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  1. Hey sorry to bother all who read this but my fishy (Last, named him/her that cause we never really named him although we love him/her alot) but in the past, lets say two months Last has gotten fat (excuse the term) and my family and I are wondering is he/she just fat or is he/she pregnant. We know it is no possible for last to be constipated because he/she poops alot lol. I will post pic ASAP
  2. Hey,(I am not sure if I posted this in the wrong place, sorry if I didn't) okay, so this "Tyra's" Mother anyway at the moment we have two "strange" fish. One is Named Tuby- he is a egg fish which we have had for about year and a half, the first winter we had him he lost an eye, two weeks later he lost his other eye and has lived till this day and I believe he will he a fairly long life (knock on wood) Anyway about a month ago we got two tiny Celestial fish one my father and sister named (spelling proably off) Chewbwaucha (chewy for short * off of star wars*) and the other one my mom and I named Doppy because he kept running into walls anyway I went out today and when I came back I saw that Doppy was missing an eye. Is it common for fish to lose eyes without any signs of popeye?
  3. Okay so I just walked out to my living room to watch tv, and my fish Jelly a orange telescope fish and a fish named Dot (i dont know what she is) are swimming around in the tank I relized at once that she would lay eggs soon, so i called around to price tanks but my dad and mom are out and all we have is a bowl ( that we used to use for decoration) should I put them in the bowl or is there anything better for eggs? oh and should there be rocks in the bowl? ( i need the awnsers quick) thanks
  4. Im not 100% sure how big it is I will ask my parents later. Really? Well I supposed misinformation is to be expected when you ask employees at major retailers that know hardly anything about fish and snails Thanks! I will tell my parents not to buy another snail
  5. The funny thing is when we bought them only 2 have been pure orange tuby and melly, gilby had a black cap and with in 2 months in was orange!~
  6. I know it has been a while since the last post but Snails are A sexual I found that out when I got them, All the snails i have had have floated and most of the time they were fine. The way to tell if your snail is dead is believe it or not they tuck themselves in all the way. thats how my 5 snails ended Anyway I didn't know if it was to late to help but I just thought I would give you a bit of info hope your snail is okay
  7. LoL thanks, I'm planning on buying myself better camera for Christmas because the one I have now is for beginners. So when I get the I will post new pics (I use Max. Color pelets from pets unlimited)
  8. okay so the pictures are kinda blurry because the fish kept moving on me LoL but here are some pictures of them Thats Tuby he is a loin head who last December lost both his eyes!!! But he is still alive. This is Melly my telescope fish Okay Left to Right Jelly the orange Telescope fish who used to be black so until today we thought that he was a Black Moore that changed colour Then Bubbles a Black Moore who is changing into a orange telescope fish also, Then gilby my orange Oronda My other pictures didn't turn out at all but i will post them later
  9. I was wondering because I used to have snails two died with in a week but one lived and we called him snailie (my younger sister came up with the name) but then about 3 months later he died so my dad went to the city and got a new one that was HUGE we named him Jaque Escargot anyway he lived for along time. But the tank never seemed clean. So now we want to buy another snail but we want something that cleans aulge well ( we had golden apple snails) is there a certain breed that cleans better??? ~Tyra
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