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  1. Less expensive fish food won't make your water cloudy,unless you overfeed your fish and food left in the tank for long period of time
  2. I did cleaned the eheim green tube on last sunday with hot water.Also cleaned the media with tank water.Changed 75% of water at the same time. They seem to be better .The cloudness on the eyes seem less now.Hope it would continue to improve. Trinket,thank you so very very much for your help.By the way . I just run hot water of both intake and outlet tubes for like 30 mins.There was lot of nasty gunge in both tubes.My eheim canister filter only 3 months old.Even with lot of water changed . Still both tubes clogged with gunge. From now on i'm gonna clean the tubes more often. Hope like you said .Only time and keep cleaning the equipments will improve the cloudy eyes problem .Thanks again..... I will update their condition later this week....
  3. I'm afraid to use bleach . Worry that might not raise it clean enough .But i will try hot water . Run it though the green tube like crazy .Hope will get all nasty stuff out
  4. Thanks for the advices . I will do that as you mention. One item at a time.3 days apart. I have bio-max and eheim ehfimech in the canister filter along with pro ehfisynth and coarse pad .Ac70 got foams and biomax ,emperor 400 got two cartridges without carbon and biomax and bio media cartridge Now my last question is how do you clean the eheim green tube?
  5. My female calico did released eggs twice last two months . They did ate a lot of it. But i changed the water right after .But like you said .It's damage had been done.I notice every time when i do w/c. I found a lot of little white stuff all over the tank. I don't thing they are poo.But no ideal what it is. I'm not over feed them .Only once a day. On the filteration side. I have over 1100 gph return in 60 gals tank.Only three goldies . Bare bottom tank with 10 live plants in pots with gravels in it .I'm thinking may be the gravels in the pots getting lot of nasty stuff?Again on the filters medias.I throught there is no need to replace the floss unleast they are falling apart. I do clean them with tank water once in while.About two weeks apart for three filters cleaning.Do you think i should clean the whole tank like completely ?Throw away the media in the ehemi canisterfilter? New floss media on emperor 400 and ac70?That i might need a new cycle again?Please help..............
  6. well ,it 's been a week treatment of melafix .W/c 75% every two days . Still not much improvement .Beside the pimple is gone on apollo right eye.They still have cloudy eyes What else should i do?
  7. There are report saying SAE are schooling fish . Get at least 6 for them to feel safe. SAE behave differently if just one or two . yea, the CAE will attack other fish . Even oscars cichlids type of fish .
  8. i'm thinking to get siamese algae eaters.B/c i got brown algae outbreak too.Ten live plants with just 7 hrs light still won't cut down algae problem. But i don't know how many should i get.60 gals with only three goldfishes right now.Any suggestion?
  9. I can tell it's got to be wxx mart?? OMG !!!Someone has to be response to this.
  10. after first treatment of melafix last night.They are much better now.It 's a 7 days treatment.After that w/c 25% .But i don't want to wait 7 days before a w/c.I'm gonna w/c every 2 days 50% each time. But here is my question.60 gals tank .It is 1 tsp per 10 gals water treatment everyday for 7 days.So if i do w/c 50%(30 gals of water) .Should i redose 6 tsp or 9 tsp?
  11. No i don't have another qt tank .The other 20 gal tank i have 2 goldfishes in already. I could switch their tank. But i also want to treat the main tank make sure no more nasty stuff that brother apollo at the first place.Like i said ever since he's in the 60 gals .He got the cloudy eye right off the bat I might try melafix tonight.I just called two lfs. One of them told me just salt and don't worry about live plants.Other said use melafix ,it won't hurt live plants.
  12. I have melafix on hand.But i haven't put any in the tank yet.I salted 0.1% last night .Since i have lot of live plants.I'm afraid it is going to kill my plants with 0.3% salt. I might try melafix since it is natural ingredient.(botanical extract of tea tree).Shouldn't hurt the live plants.I hope..... Any other advice??
  13. i have two ranchu and a lionhead in the 60 gals tank for a month now.The tank been cycled for 3 months .First i notice apollo had cloudy eye the first week he was in . So i salted the tank 0.3 for a week . It had gone after that. But lately his cloudy eye came back again. I didn't salt the tank. Only doing w/c 75% everyday for two weeks straight . See if it goes away.But it didn't. Then my other female ranchu alexis had eggs last two days. Then again ,w/c 75% as usual.Got all the eggs out.Today i found her has cloudy eye along with my lionhead junior So now all three goldfish have cloudy eye.Apollo even worst . His right eye cloudy and a pimple like grow on outside the eye len. I already do all the w/c everyday for two straight weeks .I'm sure my next month water bill will be sky rock I just don't know what to do next . I hate to use medication unleast it is last method.Hope someone here can help me out. Ammonia=0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate= 20? Tap water also 20 .I call my water dept they said our nitrate here it is high....Nothing we can do about it Ph=8.2 APi drop test kit Temperture =74 60 gals tank running for three months ac 70 ,emperor 400 and ehemi 2228 total over 1100 gals per hr w/c 75% everyday for two weeks
  14. Are they anubias ? How do you tie them to driftwood? Nice plants and fishes
  15. Is there any kind of wood ok for goldfish tank? I'm going to get some more live plants(Anubias).Their rhizome better tie to a wood for them to grow.So here my question .Any kind of wood,or driftwood will lower the ph?
  16. Which brand do you have .Marineland blue wand or penn plax blk?
  17. Have anyone use one of these flexible bubble wand? I like to know do you need gravel to weight it down.
  18. My calico released eggs last night .I have three goldfishes in the 60 gals tank. They're all ate most of the eggs. So today i came home from work my calico bottom sitting in the corner .Not really active at all.She always the most active one in the tank.So i did a 70% w/c.Still havn't feed them yet .i think they might be full b/c the eggs they ate last night. Is she may be tired? Last time she released eggs 6 weeks ago.She wasn't bottom sit like this time. Any advice?
  19. my calico again released eggs in two months.And again i got some new plants today .She seem like the new plants.Last time she released eggs right after i put new plants in the tank as well.Now i got a mess need to clean up
  20. can you post a pic of true Bristlenose Pleco?
  21. I would do a large w/c may be 75% then salt 0.3% slowly in 36 hrs. Wait two days. See any improvement !! I 'm not a mod . But most cases are can be cure with clean water and salt 0.3%.Sometimes medication will make it worst if not right...so give it a try first good luck.......
  22. awesome fishes.look very happy too
  23. Bristlenose Pleco will compatible with goldfish then?I have brown algea outbreak lately . I 'm thinking get one bristlenose Pleco for my tank.Do i need to get him a hidden place like clay pot or something?
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