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  1. I'm still making my mind up about which cannister...I'd like to go with a self primer - I had the Eheim 2213 on the 125L tank and even with the priming 'kit' it was a pig to get going! I might try an Eheim Ecco Pro as they're self priming or try a different one. I think hpsauce likes the Rena external filters. The tank's 180 litres I think I'll go with the rear bubble wall idea then as I'd love to watch the fish swimming about in it
  2. Thanks for your reply! I understand about surface movement etc, but was wondering if it was beneficial to have an extra airstone running I have good surface movement from the venturi on the internal filter My query wasn't aimed at the plant side of the tank, just whether it would be good for the fish adding an airstone style gizmo
  3. Wow that's some colour change it's gone through! I have to admit to being taken by A....what a stunner (as are all of them)
  4. I have at present, two internal filters in my new set up. The upper one I use with a venturi attachment to add some bubbles to the upper level of the tank. I'll be going down the external cannister filter route shortly and am wonderig about adding a bubble wall or disc feature at the back of the tank/in one corner. Is this a good idea? I have people on antoher forum (not goldie specialised) who say ditch the extra aeration idea - your plants will suffer etc Now, I am not that worried about my planting, surely my main interests should lie with the health of my fish Can someone shed some light on things for me please? I rather like the ideas I've mentioned, but only if it's good for the fish
  5. Just an extra tip - if you have a bit that's small enough to put in a pan, fill the pan with water submerging the pan and boil it at intervals. Change the water frequently and keep repeating until the tanins are reduced to your liking If your bit is too big then try and soak in the hottest water possible.
  6. Funny you should mention step ladders! I lost count of how many times I climbed up and down the thing while filling and decorating the tank I really need to get lots of things for reaching the bottom - long tongs and suchlike and a good platform to work on when cleaning the tank out. Failing that, put it on a shorter stand, but there's no way I'm emptying it all out to do that now It's actually nice to be able to stand infront of the tank and not crouch at all to look at the fish
  7. OOOH thanks Helen! I have been mooching on this section reading up and thought about my worm feeder! My thought was "Where did I put it?"
  8. How did you get on chichidongo? I'm researching all the different things I can try for my babies at the moment
  9. Helen mentioned this to me yesterday! It's a shame as I love Curly's gorgeous colouring at the moment - it's what made me choose her - but I really don't mind as orange is my favourite colour The wood I have in the tank at the moment is well seasoned from another setup, but I will be getting another bit for the other side when I spot the right one. I am thinking of planting both bits up properly with lots of different types of anubias. The elodea is there purely for the guys to munch on and I'm hoping it will root. I'm also planning on getting one of those flexible bubble wall hoses to have right along the back wall of the tank. Would that be too much aeration? Can you possibly have such a thing in a goldie tank? Would I be better off sticking to a nice big round airstone hidden behind the wodd in a corner? Pleased to report that when I was peeking round the room door, Boo! was swimming about happily. I think it's just us looking at her that she has yet to get used to
  10. I have a million moss balls so they can chow down on them as much as they like! The redcap is now called Boo! as she shoots off when you look at her
  11. Some better pics of the whole tank There are fish in there! Honest!
  12. I can now announce that I am 'with fish'! My tank is up and running so I thought I'd do you a little ongoing diary until I have enough posts to get my blog going Best start off with the tank I guess...some of the uk members may know it already - it used to belong to 'hpsauce', and in fact it's all Helen's fault I now have fancy goldies in the first place! 180L of loveliness in the form of an Akva Stabil tank which arrived via the best couriers in the UK looking like this... I'll need Go-Go-Gadget arms! Then it was planted up and sparsely decorated with bogwood, anubias and java fern Fast cycled with mature internal filters (the beauty of having as many tanks as I do is you always have space for backup filters) and gravel from other tanks and topped up with Tetra SafeStart. I am going to get an external filter in the very near future when I can decide which one to go for (indecision is my middle name)! Today I went to my LFS and came home with 3 young little beauties. Let me introduce you to "Curly" "Roger" (get it?) and an as yet unamed shy and retiring redcap They've settled in really well aleady although the redcap is shy and tending to try and hide when I watch her. She's following curly about and has already chowed down on some nice veggie tabs and I am sure a name will arrive soon. Sizes...Curly is approx 2 inches across the body, Roger is 1 inch and the redcap is a little under 1.5 inches
  13. Dwarf Puffers are indeed great! I have 5 in a 60L biorb and agree that 1 or 2 in your 10 gallon tank would be good Mind you, 50% weekly water changes are the norm for these little fish so maybe you would struggle a bit still?
  14. Put me down for some of the food you recommended to me please chicks
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