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  1. Is there anyone here live in apartment upper floor with big fish tank like 100g or above??And what is the weight will be ??
  2. Two gays ago . i was interested his auction fish red&white ranchu and red&white lionhead . They look pretty health and cute . I guess someone snatched both of them today . How are they look to you guys . I might order some from him down the road . http://www.goldfishnet.com/ItemDetails.asp?i=3324 and http://www.goldfishnet.com/ItemDetails.asp?i=3327. Because where i live the local fish store dont stock them .i mean good one..
  3. i was looking at goldfishconnection 25w uv sterilizer . It seem to be good .But my acrylic tank has only two open slots .(16x2)inch on the back side. One of them already used for my emperor 400, and that uv looks pretty big like 30 plus inch long.My tank is 48 inches long . I m wondering will that thing fits in my aquarium . i mean hung in the of the slot 16x2 inches??
  4. Fault ??you mean??quality.....hmm.....ok thanks a lot
  5. Did anyone got any fish from them .How are the experience and quality??
  6. I'm wondering uv Sterilizersis is it really need for goldfish. I love my goldfishes don't get me wrong .I just spend like $900 bucks on my fish tank last two weeks .But uv Sterilizers is my last thing in my list.So any advice or comment??
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