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  1. Hmmm well I'll have to order Baytril first before I can try it and our postal system is awful at the moment with strikes and stuff. All this talk of injections - it's a good job I'm in the medical profession and used to seeing things like that - just a shame I can't make out my own prescriptions! Can I ask...I saw your thread about Dropsy on anpther forum and I have put Wachu in the QT tank and am slowly raising the temps to 80+. I read elsewhere that dosing is 1/4 teaspoon per 10US gals of water but I just read this "3. Add salt (teaspoon to a tablespoon per gallon) to aid the fish's osmotic regulation processes." on your thread. The QT tank is 18 US gals and I put a snip under 1/2 a teaspoon in. Is that right or should I be putting in to your suggestions - approx 18 teaspoons minimum? Should I be starting my own thread about this as I feel bad about discussing my fish on Poppy's thread and don't want to go against what's right on the forum
  2. I personally have no access to antibiotics Lupin None of my local vets treat fish or prescribe for them either. Having said that, I've just looked up Baytril on Google... PetMeds.co.uk It's expensive in the oral liquid form but they do tablets as well? Tablet form I've not a clue on doses etc though... PS apologise for cutting in on Poppy's thread, but it seemed silly to start a new thread to discuss the same issue
  3. This thread is of interest to me as one of my goldies has just pineconed too. I'm going ot be going down the QT and epsom salts route, Poppy. One of my friends who also comes on here (hpsauce) has used it with her fish before so it's worth a try imo. She QTs her fish straight away if anything goes wrong so that is something to consider if your fish isn't ina tank of its own. I'm off to get my salt now...good luck Poppy! Maybe we can keep in touch about this? {{hug}}
  4. The tank cost around ?350 but came with an external filter, inline heater and special marine T5 bulbs I'd love the Osaka 320 version for all the goldies I must admit!
  5. Thanks for the kind words everyone. She was a beautiful fish indeed and I had the joy of watching her double in size under my care and attention. I will rest in the knowledge that she had a happy life with me, as short as it may have been.
  6. It is with great sadness I announce the demise of my big calico oranda, Freckles RIP my big bellied girlie. Alot of your life was seen from upside down in recent weeks and nothing I could do seemed to help for long. I guess it was just your time to go. I'll miss you and not seeing you swim up to the front of the tank to greet me any more I didn't have that many photos of her sadly as she was too swimmy and the arely came out clear. I rest in the knowledge that as a rescue fish she had a good life with me in her 180L palace, even though she did seem to spend some time upside down of recent weeks, I like to think (seeing as my stats, her happiness to eat peas and her not being constipated could be ruled out) that she was just a quirky fish who liked, rather like her owner, to view life from a slightly different angle
  7. Well there's still not much progression happening with this tank. I currently have 5 golden minnows in to keep the filters ticking by and am sorely tempted to just turn it into a minnow tank, thinking about it. No nice goldies in my fave LFS yet, although I am told more are on the way, but I am thinking about the big tank dream I now have for my goldies. I want to move some time in the next 12 months or so and had thought how nice it might be to give all my fish one home. Well, considering I have 6 fish already, a 7th fish is going to push the necessary tank size well up so I may not get another one (famous last words I know). I don't want my babies to be cramped so may just have to sit on my original plans and stick with the little minnows instead. I will be putting pics up of the tank again soon, but I am half tempted to wait and see what the shop gets in before making a big decision
  8. You're right, I could try that, but I don't think I will. Knowing my luck it would end in tears! I don't know how sharp it would leave the pieces if smashed in bits tbh.
  9. I couldn't agree more. I go by the 5 gals per fish rule with them. They're not different to our goldies where they need lots of water space each, not only because they are messy but because they are very territorial and as they mature they can become aggressive grumpy things (the boys especially). It's not just whether they have a well planted tank to break up the line of sight, it's also about having enough room to claim as their own territory and with any territorial fish, the more they're crammed into a small space, the more they'll defend their territories and aggressively so.
  10. Thanks Lupin. I guess Unless I know a fish's bloodline then I can't guarantee a black fish won't change colour then. Shame really I think I'll stick it out for that special redcap to replace my little Cilla then.
