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  1. The idea of making my own tank is becoming quickly obsessive that I'm actually going to do it. I know a place that will *give* me the glass (non-tempered, 1/4", per Koko's article), so I figure why not. I've built furniture, sculptures, etc, but I've never worked with glass. I'm doing a lot of research now (going online, you tube, etc.). At the same time, I would love to hear any experiences you've had with making your own tank. 55 gallon. I need to start building it *now* because the humidity in Hawaii is still @ 65% (per article). Any suggestions?
  2. Perhaps you could start your daughter on her own tropical tank? Maybe mom could help daughter with it? Then you can keep your goldies. Just an idea...
  3. Thanks for sharing the photos! Have you considered entering any of the fish in the "___ of the month"? I bet they'd win.
  4. I have a fantail and a ryukin in a 23 gallon oblong clear rubbermaid container. When they celebrate their first year, then I'm getting more fish. Am saving up for a large glass tank (55 gal?) Am in the process of building the same cabinet that I saw on Koko's Do It Yourself forum. (I have an empty 12 gal Eclypse which I'm going to giving away)
  5. Ah, I bet it's not enough water pressure. That makes sense. The water wlll get sucked all the way up to the bend in the hose to the faucet, then it stops. I'll adjust it and see what happens. Good enough; thank you.
  6. I've decided that I don't like Beanie as much as before, on account he doesn't like Macs. LOL If Beanie ever left you, he'd be incredibly dumb! So if you see any prospective guys around for me, give me a holler. It's so sweet you met on Koko's! You should give Koko a finder's fee. lol I do have a question though. I moved my rubbermaid mansion to the floor near by bed because I want to keep a close eye on the pair (newly reacquainted). The problem is my Python, which is hooked up to the sink, won't suck up tank water. It probably has to do with my tank being lower than the faucent, but I thought pythons were supposed to solve problems like that. What do you think?
  7. What a great thread! I'm bookmarking it so I can reference it. Thank you so much! (I'm gettin kinda scared of you on account you're so sma-a-a-a-rt)
  8. Early on, I used Tetra products. It colored my water red, and my Porky had repeat problems with constipation. Moderators suggested gel food, which is easy to make if you have a blender/chopper. No constipation problems, and they love it. Clear water. (but don't use corn)
  9. I'm so sorry you lost your gf. That burns. But you're on a great site that empathizes with you (and can also help you set up a new tank, if you ever want to again.)
  10. This is horrible; did you check the filter? Why would fish eat glass; I would think it'd hurt their lips just by touching it. OMG, I'm so sorry. The mercury in the thermometer is easy to swallow. Oh, brother. I am so sorry. Keep us posted.
  11. If anybody should have more fish, it should be you, cause you know everything there is to know! They'd be taken care of and loved well. Go ahead; buy the panda bear looking one. They're so beautiful! It's like somebody got their watercolours out and painted them. :5:
  12. Okay, that's a load off my mind. Poor Gabriel; he's such a tough fish, though. Go, Gabriel, Go!
  13. I must be an idiot! I haven't seen this thread until now. OMG, Martha, how Gabriel doing?
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