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  1. OK , will do that . Yea she looks like may be exactly what you said. Her eyes pop a little from bloat. She isn't bottom sit anymore now just kind of flowing in the mid section of the tank. I'm going do 80% w/c tonight. And add epsom salt instead. I have a 60 gals tank .So i need 1 and half teaspoon epsom salt right?
  2. yeap, that the salt i'm using now. I'm not sure she egg bound now. Since Triket said if she move around and only sit occasionally . That exactly what she is now. I'm hoping it is not Dropsy . Her eyes pop out a little today. No scales stand out yet. I'm going to order metro-med and jump start from rick first thing in the morning. Can i feed all my goldies with metro-med ? They 're in the same tank with them. But she is the only one with pop eyes.Is Dropsy contiguous?
  3. yea, she moves around occasionally. But she swims like 10 seconds and be like really tired.Breathing heavy too I just added the salt to 0.2% two hrs ago. She seem not bottom sit now .More of mid water level .I also notice she might be started pop eyes too.But she such a chubby face big wen. I can't really sure.Her eyes like a little bit pop out.Other then that .No sign of illness. I'm watching her like a hawk.
  4. oh, i added 0.1%aquarium salt in the tank last night.I was going to add it till 0.3% for a week and see .Is AP salt ok? I just came home .She is a bit better then last two days.But still after i feeded them brine shrimp with spirulina frozen cube.She went crazy for it. But soon after finished her meal. She went to the corner of the tank hidding.I also notice my linohead ( a boy). He is been chasing her a lot laterly. So she is not bottom sitting today . But hidding in the mid section of the back corner tank today.I'm going to add another 0.1%salt tonight.Is it going to help?
  5. I think my goldie has egg bound . What is the dosage of the epsom salt? Should i increase the temperature as well?
  6. I have60 gals tank with three filters and three goldies only . And i'm still doing 75% water change every two days . B/C my nitrate is high out of tap water. So it all depends how your water levels. Twice a week w/c 50% each time i think is ok. IMO.....hope someone else would give you a better advice.
  7. I have both of them. I think AC is quieter.You can't go wrong with either...
  8. Wait a second . WE're all out of topic now and highjack someone else thread. LOL...from political to dim sum
  9. ok , there is one in san gabriel area off del mar and valley blvd. Big plaza didnt pay attention of the name. But there is a 99 ranch supermarket. That resturant call sam woo on the top floor if you get on the elevator. You have to be there like 9:00 am on the weekend in order for you to get a table. They always packed .Good food and good price.
  10. Alhambra or Monterey Park or San Gabriel . There are hundred of good Chinese restaurants around there . I particularly like to have Chinese Dim Sum there.Off 10 fwy exit at new ave or del mar ave. I go there every saturday for good food and grocery shopping. Since i live in magic mtn valencia. So i only go once a week. Irvine or Rowland Heights area more of vietnam style restsurants
  11. Peace out! 世界和平! (World peace) :DD
  12. BeancurdTurtle I really hope everyone has the mind set like LAU ZI. That is real peace Thank you for bringing him up because I'm a fan. I only wanted to discuss glodfishes at a glodfishes forum and I think it is the way it should be. Frankly, it is not the first time such thing happened. I had joined a laso apso (a tibetan dog breed) forum but quited because people there like to talk about politics and bashing China. It was very sad indeed because people were so insane and think it is OK to bash a country and people whenever and wherever they feel like it. It is weird to me because they actually don't know much about China or Chinese people but they just have the bones to do so...anyway, thank you very much for the understanding. I didn't bring the subject up but just felt the need to finish it. BTY, I thank you for your input and I sure love to just talk about FISHES!
  13. Hey ,taipei right? Do you know where taipei is? It is not in the main land china...Taipei also name Taiwan. Which is south east of china sea. It is an island .As of today taipei or taiwan whatever you want to name it dose not belongs to china. They have their own goverment running their rules. And if you wikipedia china map. Those little villages surround Taipei are belongs to Taipei.. Now MAO regime i have to agree there were hard time for anyone to live within . But DON"T forget before mao . There were opium war 1839-1842 , second opium war 1856-1860 ,chinese civil war 1927-1937,japanese war 1937-1945 .( korean war 1950-1953 and vietnam war 1960-1975)They all happened within china or surround china area . Millions of lifes were lost.Can you imagine what kind of living conditions would be. 10 x worst then iraq war. Don't talk about goldfish keeping... Last 8 yrs in united states has more things happened that turn your stomach then china today . As a matter of fact, China has been undergoing great changes in the past 30 years that no other countries has done before and there are a lots of good things happening today but a lot of people choose not to recognise that but talk about what happened decades ago when times was bad for China and the Chinese. I'm all for free speech but I have to say that I'm very sick and tire to hearing a lot of people still bringing up the Mao period or talking ills about China while easily turning a blind eyes to what China and Chinese people have acheived. So you're a young adult from Taiwan and I can tell you don't know much about China since China and Taiwan only established direct flight very recently. I know a lot of young Taiwanese like you in LA. ;D
  14. Thank you for telling us the story you've heard. Don't know if there's really such an "ancient China ghost story" still happening in some small villages at the middle of nowhere in China today.... I am pretty sure most Chinese people can enjoy having their goldfishes without any restrictions at all:D I must say your story sounds like some sort of rumor or whatever. I think it is insane to have restrictions on having goldfishes in China. Goldfishes are Chinese No. 1 pet...it just sounds so weird.... Another supersitions as you say ,my grandmom told me once when you have fish for dinner .Don't flip over the fish the other side it will cost bad luck .LOL....so that way we only able finish half of the fish.What a waste .....BUT i never believe that of course .Supersitions say i will go to hxll for wasteing food. LOL...... .Now" supersitions,ancient China ghost story",those are rumors.Not facts..as you will So those rules in china that you mentioned insane i assume were "supersitions,ancient China ghost story" right???
  15. What type of rules in china about who should or shouldn't have fish?I really like to know......I'm chinese too just let you know.I had never heard of any type of rule about tropical fish keeping hobby restrictions in china .Please correct me if you will....and good luck with your fishes.. anyways my fish are as
  16. oh ,I'm so sorry it has to come to this. Yea, i remember last week when you gave me the stand. I saw her was struggling with her life.So sad and unfair to a beauitful fish like her.Then again this is may be the best way to stop her pain and let her swims free ...........let me know if you need any help
  17. pic please .I like to see ario4 with blue light at night.
  18. Where did you get the HBH super soft spirulina pellets? I can't find it on bigalsonline or drfoster and smith.
  19. Is there anyone here have one ? Pro and cons please.............
  20. daryl there are a lot tanks you've got at home .I like to see them all one day
  21. I like to see how many ppl here have more than one fish tank in their home
  22. I'm in the same boat too. Tap water nitrates test 40ppm sometimes more .I"m thinking invest one of those r/o too.Please update how is it going??
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