  11. Well the large bits I got are bigger than a man's fist...more like two together tbh! I was most alarmed when I saw them and had to leave one bit out as it's just too big
  12. Can anyone tell me if all black goldfish change colour eventually? Roger, my black moor is now halfway through his colour change and half black and half orange, and I have seen some gorgeous jet black lionhead ranchus, but don't really want to get one if they too are likely to turn orange. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? There's a gigantic black moor at my LFS that has a white belly and he shares his tank with a golden moor. Both wonderful fish, but I am wondering if this colour change applies to most black fish or not?
  13. Nothing more to show you at the mo I'm afraid, but it will have some minnows in soon as I am not having much joy finding a nice goldie. They can stay in the tank until I find a nice goldie then be decamped to my community tank Devilduck, I got my (pale pink) rose quartz from here... Seapets I got the large ones and they are LARGE! but they are also pale pink. They look whiter in the tank though. I got the amethyst gravel from htere too (the large bag has large bits in rather than tiny chippings).
  14. The tank's around 70L and just right for a lone goldie The tank is now filled and I've put a bubble bar in back with a red light shining up at it. The quartz looks amazing and almost see through as does the gravel. I still can't decid on the background yet, or what fish will be sought but I'm happy so far. Quartz is safe for the tank btw
  15. time to put up a diary for my first non-planted goldie tank. So the tank is living in the bedroom on my side of the bed. I cleared away Cilla's QT tank (RIP little girl) and made good for the new Interpet FishPod that was going to be her home. I even rewired a wall socket as it stopped working and managed to walk away unfrazzled The tank comes with a heater, internal filter, dechlorinator and Interpet Filter Start #16 so a good basic set up for (I am told) a reasonable price. So here are a few piccies... the tank is nice but you can only have the white light on with the blue one or the blue on its own. I can always buy a second white bulb and a flexible moonlight led strip, but once again it's extra expense. It's nice light but it will make the fish look blue. I am going to put the red led unit from the Aria aerator in the tank somewhere so that may create an interesting atmosphere. I may also try out the bubble curtain I have at the back of the tank. lights Nice to have a condensation tray too The smaller bag of amethyst gravel is not as nice as the big bag and is all small and sharp from what I can see. This is something that I feel should have been mentioned and I will be emailing the seller about it and am not usin git in the tank. the big bag turned out to be plenty it's larger pieces than I thought it would be and very nice. Not overpoweringly purple the red cornelian pebbles - once again not as big as I thought they'd be the rose quartz rocks were the large size and said to be the size of a man's fist. I don't know many giants but there's one working at the LFS I bought 5 but left one particularly large bit out A long way to go yet and still unsure about the colour of the background, but I am thinking along the lines of japanese garden meets pong fooey meets I'm not sure what but with added moss balls for sure I am now on the lookout for another goldfish and will be filling the tank up later I think and then we'll see how quiet the internal filter isn't. I have mature filter media all lined up for when I find a fish that is meant to be and my bottle of Tetra SafeStart poised too. The tank came with Filter Start but I've never used it so I think it may stay that way for now The Hydor Aria 4 red led aerator I bought for it is now in one of the other goldie tanks with Curly, Wachu and Mrs Chu, who seem to be enjoying the flow and the bubbles alot I got the #4 because the #2 was advertised for up to 35cm deep tanks and this FishPod is 46cm deep but I think it may be too powerful for this tank. I'll try the light on it's own though maybe hidden behind the rocks on the left hand side as the rose quartz looks quite translucent when help in front of a bulb So far, so good. Definately a work in progress
  16. Oh what lovely people you all are! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am touched and lifted somewhat. I still can't believe I have lost this lovely little girlie and still refuse to give up my search for a nice redcap like Cilla. I am sure there is one out there destined to come and live with me who has an equally impressive wiggywen and chubby cheeks. You're all super and deserve a big hug
  17. I'm SO upset. Today I came home to find my lovely little Cilla had gone on her way to the big fish tank in the sky :cry1:cry1 No reason that I could see for it as she was absolutely fine this morning when I went to work. She was such a cutie and although I only had her for a really short time, she became quite important to me as I nursed her through her whitespot and out the other side, or so I thought I don't know why she had to go, and I am completely distraut about it, but it obviously wasn't meant to be. She'll really be missed though and would have grown up to be a gorgeous fish indeed RIP Cilla. Loved you so much for the short time you were with me xxx
