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  1. Yeah actually snails produce an ok bioload so it easy to have too many. Especially considering the little buggers reproduce so fast. There is a reason they have long been considered pests. The zucchini remove trick is actually pretty awesome. Didn't even think of it but someone told me about it a while back and Hidr is right its a great way to make population management easy. Remember if you do remove some of the population to find them new homes in aquariums or euthanize them. Snails can do a lot of damage to ecosystems if introduced.
  2. Yeah fish are considered very feng shui and are really supposed to be a good relaxant. The smooth nature of their movement is cool and soft. The truth is though that the sound of water probably plays into it. You can by those fountains that are supposed to have the same affect.
  3. obviously I can't do as I say b/c I would like to respond to this post. Communism can be considered as a branch of socialism; communism is extreme socialism. The only thing that separates communism from socialism is that in a communist regime the government/communists own everything and "equally" distribute it out amongst the public, whereas in a socialist point of view the public owns the means of production so therefore they equally distribute everything amongst the public. I think you would find that arguing between the two systems can become more about semantics than one would believe. Communism painted with a bad brush do to Stalin's reign mostly and the pure anti-capitilist system it is. They are two ends of a spectrum with both ends being flawed. Although most of us raised in capitilist, especially north american society, think that communism is a system based solely on the totaletarian government handing out uneven punishment and distributing resources amongst friends of the "party" this is far from the reality behind the original theory. In fact the truth is that communism is meant to be an equal distribution of resources amongst the masses allowing each member to be facilitate in the strength of the country (for lack of a better grouping name) as each member best can. I may not be overly talented in one area but my abilities may make up for your short comings. Great in theory hasn't had a ton of success in practice but you can see the idea. No fight for wealth less one-upsmanship. The flaw is the same one that we see in our education systems today. We feel the need to make the least capable student feel good about themselves so we teach to their level instead of teaching to the elite student level and we get a bunch of lazy kids with little motivation to work cause life is easy when you only have to me as smart as the kid with the lowest IQ in the class. Socialism is based on the principal of distiribution to the masses owned by the masses and really is just a sub form of communism and a word sometimes used interchangeably although incorrectly. The differences are small and any solid Marxist would tell you that socialism is just one of the steps on the golden path to true Communism. Sorry I also have a tough time just letting such great discussion go. Sorry I jacked your thread Shamu I owe you for that. On the upside I certainley love the turtle pics however I still am not sure I like these slimy fellas as much as my chocolate variety.
  4. cool fish. Depends what you mean by grow in but he won't they won't be itty bitty little goldfish eyes he definitley telescope eyes.
  5. Hey awesome good to hear about the award. Sorry to be the other side of the fence but you should also be proud of your efforts this was definitley not a personal issue. Wish more people were proactive about their passions.
  6. A siphon would still make your clean up easier. I am assuming you don't have a undergravel filter as well. The sipon makes it easy cause you can suck up whatever is at the bottom with ease. I think that a siphon is a must have to keep your tank properly. Go buy one it will make you happy.
  7. Wow there is a whole cult around this kid and his like for turtles. People are weird definitley too much time on our hands. The world economy sucks cause everyone is sitting on you tube that is the answer.
