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  1. I have this tank in the Non planted section but it has had a makeover. I just couldn't do the 'no plants' look and feel happy about it, and after it being a QT tank for Wachu I took the opportunity to start again completely and in came the plants after a thorough cleansing and disinfecting session I have java moss on bamboo, bogwood and floating mines, windelove java fern on bog wood, anubias nana on bog wood (soft water here we come!), aponogeton ulvaceus and two types of vallisnera all in plant substrate. A CO2 unit is on the way too and I know I will need to upgrade the lighting at some time but I'll see how I go with the stock bulbs for now. I've replaced the mooonlight compact bulb with a second white daylight bulb which gives more lighting. Stock so far are a quad of tiiiiiiiny sparkling gourami - Trichopsis pumilla - and a quad of honey gourami - Tricogaster chuna - along with some amano shrimps. So...from this HERE to this with the blue light still in situ. Java moss minefield tiiiiny sparklers both white bulbs in situ This willl be run with a basic Hagen CO2 unit to see how I get on with it. Friends of mine have used the same unit to great effect so I am hoping this will encourage the plant growth and gve the gourami a lovely home. Chocolate gourami will finish it off nicely once it's matured well
  2. OMG! I nearly saved a trio of goldies from a biorb on Ebay the other week but I missed out. This poor fish shouldn't be in the biorb and I curse Reef One constantly (I am a mod on a biorb related forum) when we see people following their instructions and putting them in these tanks. I am near this poor fish but I now don't have the room for another goldie like that that poor fish is crammed into a 15L baby biorb!
  3. I had a bit of a derailment with this tank It ended up with me losing every single golden minnow within a few weeks so I can't help thinking they were weak stock as I still have the small shoal of minnows I had when I got back into fishkeeping 3 years ago. Then poor old Wachu my ranchu became ill and I hospitalised him in the tank. He passed away so I nuked the tank totally and am setting it up again this weekend. I am in two minds at present - croaking gourami and honeys or sparkling gourami or Tanganyikan cichlids like masked julies or daffodils or similar small cichlids. I have had multies before so wouldn't mind trying the non shellies of the smaller variety The tank will be back again, but obviously it will take some time. At least it's time for reading up and making my mind up what to keep (which is often the hardest thing for me when faced with lots of choices) Deffo no more goldies though as I have enough for now
  4. Craig, can I ask...are they the golden variety? I only ask as I and two other uk based friends of mine have had exactly the same issues. I bought a shoal of 6 and put them in a well matured and stable tank and I lost them all within 3 weeks and the same went for my friends. My first ever tropical fish were regular white cloud mountain minnows as opposed to the golden variety and I still have them 3 years later! I bought mine from the shop I get all my marine and goldfish stock from so I don't think it was an issue with the shop itself. Just wondering if mine were weak fish too. Mine did eat very well though I admit. I fed them with a mix of vitamin enriched brine shrimp, blood worm and a decent tetra flake (pro crisps).
  5. Oooh Helen, I am interested in Progold (that's the food you mentioned to me before isn't it?) and more of the metromeds. As for the others I have no idea really what they're suitable for
  6. The redcap (Monty) does have one slight 'flaw' (as such) in the form of a slight curl to the top of her dorsal fin, but apart from that they're both gorgeous and perfect in my eyes I am looking forward to watching them grow into big gorgeous fish!
  7. Thanks guys! It kind of makes up a little for the loss of my gorgeous Wachu last week.
  8. They've both settled in really happily and it's like they've been in the tank forever! I keep missing all the olympic coverage on TV as I find my eyes wandering over to their tank to see that they're ok
  9. I got them from Amwell Aquatics in Epping. It's goldies are great! I get my marine livestock from them too I couldn't choose between them and they're lovely fish at around 3-4inches ling. I could have got a smaller redcapas theyhad little'uns but I've not had much luck with small ones so thought I'd try a larger one.
  10. I am my own worst enemy! Yesterday I went to my LFS for some RO water and frozen foods and came back with alot more than I bargained for Allow me to introduce you to Churchill and Monty I fell in love with Churchill straight away and found myself looking at Monty too. I couldn't make up my mind so Darren uttered those iconic words "Why don't you get both of them then?" True, I have space for them both. True, I couldn't resist that face on Churchill - the cheeks! I will never learn will I? I did want to replace at least one of the goldies I've lost recently but both at the same time wasn't the plan. At the moment they are both in the smaller tank as another one of my fish has a mysterious lump on her side so I want to see what that does before putting anyone new in with her.
  11. On I'll nuke the tank wachu was put in to completely and start afresh with that. I've no hurry so it's not an issue. I wouldn't want to put other fish at risk. The tank wachu was in with the other two isn't going to have any new fish in. I'm going to leave it just for them so it shouldn't prove troublesome. It had some big clean ups when I first noticed wachu's problem so it's better to leave it just to them. Gives them more room to grow and hopefully they won't succumb. Thankyou for the great advice both of you!
