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  1. Good lordy! I have got to spend more time looking through the forum better! I don't know how I missed this hun, but that tank looks lovely and so do your babies!
  2. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing the right thing by trying to feed the tank with powdered flake food? The babies are growing but I'd hate to think I was doing something wrong or could be doing more. I feed the big'uns first then dust a bit of powder into the water round the floating plants and in the breeding net.
  3. Some update pics Had a good day shopping yesterday. Finally found a lovely cabbage coral, got some more hermits and a mithrax crab which promptly trundled off eating the algae as it went *yay* The cabbage coral is stunning! The photos don't do the colour justice... This may be the only pic I ever get of the crabby - it shot into the rockwork eating as it went The hermits are chowing down The leather is happy with its goosepimples Alfred is as handsome as ever too and he took extreme umbridge to me placing the cabbage over his rock and actually shoved the rock off his domain! Norm keeping an eye on a brittle starfish when I turned the pumps off for a water change Cliff's growing well I just can't capture the velvety green of these mushrooms on the camera
  4. I was just so gobsmacked at Mother Nature at work right in front of my eyes! You just all better hope and prey that I don't catch my goldies at it again!
  5. Oooh forgot about the video in the eggies excitement! I'll take it tonight
  6. I need to get one of those. I have been trying with the pipettes you get in testing kits They are speedy but a baster might be better....more suction
  7. Oops sorry I put the thread in the wrong section...I was rather excited! I have put the breeding net in the tank but am totally unable to catch the many little fry I have seen darting about the plants I'm just feeding the floating plants with powdered flake food in the hope that some of them make it if I can't catch them. This is really exciting and now I'll be on the egg watch all the time
  8. Well, having posted a pic of the mysterious eggs on the bogwood in the newly set up tank, I have just spotted 2 fry on the back glass! It seems Wachu the new ranchu has been busy with either Freckles or Chopsy! I am now off to find out what to do for them. The breeding net is found minus the sucker feet, which is something I guess. I'm all a-flap here
  9. This is tank number two - a work in progress I saw eggs on the wood yesterday and they don't look like your typical nerite snail eggs It wasn't me! Honest! I'm too nice to do that! I just love the translucency of their chops Tank video coming soon.
  10. Aw sorry to hear that! When my lovely big blue apple snail died last year he came out of his shell completely too. I have had snails with bettas before and found them to constantly harrass them but never do them harm apart from the odd nibble at antennae maybe.
  11. Well after all the frenetic sexual activity going on in the tank I am still waiting for eggies I'm a bit miffed and just hoping they'll get down to it again Mind you, I have no idea what time scale these things occur on and may well be impatient!
  12. The plants I have are elodea, anubias, java fern and moss balls. In the second tank I am trying out giant valisnera with java moss and fern, elodea and moss balls again I'm going to try and do some video clips too
  13. I'll update with some new tank pics later and more of my other tank that I have converted from tropical community status to coldwater. I have another ranchu and oranda to go with my other slate blue oranda
  14. Ok, here's an FTS. Bear in mind it's a work in progress and not finished yet. I want to swap round the wood from my other tank to there's more floor space for them to poot about
  15. I haven't in my coldwater tanks but have in my trop tanks at times. I'll let you know what it was tonight as it worked well
  16. Not exactly, but I always get something when I'm there *hehe* I wanted to get RO water too but there were too many people in the marine section so I came home just with the fish. I'm not complaining though as they are lovely. Within an hour they were all happily swimming about all over the place as if they'd been there for ages
  17. SO SO cute! I was at my LFS today and came home with two fish but they are giants compared to your little babies! I saw some baby pearlscales that were just 15mm long or not far off! You'll have all the enjoyment of watching them flourish and grow!
  18. Thanks peeps I am so lucky to have a fantastic LFS that has some stunning quality fish in. I was torn between the white calico ranchu and a red/black calico but Freckles face was so full of character I had to forego the red/black one's beautiful finnage for a cheeky face. As for Wachu, I have always loved white bodied ranchu's and this one came up and they QT'd it for me as soon as it came in I was so pleased with them both that I didn't even go and buy any corals for my marine tank while I was there!
  19. I have another two fish! Full tank shots to follow but my community tank has been coldwater for a week now and Chopsy has two tank mates as of today He's not fussed at all The new ranchu - Wachu (as in he's nosey and looks like he's saying 'What you up to?' to the others when they swim about - it's that nosey) The photos haven't picked up the delicate peachy colour of his finnage. A beauty - Japanese AAA grade no less Freckles the oranda More pics to follow including FTS when it's settled as I've planted some giant valis in the hope they leave it alone (fat chance I know).
  20. I am now wondering what I shall put with him. I do have my eye on a nice calico speckled oranda that's a bit bigger than him. The poor fish has been in the shop for ages and is so nice. But I wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing it blossom. Or I might go for another ranchu if I see one that tells me I must have it. Or a redcap maybe. Or something different? Who knows? I am the world's most indecisive person at times. One thing I do know for sure is that I am willing to wait for 'the one' and not just go ahead with any fish I lay eyes on : I'm hoping to start scaping the tank nicely this weekend. I had to move the bogwood a bit last night. I came in the room and wondered where Chopsy was and then heard pebbly scrapings. I found him tucked behind the wood and rather stuck Luckily he'd ony just done it and I was at hand. I won't let that hapen again. He looked a bit embarassed when I freed him
  21. Most of the time this mould goes within a few weeks. If it looks bad, just take it out to give it a scrub when you do water changes and then chuck it back in. I had 2 bits of wood from a tropical set up that I moved over to my coldwater tank and one of them got The Fuzz as I called it. Within a couple of weeks after a few bouts of scrubbing it was gone
  22. I find my mind wandering to the calico oranda they have had in the shop forever. He's beautiful if a little larger than I would really like as I won't get the joy of watching him blossom, but if there's nothing else I like, I may well have to go for him Trouble is now I want all my goldies in the front room where I spend most of my 'me' time
  23. I have a ranchu, oranda and black moor together. The ranchu is at least twice the size of the other two but they all get one superbly at present
  24. Oh he gets nori on a daily basis and there is plenty of algae for him to munch on. I was joking about the algae shortage and was just lucky enough to catch him eating algae from his own shell the other night He's very funny as he eats algae from the astrea snails shells too
  25. Update time! Lots have been added since my last offerings *****************NEWSFLASH!**************** Shock and horror as conch reverts to eating himself in algae shortage! Clownfish keeps still long enough for a few nice photos and mysteriously loses one fin Cleaner shrimp tries to muscle in on the photo action New red mushroom has baby Conch still eating own shell YCG wonders why toadstool leather hasn't extended polyps FTS Nice acan frag Norm on some nice zoas Can you see my black and white banded brittle starfish? I have a nice ricordea garden going now too
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