  18. I would say the researching is the hard part as you end up with brain freeze I researched for over a year before finally taking the plunge and I am well and truly hooked. At the start everything can seem a little overwhelming with all the tests you have to do and the constant monitoring to make sure your water is just right. It is obviously more time consuming and much more costly than our beloved goldies, but worth the effort imho. Not at all! They really just sit around all day with the occasional bicker amoungst themselves. Not the most active of fish I have to say but they are always first to the food at dinner time! They remind me of my goldies then A bigger tank like this is easier to run and keep stable than my smaller 23L nano Edge tank. Marine tanks aren't the sort of thing you can set up and let do its own thing too much as certain corals take more nutrients out of the water than others so that has to be monitored, but if you keep a tank of soft corals then it's much easier with fish only being the most simple type of marine tank you can keep. I personally love my corals and would be happy with a tank full of them and very few fish, but I think I have the balance right now
  19. So glad you can all see why I 'had' to have her Can you imagine what that wen is going to be like when she gets bigger? I just hope it only grows up and not down too The bits for the tank have been dispatched today so hopefully it won't be too long before there are more piccies
  20. Just caught up with this and find that to be an interesting thought. My goldies don't seem to be having quite such a time with their toilet habits now even though they still have the Hikari food, but I do give them more bloodworm and veggies too so maybe that's helped. I haven't found another dry food that doesn't make my calico oranda go floaty, so I tend to stick with the Hikari for her. She's the only one who didn't have long poops in this tank.
  21. I have some updating to do of this tank I got a new torch coral the clowns have showed no interest in this at all a new long polyped toady the duncan keeps throwing out new heads left right and centre...17 at last count compared to 3 when I got it a year ago it's bulking out nicely now this green cabbage is actually growing after doing nothing for ages! frogspawn my gsp loves the faster flow in the corner of the tank and I'm hoping both types will spread to cover the rock they are on a branching style of polyp I have yet to get the proper name of a non branching hammer a few other random shots including my torch coral that had just been walked all over by my cleaner shrimp Spot the conch! How lazy is that? I'll stop now and add more another day I had a set back a few months ago when the heater Ihad decided to try and boil the tank! Luckily everything bar the blue mushrooms and a couple of gobies survived and are picking up well
  22. The dwarf puffers would make a perfect first puffer for you you could have a pair in a 40L tank quite happily with a big filter in
  23. Just thought you might all like to see my new little redcap oranda. She's been called Cilla (after a god awful female 'celeb' over in the uk calles Cilla Black who has bright orange bouffy hair), although excuse the quality (or lack of) of the pics as the water was still murky from a water change... She's only 2 inches long nose to tail Excuse the blobs in the photo - they aren't on her I love her pudgy cheeks and high wen Beautiful blue foil eyes too Roll on the weekend so I can go and get some nice substrate and set my Christmas present (a nice self contained 65L tank to start with) up just for her She's in a QT tank at the mo which is a good job as she had developed really bad whitespot the day after I got her! I presume it was really bad as I've never had a fish with whitespot before so have nothing to go by. I went back to the shop for meds and all the fish in the tank she had come from had whitespot too. They gave me a refund and free medication so I can't really complain, but it's the last time I buy from there. I got two of my first goldies from there without a problem before, but they had had their pre-Christmas deliveries in and the goldie tanks were brimming over! Anyway, better pics to come when she's in here new tank as I have a running mature external filter to go on and the internal filter has been chugging away in another tank for some time too. I only hope the goodies I bought for the tank turn up before the weekend
  24. My most photogenic fish isn't a goldie, it just has to be my super smiley figure 8 puffer fish Muldoonican... puffers tend to be rapid but they are also nosey and will hover when interested in what is looking at them. Every time the camera is aimed at the tank he's there smiling away so cheesily and again and again and again
  25. I got all the bits of wood at my UK based local fish shops The bit of wood in the BiUbe and the bit on the right hand side of the F8 tank are actually presoaked and called Marsh Roots I have had an idea with my goldie tanks to use similar silk plants in them tied to the wood in their tanks
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