  8. Amen to that. As a side note I like chocolate turtles.
  9. I think you would be hard pressed to find many things that don't touch on the edges of politics almost all the time. Politics are part of out every day life so no big surprise to see it occur. I think the idea should be to encourage open debate on this forum and this thread has been great people have avoided personal attacks for the most part so I don't see any issues with a good solid debate. lol I do like the Palin crack but education failed her as a whole she may be the dumbest human to ever almost be a possible leader of a country. Can you imagine that person being allowed to make decisions I'm suprised she can dress herself. But I also digress. Legislation encourages economic burden and is just a poor way to keep good business going. The very basis of the north american systems especially in the states is the encouragement of entreprenueral will. Capitilism is operated on the idea of business owners making decisions and consumers making decisions in return to say yay or nay on any effort. I think that by legislating goldfish we are asking them to let the government run their business thats not fair and in Canada we deal with that more than enough already. Also when you legilslate the cost is greater than a bill passage. Pay the guys on parliament hill to read argue pass bill is one cost but what about other costs. Educating of business owners via whatever means usually means mail outs websites and media ad5 these cost money and tons of money because they have to be done in two languages to a vast country that is smaller border to border to border than only Russia. Now you have to create a new peace officer to enforce which means new jobs thats a plus minus is I have to pay those new jobs also means new training expensive, vehicles for them to travel and enforce, new work procedure manuals and development of a new industry all very expensive. Pet store owners will fight any charges which means we burden our legal system with costs and more case loads to force through that already there isn't space for. All of these issues play into legislation and that is why saving that money and education is so much better. This country in particular has had wasted money everywhere gun registry is just one off the top of my head that was and is a burden cause of cost over runs poor planning and flat out bad law making. I think the current government would like to avoid a program begging to be a money eater especially in a minority situation. At the end of the day there are so many reasons not to legislate and only a very few reasons to legislate.
  10. Yeah BN are compatible with goldies although can be a snack for large goldfish. I find my BN really like their hiding places so I would recommend cover but I think for all fish cover is important so that they can retreat if they feel stressed. I would buy BN only from a store you trust and an employee you know is knowledgable. Also I would make sure I had a picture with me or knew exactly what I was looking for when purchasing. BN stay small and look a lot like a young pleco of many L-#s so they can be mis labeled. Important to not get another type of pleco as many grow to gigantic size and will enjoy the flavour of your goldfish. Also BN are one of the few breed of Pleco that are able to thrive in similar water temps to goldie. Anything referred to under "common" pleco would be unhealthy in similar temps. Always monitor your pleco with your goldfish just a safe practice. And remember that plecos are intolerant of salinity so if you treat disease with salt you have to do it in a qt. BN are a fun fish the are always working hard at cleaning and are generally a cool looking fish for anyone who likes plecos. I love plecos just can't have big ones so this is my middle ground.
  11. Chloe - I totally am on board with the idea of taking this to businesses. I would be happy to see LPS join together in a re-education program. I don't think there is any reason why approaching your local LPS about trying to re-educate and helping them do so would be a great step. Like I say tons of stores around here have little notes about goldfish not being able to be kept in bowls. This is a start so absolutley encourage re-education. Then this is not about legislating. And yes some people are going to be ignorant and try to ignore the education but eventually that will change too. 20 years ago smoking was cool even with health risks starting to emerege it was cool. Look now the cool kids don't smoke anymore its the opposite and all that without a smoking ban. Sure some people will ignore the education (for 6 years of my life I ignored all my education about smoking) but the numbers dwindle with each passing year and there is a solution I like. Amy- advocacy can come in so many different shapes. I can advocate for lots of things by being a voice and by helping. Many great people have been advocates without feeling the need to go the government. Being proactive is so easy and all that needs to be done is offer a couple of hours of your time every week to start the chain of education. I'll use a sports example that I dealt with to show why legislation is always a best start adcovacy. In our local minor hockey program in which I coach, a few years ago they decided to encourage kids to be more skillful they would start a policy of absolutely no dump and chase hockey. Any coaches violating this rule were disciplined and would eventually be told they weren't needed. Now we had our hands slapped early on in the season when someone saw a dump and chase play that was a young kids only choice. There was no explaining that although we preached puck possession sometimes a situation dictates a different approach as this one had. Not accpetable in their eyes though. Eventually coahces got sick of it and this one organization seen a lot of young and talented coaches leave for other programs with freedom to teach. I am one of the coaches who left. 3 years later feeling an allegiance to this group I came back under different leadership and coach exactly the same but now am having more fun and am seeing more growth in our group because of we are allowed to coach our way. We still hate dump and chase and refuse to teach it but we allow for situations where it is the only option in a play and this makes our kids more intelligent players. Every coaches clinic I do educates towards puck possession and this has had a much greater affect on coaches then a poorly concieved rule. Chrssy - He is wrong. And people make a difference everyday. The most effective way to stop something is to vote with your wallet. I do it all the time with everything I purchase. I refuse to use a certain chain of pet store for anything because I have been in a few and find the treatment exceptionally awful of the animals. I refuse to buy anything but Canadian Beef because when a little thing of mad cow came out of alberta we and we admitted it instead of the shoot shovel and shutup variety some other countries found it in them to refuse our beef. Good buy me I avoid buying any other beef for that matter truthfully I whenever possible buy only Canadian because of this. Over the next year the "buy american" mantra Barack Obama's government has put forward may decide a lot more of my spending habits. I will most certainly be getting rid of my Ford vehicles and be replacing them with cars that companies are based in and cars are made in that are ok with Canadian products. I think the best way to advocate isn't to ask the government to help but to tell those responsible how you feel with your wallet cause the dollar decides everything.
