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  1. I feed mine twice a day no more than 2 mins per .I never count how many pellet each feeding
  2. How about live bloodworms ,anyone try them for their goldies?
  3. Hi,sue She is still nose down while she rest. Other than that she swims fine.But tonight after i did 50% w/c .She is gasping air on the water surface a lot.So i decided to treat my whole tank prazipro(hikari brand) the first time for all my goldies.(never treated it b4) along with 0.2% AP salt. Is it a good ideal?And i think she has Constipation problem.....
  4. Thanks for help! I will keep and eye on him and keep you updated. I will also try to get new pictures. I doubt that this spot is wen growth. This fish is also not a baby, but older. Does the wen grow even in old age? Lasojuju, It's actually in San Gabriel. I'm sorry. I went to so many in that area I got mixed up. The address is 1512 S. San Gabriel Blvd. D & L Aquairum N Pet. Btw, where did you get your fish? (I'm assuming the ones in your picture are yours.) They are lovely! Thanks ,I got them from auction 6 months ago.
  5. Michelle L Which fish store did you go to ? I live in LA. I go to Alhambra and san gabriel every weekend. Can you tell me the address please? You 've some cute goldies.........
  6. Came home from work. She is still nose down while she rest .Swims normal when looking for food. Peas for second day . Today will be third day..
  7. She still up side down. Just did w/c 30% yesterday did 50%.
  8. Looks like ppl shooting movie in the back ground. Thanks for sharing pics.Nice ponds
  9. Yea, i think that is what happened. Another slica of pizza stuck in her stomach ...LOL I didn't fast her before i feed peas. OK, i'm going to wait for Trinket to reply then.Thanks sue
  10. Update I feed another peas with epsom salt just an hour ago. The very first pea she took.She turned up side down right of way .(nose down).I swear she was fine all day before i feed her.Man, what is wrong with her??
  11. I know, that why i do 50% to 75% w/c every two or three days just to keep it down.I had called water dept here in santa Clarita .Our tap water really high here.
  12. My nose down goldfish still swims like a champ,back to normal Im so happy she is fine now.The peas with grain of epsom salt really help(Magic pills).I will feed her for three days .Just in case .She might have been a constipated.WOw just one feed last night ,what a different :alc
  13. My petsXXrt carry emperor intake.You can try there
  14. Oh i just got my Hikari prazipro yesterday. Directions say 1 teaspoon per 20 gals water to be treated .A single treatment lasting 5-7 days. But no more than once every 3 to 5 days. So how long is the treatment should goes? I 've never treat them with Prazipro before.
  15. Jeana How many gals your tank with 3 filters?
  16. Update She is swimming around the tank like every one else .First time i 've see that about a week . Hope b/c of the peas with epsom salt helped. Ammonia=0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate=40 PH= 8.2 Water change every 2 or 3 days 75% Last w/c three days ago . I'm about to do a w/c today.
  17. I tried to feed her peas with epsom salt tonight .( hand feed) She is very interest it but spits out too. Then come up to my hand takes another piece .total about 7 peas. So i don't know if she eating any at all
  18. This is a new goldfish food from hikari.I opened try to feed my guys tonight . Small pellets Don't sink as fast as other pellets food .I guess b/c they are so tiny.About one third of side of pro-gold. I had to sink them in a little cup before feed them.Here is the pic if anyone interest http://www.thatpetplace.com/images/presentation/243156.jpg
  19. I'm going to fast him for three days then hand feed peas with epsom salt in it.How many peas should i feed him?I also got some metro-med and jump start last week from GFC.In case i need to treat her.
  20. They are looking for food when i come close to the tank.Swim around the whole tank.That about it.Rest of the time they all stay on the right side of the tank avoid the current. I haven't treat them flukes yet. But i ordered a prazipro last week. Should be here by saturday. I 'm going to treat them anyway just in case.
  21. Is your fish tank sit next to the window?Get lot sun light?
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