refurb too... I added more wood and moved things about to try and get it looking more natural A good day's fishkeeping methinks
  4. Well Roger is changing rapidly now. I must take some pics to document it all
  5. My god that was traumatising! I've just changed over my two remaining dwarf puffers to my BiUbe having converted it to a 'Pure' version with a nice clear lid. I took it nice and slow and when it came to the vital part of jugging up the puffs, the Big Momma jumped right out of the jug and disappeared behind the tank! I screamed, the OH shouted and I was in a right autopilot state when I spotted her stuck on the table top and managed (without getting squeamish) to pick her up gently and pop her back in the jug which was inside a bucket of old tank water She seems ok now but my lord was I paniced! Anyway, it's cloudy but already clearing I'm not 100% happy with the dear old silk plant at the mo. I may be on the lookout for other alternatives. I hate that you can see the plastic stems so clearly. I am looking forward to the tanins leaching into the water though It cleared really fast too There seem to be no ill effects being suffered by big momma at the moment thank goodness but I'll keep an eye on her! They've both had tea and seem happy Pics of the puffs tomorrow hopefully
  6. Here are some of my pics if you'd like to use them. I can let you have larger copies if you wish. Helen's photography above is stunning though and hard to beat
  7. Thanks for the replies! It's been gradual over the last months looking at photos, but eclipsed by Curly's sudden decision to go for gold I am thinking it may be that he's not a true black moor which is a little sad as it was picked for my OH because he loves true black moors. Maybe my search is on for another one then
  8. Lovely tank My goldies eat crypts and java ferns but do leave anubias pretty much alone for the snails to graze on.
  9. My bettas perch everywhere too I have a tank with riccia all over the surface and Sashu likes to nestle himself in this and just look out of the tank at what I am up to The other one Shiro, likes to sit on his indian almond leaf piece or on the anubias leaves What temperature is your goldie tank running at?
  10. Roger my black moor is actually changing colour underneath. I've just read up on the black moor sticky that says colour change doesn't occur in black moors, but Roger is. Is this unheard of? I'll take pics when their lights come on, but his belly/undercarriage is going silvery gold Curly my once chocolate oranda is now completely orange, which I do know happens, but it's puzzling my that Roger is doing similar? Rog and Curly are the only 'non-pedigree' goldies I have, unlike the others that are all graded Japanese fish. I don't know if this makes any difference? Pics later to show how he's changing. You can see a little of his colour change on my avatar actually.
  11. I've told my babies they'll be getting nice big pellets to eat soon Helen They seem excited
  12. Well I keep good water, give them a varied diet of veg and protein and stable temps of 20 degrees due to keeping a heater in the tank for preventing nighttime lows. I feed them the same amounts and every other day as my other tank and it's only 2 fish in one tank that have mega poops. None of the others do In fact it's just one fish that has the trailers now - Curly the opera singing fish - and not Roger Moor who had the problem originally. As I say, I can't feed them any less than I do now, I really can't
  13. All 6 of my goldies love seaweed! A friend of mine sent me 6 packs for my marine tanks and I thought I'd try them on it. They went loopy for it and none of it got to touch the bottom I have some sheets from my LFS but I also have sachets of Sera marin gourmet nori which they adore
  14. Well mine are on extreme minimal feeding now as Roger was fine after the fasting and pea feasting, but Curly still produces mega poops I can't feed them any less than I do now. I'll be reported for fish cruelty
  15. I know the tales and all the hard work Helen puts into her beautiful goldies and tanks. Amazingly her plants DO all survive and very well at that! I am not sure if she's posted up her main tank recently but it is stunning
  16. This thread has just reminded me I need to switch the heaters on in my tanks to make sure the nighttime temps don't drop below 68. Over summer the temps have ranged from 70-80 degrees, but the fish seem to enjoy chasing plastic 'ice' cubes round the tank when it gets really warm in their tanks
  17. A little update. The mega poops continue but only with Curly. I am going to cut down the amount I feed them every other day to see if that helps. I am now questioning if the 'pinch' I give them is too much. I had a white airbubble filled mega poop from Curly yesterday but was relieved to find it's just her reabsorbing eggs
  18. My hand now hurts like a good'un but thought I'd have a go with my good camera as I've missed playing with it for the last couple of months. The results are as follows A bit blurry here and there, but practice will make my hand stronger again and it's impossible to use a tripod while kneeled on the arm of the sofa with your lens almost touching the glass this green cabbage is actually growing after doing nothing for ages! torch or frogspawn? The latter I think. It's now got 3 heads my gsp loves the faster flow in the corner of the tank and I'm hoping both types will spread to cover the rock they are on trying my macros with a new technique of balancing but it's not quite there yet as it hurts a bizarre shot under the moonlights! I need some different hues of acans now methinks Love these mushies and zoas. Had them for ages now I love this plate but capturing the true colour of dynarod orange is so hard
  19. I use a Fuji Bridge camera. The FinePix S9600. It's a really nice camera with lots of plus points and only a few minuses
  20. Back to their Saki Hikari today and so far so good. No mega poops on the horizon
  21. That's a fantastic video! Beautiful fish you have!
  22. Fishy poop I can cope with...not sure I'd manage nappies Ok, so first it was Roger, then they were ALL starved for 3 days and on day 3 of the great pea feast look what Curly decides to do Roger inspects and then tries to copy! I didn't get his effort on camera though I really would like to know what on earth they are thinking!!! The only one behaving is Freckles! The goldies in my other tank don't do this
  23. Well it's day 2 of the great Pea feast and Roger's still managing to produce a 3 incher! I cannot understand where it's all coming from. It's long and thin with food in and green I just hope he's not sick
  24. : He's almost empty now i'd say. Peas Pudding for the three of them tomorrow for 3 days. They even look like they're saying 'peas please' every time I look at them now
  25. He's on day 3 of the big starve and he still manages to pop out a 4 incher! Where does he keep it all?
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