  12. It seems that you have the experience to be able to maintain a pond like that. From what I read it seems to me that you would be able to maintain this pond as is. It takes more work but it sounds from what I read to be acceptable. Maybe not ideal but not many people are really running the ideal setups despite what they say on sites like this. I'm no different. I think to me it sounds like those Koi are your pride fish I don't see any reason why you should have to get rid of them.
  13. Goldfish are freaking messy that is true. As a side not from what I understand ideal koi pond depth is close to 4 feet or did I misread?
  14. You will find when you do the move the new tank won't have the algae..... ok bad joke. Truthfully Algae is not particularly dangerous. There can become issues with extreme cases but most people just find it unsightly. As for cures the best cure is to monitor what you put in the tank that creates higher phosphate levels. If you can limit the phosphate and for that matter the higher nitrate levels you can reduce algae growth. Best way to reduce these levels is to monitor your feedings. Because we all over feed our goldies this is usually a leading culprit to algae growth. The food that ends up left over in the tank creates higher phosphate. Also the more the fishies eat the more they pooh the more phosphates and nitrates. Kinda catching the drift on this. Pretty much the more you put in the more often you need to pull out to avoid feeding the algae. Almost all healthy tanks are going to see some algae growth. Some people experience more than others its not life threatening so figure it out and take your time. Avoid chemical fixes if it kills algae what other living things do you think it may damage. Snails are not the most amazing algae eaters they will eat it but they won't end it quickly. And the brown algae you are describing is not eaten by many "algae eaters". Bristlenose Pleco I know for sure will eat the brown and otocinclus will eat the brown that is the only goldfish compatible fish I can think of that take it out. Otos are small so goldfish (like mine) may try them as a snack so they aren't ideal either. I know everything I say contradicts itself trying to give you a full picture. I have had and always am battling algae problems and I have BN for it they do pretty good but I also have ornaments I really like the look of the brown algae so I have never tried an all out eradication. Best of luck.
  15. Hidr in your perspective is there any value in the min. number of fish? Just wondering about what I read about them needing companions? Only interested because many fish do need companionship but my absolute lack of personal experience and maybe the fact I have never seen myself as a Koi owner leave me with little long term information to offer just what I have researched in the last little bit and what I can remember
  16. I don't just think I'm pretty sure that you are ok. Seems to me you have some wiggle room there so that'll be cool. Only part that bothers me is I am jealous.