  12. Thanks for that Daryl...the fish was originally in a tank with two other fish who are perfectly well with no signs of protruding scales whatsoever and have remained that way since. I don't know for sure what the true cause of the protruding scales on the fish was but if it were true dropsy, would it not have infected the other two fish as well, or does it not work like that? I'm now quite concerned about this as a result of your informative reply.
  13. As some of you know, I sadly lost Wachu to dropsy the other day. I had him in my 70L FishPod tank on his own and am now wanting to know what I need to do to make it safe for another fish again. I had him in there for a few days with Epsom Salts in the water and I put metro-treated food in the tank for two feeds. As I had to euthanase him, Wachu did not die in the tank. Is there anything in particular Ineed to do to the tank pre new fish? I am of the mind of a large water change and gravel vac and running carbon in the filter to make sure there are no meds left in the tank. Id that good or should I be doing more? I have been feeding the filter by adding flake food to the tank daily and haven't got round to running a set of parameter tests yet. That will be done at the weekend. The last thing I want to do is something wrong and then cause unnecessary suffering to a future fish Thanks in advance!
  14. Some of if! I'm heartbroken to report I've lost Wachu. Thankyou to those who gave me such great help and advice. I hope Poppy had more success
  15. Wachu is improving already! He has had his first two meals of metro food and seems to be more like his old self at the moment. His scales are definately not so pronounced today and I'll take pics tonight to compare. He very nearly didn't get his food at all - Helen sent me the meds through the post, they turned up on the mat while I was at work and my little kitty, Emmy, decided to chew through the envelope and the plastic bag to have a taste herself! Thankyou to all those who have given so much great advice so far...hopefully it's been caught in time
  16. Wachu is still with me and swimming about better. He's no worse and I'm trying not to imagine him looking better, but his scales are flatter on one side again! The MMS should arrive today so I can start him on that too poppy, how's your goldie doing?
  17. Metro Meds...that's the metronidazole (or something like that) isn't it? That's what Helen is sending me I have moved Wachu to a tank of his own that I have put Epsom Salts in to. What I was referring to was the general water changes in that tank. Will it be ok to do normal water changes to keep his tank clean (gravel vacs etc) and just make sure I add the right amount of Epsom Salt back into the new water that goes in his tank as a result? I only have Epsom Salts and not the Sodium Chloride you are referring to.
  18. I am hoping Poppy will have success too. Wachu was still with me this morning so hope he'll be ok when I get in. Is there any hard and fast rule about water changes while he's in the salt bath?
  19. What on earth is MMS? Doesn't hurt to have antibiotics to hand if really necessary, but I too prefer to go down the natural route when I can. However, if all else fails, then he'll get what he needs
  20. Lupin, FYI...hpsauce (Helen) is sending me some 'metro'! I hope it arrives before it's too late
  21. I don't go away for more than a week Sarah. Or let's just say I haven't gone away for more than a week, yet I used to have a little VW camper that we went away in and towed an old retro caravan behind it, so we were never too far away from home. Now we just have the caravan and plan to take frequent short breaks in it instead of one or two long breaks. I do spend a fair bit of my money on corals, but the tanks are filling up nicely now so I have not got such a need for them I have a new scooter blenny (Toots - he looks like he's whistling!)... He's a bit gorgeous when he tries to chase off his reflection his colours go wild! you lookin' at me? phew! That was HARD work!
  22. Wow, bed time then! Thankyou for your time! It's only 3.30pm here
  23. Ah..I am using Epsom salt. I'll stick with what I read about 1/4 teaspoon per 10 gallons for that then. Just for the record... [0] Ammonia [0] Nitrite [10] Nitrate [7.6] Ph Level, Tank KH 18 GH 10 [7.6] Ph Level, Tap KH & GH as above. [salifert and nutrafin liquid test kits] [74]Water temperature [40 US gallons running in various forms for 3 years, but cold water for 2 with current fish in]Tank size (how many gals.) [interpet PF4 internal filter - 28-40 gallons and an Eheim 2217 external filter - 1000 l/h]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? [weekly 50%]How often do you change the water and how much [3 - 2 at 4-5 inches 1 at 3 inches]How many fish in the tank and their size [seachem Prime dechlorinator]What kind of water additives or conditioners? [once a day with 1 day of fasting. a mix of vitamin enriched frozen foods (always rinsed so no juices in) like bloodworm, krill, enriched mysis and brineshrimp, seaweed, cucumber, orange slices (not so keen on them) saki hikari probiotic fancy goldfish pellets, gel food from recipe on here, some live bloodworm as well]What do you feed your fish and how often? [no. All fish been together for over a year and from the same breeder]Any new fish added to the tank? [No]Any medications added to the tank? [No, just pine cone scales. No reddness of gill bases or belly or vent.]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? [staying near the bottom but still swimming about. Just seems less lively than usual and will sit in my hand without fuss which is unusual for him. Still eating happily]
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