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  1. Yup, three days—still bottom sitting (but occasional swimming around, good sign). Fins are MUCH less clamped, almost normal, but he's still a big lethargic I think. Also, he still has that tiny white/clear stub sticking out of his butt. Gross, because I think it's the worm. I've been keeping the tank covered to minimize stress and encourage resting. But when I peek in (he's floating with fins beautifully fanned out).
  2. I'm re-administering half the prazi with the changes (so there's a steady dosage in the water). Is that ok? faintailfan1, I'll try getting a picture after work. He looked a little better today, maybe, but I noticed more ick on his wen The black on his fins/tails were always there; they're very uniform, symmetrical and pretty, so not from burn or disease I don't think. I tried feeding him more, but he only ate one pellet and spit out the other three. My question is: Would metro-meds be lost on this case? Also, thank you so much for all your help.
  3. Hello everyone: My new goldfish Jack came in with parasites. Symptoms started with: very healthy, playful swimming around the tank, until ... - flashing (rubbing against the tank, side to side, up and down) - yawning every 20 seconds or so A few days later: - clamped dorsal fin - listless, bottom sitting (hiding out in his little cottage) - random thrashing into walls (when he's out of the cottage) - occasional spurts and spasms (definitely trying to get rid of something, maybe parasites) Finally, two days ago, PraziPro came in the mail so I administered that accordingly. Tonight, he looks infinitely better: fin is less clamped, I find him occasionally swimming about just fine, a bit tired still. I'm hopeful. What do you all think of my treatment? Is there anything more I should do? Anything I should've done differently? Anymore information you need? I was considering ordering Metro-Meds to get rid of any possible bacterial infections, etc., especially as his poop is long, white, and stringy. But my income is low (grad student stipend), so I've held off. I have a "portending doom" feeling, though, that by the time it arrives (probably a week later), he won't be eating much anymore—unless the Prazi does all the work and cures him! But shame if I am unable to save him of a new disease (bacterial or otherwise) immediately after curing him of the first one. What should I do? Named after the self-destructive Kerouac—perhaps that was fating him.
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