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  1. Yup, three days—still bottom sitting (but occasional swimming around, good sign). Fins are MUCH less clamped, almost normal, but he's still a big lethargic I think. Also, he still has that tiny white/clear stub sticking out of his butt. Gross, because I think it's the worm. I've been keeping the tank covered to minimize stress and encourage resting. But when I peek in (he's floating with fins beautifully fanned out).
  2. I'm re-administering half the prazi with the changes (so there's a steady dosage in the water). Is that ok? faintailfan1, I'll try getting a picture after work. He looked a little better today, maybe, but I noticed more ick on his wen The black on his fins/tails were always there; they're very uniform, symmetrical and pretty, so not from burn or disease I don't think. I tried feeding him more, but he only ate one pellet and spit out the other three. My question is: Would metro-meds be lost on this case? Also, thank you so much for all your help.
  3. Hello everyone: My new goldfish Jack came in with parasites. Symptoms started with: very healthy, playful swimming around the tank, until ... - flashing (rubbing against the tank, side to side, up and down) - yawning every 20 seconds or so A few days later: - clamped dorsal fin - listless, bottom sitting (hiding out in his little cottage) - random thrashing into walls (when he's out of the cottage) - occasional spurts and spasms (definitely trying to get rid of something, maybe parasites) Finally, two days ago, PraziPro came in the mail so I administered that accordingly. Tonight, he looks infinitely better: fin is less clamped, I find him occasionally swimming about just fine, a bit tired still. I'm hopeful. What do you all think of my treatment? Is there anything more I should do? Anything I should've done differently? Anymore information you need? I was considering ordering Metro-Meds to get rid of any possible bacterial infections, etc., especially as his poop is long, white, and stringy. But my income is low (grad student stipend), so I've held off. I have a "portending doom" feeling, though, that by the time it arrives (probably a week later), he won't be eating much anymore—unless the Prazi does all the work and cures him! But shame if I am unable to save him of a new disease (bacterial or otherwise) immediately after curing him of the first one. What should I do? Named after the self-destructive Kerouac—perhaps that was fating him.
  4. No problem, thank you so much for the help. So my little guy has improved GREATLY. Swims around beautifully, the right side is a little more pineconed than before, but it's improved since the morning I think slightly because I added Maracyn 2 to the tank (there's epsom in there already). Did the pea thing. Fed him Jungle Anti-PARASITE food today cause of the metro in it (new bottle), planning to do that for two more days just until the MetroMeds come, which are taking a while despite the fact that they shipped out a few days ago Priority UPS. He's still eating very well. Like a pig actually.
  5. Also, I don't get this. Why was my salt off? I was trying to do a 0.3% salt concentration in the tank. If I did 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) per gallon, 10 tablespoons for a 10 gallon tank, isn't that 0.3%?
  6. yep, it's 26 c and there's a little less than 1/4 teaspoon of epsom salt in this 10 gallon tank (which holds less than 10 gallons).
  7. So he's definitely pineconing now and laying on the bottom again until I go up to him. He seemed way better yesterday though. I'm just waiting for MetroMeds to come in the mail cause I don't think there's much more I can do...
  8. Gotcha. Well I did a 100% change and planning to do a water test later today cause I don't know what the pH of my tap water is. Right when I added him into the tank again, I realized I hadn't put in de-chlorinator. Ah! So two seconds later the Novaqua was in the water, but still... You think the two seconds in the chlorine did much damage? He's really active now, swimming around and exploring the gravel, etc. So you guys think fasting, green pea before starting on MetroMeds? Also I'm concerned about the tank's cycle. Is it completely messed up now since the water is all new, or is enough/most of this cycling bacteria in the filter?
  9. Crap! No I did not... Should I change out the water just cause of that mistake? Ever since that most recent water change and the epsom salt he's been looking better than before it seems... It might just have been the new water but I don't know. ######. Okay I'll do the water change. Thanks for such a quick response.
  10. So I bought an adorable ryukin from nnnn the other day because it in particular looked really sick in the tank. LARGE fella, sucks at your fingers and is very very kind. I've lost many fish in the past to dropsy and I don't know if I can take it again. But I got this one cause I knew he would die in that crowded tank eventually. Water Info: Sorry, I don't have exact parameters, but I've tested the water twice at two different pet stores and the levels were great on everything except pH was low, 6.8 or so both times. What I've Done: Salted the tank with Kosher salt to a 0.3 solution (I suck at math, I think that's right; a tablespoon per gallon). Added Epsom salt recently, a little under 1/4 teaspoon. The tank is 10 gallons. Been feeding him Jungle Lab Antibacterial food for the past three days. Water changes everyday pretty much. Is that too often? I've been doing 15% changes everyday, vacuuming the gravel and whatnot. The Ryukin: At first had about two or three white ick spots, fish looked pretty tired. The salt definitely got rid of any visible ick, I don't see any at all. However, you know the course of that horrible white junk. Now his stomach is a little bloated (I think, can't really tell cause he's a fancy goldfish) but he's definitely pine coning very very slightly. Last night he was laying on the bottom until I would come up to him and then he'd swim all around again. But today he's swimming around beautifully now in the tank, seems very happy. What Do I Do? His poop sometimes looks pretty good, but once last night I found floating at the top a poop that was kind of clear but also brown and normal (a short string). Obviously it was floating cause it was airy. On my first day with him he had bubbly poop but not since. So should I keep feeding this Jungle food or should I fast him for a day and flush out the stuff with peas? Dropsy question: Is flushing out the system the best thing for dropsy? I ordered Metromeds today... What I'm Anal About: The tank doesn't have a top and it's situated pretty close to an AC vent (not directly under, but to the side and close). Would that cause stressful temperature problems? (And yet, the summer weather changes so fast from hot in the day to cold at night, it seems that keeping him away from the vent would make for a really hot tank to a really cold tank as opposed to now, a decently cool tank to a cool tank.) The antibacterial food I've had for a while now, maybe bought it sometime last summer. I know! It's old, I didn't think it'd be that big of an issue though. The stuff was expensive and all I had on me... I should stop with that right? Here is what he looks like: http://twitpic.com/28xlus
  11. Hm, just changed the water and turned off the heater and he's doin great. I think it was just the temperature. His water was a lot warmer than it usually is. His weird white shade disappeared and he looks back to normal now, moving around and happy again. Whew
  12. His water levels should be fine. I'm not sure though, I don't have a test kit. The tank has been cycled and I've never had problems till this morning (I've had him for three months now). Weekly water changes (Amquel and Novaqua for tap water). Feed twice a day. All of a sudden he's just slow and lazy and staying close to the ground in one corner. He looks a little paler. There was this white dot on his wen, I didn't think it was anything, but could it be ick? What should I do? Also I see that his poop is long and stringy. Constipated? I'm thinking it's more constipation than anything else. How sick is he? He's a lot lazier. Should I do a water change? I'm not gonna feed him for a while. Man, he was so healthy just yesterday....
  13. Not quite sure. He's got the body of a common (pretty thin and skinny) but the tail of an oranda (split, big and butterfly-like). What is he? And how old would you say he is? I've had him for two months now; he's about 2 inches.
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