  17. Hi sorry not a koi keeper myself but have kind of followed the threads on various sites and went and did some research after reading your post. There doesn't seem to be a true answer that is as common as goldfish and 10g per. The best I could figure is you have 2 issues to face. 1) The amount of Koi to water ratio seems to vary from 300 gallons per fish to as much as 3000 gallons per fish depending on your personal expertice and the quality of pond maintenance products, ie filters you have. So I would say you are ok with the 4 if your are dedicated, knowledgeable and have a great filtration system. 2) The Second problem you face is that from what I understand Koi are not best kept alone and are ideally kept in groups of 3 or more so selling them all is not going to be ideal. The one thing I did read a few times was the idea of 1000gallons per 50 inch of fish. That is more than 4 feet of fish. I have seen some monster koi in my time some that I would say push 30 inches but not many 4 footers. Not sure if I helped at all but seems to kind of be the info that I could get my hands on. Good luck.
  18. Like daryl my assumption would be there is slight temp fluctuations occuring in that tank enough to make them think its warming again at point. Has it been cold and then warm a lot whre you are? Are they near a window that allows air to pass in? Do you use a heater and if so does it turn off automatically or do you have to turn it off? If everything is seeming good and water temps aren't changing then daryl is definitley you are going to have to move one to another tank or get a tank seperater, the male will damage the female pretty bad with all that breeding. Good luck and keep up the good work.
  19. Hi Koko Martha felt this would be a good addition to the site. Be honoured to even have it considered. Hopefully not stealing from this site. All of this info is courtesy of different friends who have offered this advice when I have run into trouble. This is a conglomorate of work from much more experienced and wise fish keepers than I. I just looking to collect on the medals plus I don't think any of them are Kokoers. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=75551
  20. Courtesy of Martha's tip to add this to the tip of the month I shall. So when you have a power outage here are some tips I have picked up along the way. Ok for future referrence. A) rinsing if it sat is good idea using tank water. B) when power goes out have a battery operated pump always good to keep the airflow going in tank. C) When leaving filter off for extended periods take your bio media where all your BB live out of filter and place it in the tank. That water plus little bit of oxygen movement will help keep BB from dieing out and will avoid any possible cycle crashes. D) If you are staying with a tank and have no pump to stir the water for oxygen do it manually make sure the fish and bb get the oxygen.
  21. Well thank you marhta I think I shall do exactly that. Although I have to admit I might have stole it from someone who explained this to me on another forum I spend some time on.
  22. lol joe. You decide what I am I laughing harder at.
  23. This was a great thread. Very interesting to see how everyone manages some of their concerns.
  24. Shamu hey good for you by all means if it means a lot to you, you keep going I would be disappointed if my opinions were the ones that stopped you. I only took this space to offer a counter-point that should also be presented. Fighting for what you believe in is something to be admired don't apologize to me you do not owe me anything. You have allowed me to voice my concerns I appreciate that. Also the fact that it turned into a debate is good for you. People think when debating and it mobolizes both sets of opinions (for and against) to be proactive and try to educate others. Chloe I don't know maybe I'm orwellian but I am not so sure. Really truthfully do you think the government should dictate business practices? People don't consider the consequences of regulation. Everyone cheered when the US government included a ban on corporate jets as part of a bail out package. Mere month later that same government had to revoke that provision because the companies involved in corporate jets (sales, maintenance etc.) are going out of work due to that legislation. Just two weeks ago 8000 corporate jet related jobs were terminated in direct corelation to this bill. Now tell me did you see that coming when it was introduced? Right no one thought of that. What have we not thought about as consequences with this petition? Call me orwellian but maybe someone needs to wonder if this isn't inviting more issues down the road cause if we all sit there in blissful ignorance then truthfully we all have given up our rights to freedom volunteerally.
  25. Yeah I thought they were so simple but started researching and found them interesting. Have to admit they are a blast to have some of my favourite tank guys. Buying bigger doesn't seem to make a difference cause they reproduce real fast and either your goldies will eat or they won't I have never had a problem. That being said it would help if they would take out the babies once in a while. My goldfish have tried otocinclus and they eat brine shrimp like its going out of style but they won't touch my snails, weird stuff. Good luck with the research that page Martha left is a great one.
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