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  1. I just got my hands on a bag of Saki-Hikari and tried it for the first time this morning. I'm hoping very much that the teeny-tiny pellets will help my super-sensitive floaty calico Ranchu with her issues. If the Saki-Hikari does half of what it claims on the bag, then WOW. Should be some seriously wonderful food. Knowing that an expert like Daryl uses it makes me feel pretty good about it, too. To get Hikari Oranda Gold to sink (I bought it by mistake once), soak in water before feeding, then squeeze the air out of the pellets before dropping them in the tank. It's a total pain, but it does make them sink. Wonder if we got our calico ranchus from the same source (Super sensitive floaty calico ranchus) LOL.....
  2. i have purple bag of saki-hikari .Feed them to my fish for two months now. My calico ranchu been floaty for awhile. These saki-hikari dont help much but won't make them worst either . I guess that a good sign. Like Darly said pro gold also made my ranchu float . I stopped feeding them .
  3. Thank you for sharing the pics......nice koi fishes
  4. Some of you might had seen it. But see it again
  5. here is some interesting article goldfish food
  6. You can get a fx5 from ebay for $199 +shipping..........
  7. It already has cross bars support on the top of stand. So i can just add 3/4 inch plywood on top the cross bars then?Thanks................
  8. Yep.....just posted classified ad5 at other forum . 2 tanks for price of 1
  9. Friend of mine wants to sell me a 125 gal acrylic tank.But the stand is wood but with open frame on top.(not plywood across the top)I 'm wonder can i just add piece of plywood on top so that can support the bottom of the tank. I know if it is glass tank . I can get away without it .Help......Please
  10. I got some (had a snail) from petdumb.B/c i found my new hornworth has snails on it.Put 5 drops of it in 5 gals bucket.BAM..... the hornworth shedded like nothing left after 5 hrs.
  11. I have Moss ball and amazon plants. Wonder bleach dip two mins would kill them?Thanks.......
  12. Wondering how do i disinfect and get rid of snails from new live plants?
  13. lynda Nice to see u here again . Did u get the one with LED ?
  14. I think my nose down fish going to be like this forever now.I tried fasting and peas with epsom salt. Still no help.He still motionless in mid section of the tank nose down 90% of times.Oh,well...................
  15. Riverwonder is locate in LA CA .I've been their warehouse and ordered goldfish from them. First they don't give you the fish color you want. Second they won't let anyone inside to see or pick the one you want. You order online there is always risk of the shipping for goldfish . Now last month i ordered some fish from this guy http://www.koi-art.com/fish.html He has lot of goldfish for sale. You need to call him and ask for pictures and shipping cost .You be surprise they are not like other .Wanted arm and leg for it . Good quality goldfish too.So good luck
  16. Update She is not getting any better. Seem to be worst .Almost to the point up side down.Nose down 80% up side down 10% an other 10% swim normal when its feeding time. Should i try Metro med from goldfish connection?
  17. Sue You read my mind. I was just needed someone to confirm that is the case . I have MM on hand from goldfishconnection two weeks ago. Right now my tank is 0.3% AP salt and treating with prazipro for two weeks now. Thanks sue...........
  18. Update She is nose down 80% of the time. Here are pics i took last night her poop I've been feeding her peas . Poops still came out white and long sauage like ??
  19. NO wood or rock just live plants in the pots. As tank of the month APRIL.......... Yes, nitrate normally high out of tap. ...40 ppm sometimes. But i checked yesterday morning was 10 ppm out of the tap. So i changed my tank water right of way. 10 ppm is like seeing gold here I think from now on i have to age my tap water day or two then .......good called guys
  20. I checked the tank water this morning, ph was 8.2. Nitrate was 40 ppm . It 's been 4 days without w/c. So i made w/c 75%. After w/c all my goldies gasping on top water surface for air. So i checked the tap water ph 7.4 But funny things is my tank water would gone up to 8.2 in 4 days? Bare bottom tank . Never used baking soda Or ph up chemical. It just shot up by itself? Any advise? I have notice it for sometimes now. Tap PH start 7.some . But tank water before w/c were 8 .some Oh ,i added 0.3 % AP salt and parzi- pro too since last week. Is it possible those two things shot up PH
  21. Hikari Lionhead, Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish(purple bag) . Exactly what i feed them plus green peas soak it for 30 seconds
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