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  1. I am in the UK so limited on what US stuff I have tried. Wembley my floaty fish is fine on fresh food like peas and on froozen things like bloodworms. I make two types of gel food one with just fresh food which he is fine on and one with 30% progold in but even that still makes him a little floaty. I give him the saki about once a week followed by a pea for two to compact the floatyness.
  2. I have a floaty fish and use progold and it still makes him floaty, soaked or unsoaked, sorry. It has a worse effect on him than hikari saki does, but all pre made food makes him flaoty.
  3. Sorry about your fish, when my fish have had breeding damage teatree as always had amazing results in helping healing. I hope you don't mind me asking but how did it happen? I couldn't see anywhere that said and wanted to ask as I have telelscopes and wouldn't want to have the same problem if it is avoidable?
  4. Can anyone please tell me why I keep getting a big gap between where the text stops and the pictures start, there are no spaces and I have checked I didn't manage to press enter on the text box and this is the second time it has done it?
  5. Here are some extra pictures of Morph taken today. Morph seems to be settling in well and I have now salted the tank and will be treating for flukes next week and Morph is already on medicated food and tucks straight in although it took a while the first time as he/she must have been fed floating food before and was swimming around the top for ages
  6. That is a gorgous fish, such a cute face, congrats. I would be well chuffed if my black oranda ended up that colour. Such a shame about your pond
  7. I use external filters and when I got a new one I had a lot of trouble getting the pipes connected to the hard plastic bits of the inlet and outlet fittings and the tank connections as they were so tight. I was given the following tip by someone at the lfs. Take a cup or heat resistant container and fill 3/4 with boiling water, then dip the tip of the pipe in it for about a minute. This will make it go softer and will be much easier to get the pipes on and also gives a much tighter connection when it has cooled back down so is less likely to leak. I have also found it can increase the life of suction cups. I have found the suction cups on my ehiem internal seem to flatten out and not stick so well after a while. Dipping them in boiling water also seems to help them reform to there original shape and stick better. Sorry if this has already been posted, I did have a look back but couldn't see it mentioned
  8. Love the fish and the tank, wish I had room for a tank that size,
  9. Having lost my tiny telescope Grover a few weeks ago yesterday I found a new one, say hello to Morph. Morph is about 3 inches and although presently a tri-colour I'm sure Morph won't stay that colour hence the name. So here is Morph, it is a totally different shape to Dylan, I will have to wait and see if it is a girl or boy.
  10. That is interesting. Mine are transparent green but they live in my cupboard so it isn't a problem which is probably where most peoples live. I did have one that wasn't clear and it was harder to see if I had got all the gunk out the bottom when it was having a good clean.
  11. I just got a eheim 3e 2078 which is smaller than the 2080 to upgrade one of my eheim 2224's. It is really good quality and has some better features than my old eheim (like priming pump and all the setup options) and the difference in surface movement from the spraybar is massive compared to my 2224's. I thought about going with the 2080 till I measured up my stand and realised how big it was, plus I like being able to fiddle with the setup on the e model. It does make a slight hum but it pumps nearly three times as much water as my 2224's which are silent so that isn't really a surprise. My tank was second hand and came with a rena xp3 which I found to be terribly noisy in comparision to my eheim 2224's which you can't hear with the door shut on the stand, there is a slight hum from the 2078 but I can only hear it when I am listening for it if you know what I mean but I expect the 2080 will be a little louder still. It is pretty heavy though when full and it only holds 8.6 litres where as a 2080 holds 12 litres so hope you have some arm muscle. I have found keeping a tea towel folded in half underneath it makes it easier to slide in and out of the stand compared to trying to work against the rubber feet. I love eheim filters and pumps. All the internals I use are aquaballs which are also really good and the airpumps are lovely and quiet, plus it is easy to get parts for all their stuff.
  12. Dylan my orange telescope is my fav as she was the first fish I got and I still have her
  13. Go Jenny This sounds like a long term reason for a need for a bigger tank You might want to rethink your watching period as goldies tend to breed very early in the morning
  14. Thanks for the nice comments guys. Penfold has settled in really well and has turned into a bit of a porker Wembley is the more white calico ranchu that has the floating problems. He has got a lot better recently since I put him on a lot more fresh food. Other than straight after he has eaten or if I have been in a rush and had to give them none pre-soaked fish pellets he spends most of his time swimming rather than floating which is a relief although the floating never really seemed to bother him that much. The fish are feeding from a bloodworm cone. It is a cone with loads of holes in that has a sucker that attaches to the side of the tank. Then the fish just suck out the food they want instead of it all floating to the bottom straight away and getting lost in the gravel. They make a lot less mess, apart from when one of the big guys gets over aggressive and knocks the sucker off, I use it for all the frozen food I give them like bloodworms,shrimp etc. Below is a link to one I found on the web so you can see it better. http://www.aquariumguys.com/lees-worm-feeder.html
  15. Here is a Penfold update He is doing very well and now in the main tank and settling in well. His pectoral fins have grown back greatly and he has much less trouble holding his position in the water. You can really see how well his pectoral fins have grown back in this one Penfold with Rusty and his massive head butting in And some of the rest of the gang Barkley looking evil Lovely gentle Mokey Wembley and Cholton who has grown massively since I got him and is now nearly the same size as Wembley Two of most of the gang in the main tank And three short videos of feeding time (just click image to open and play)
  16. Time for a Grover update. He has grown a fair bit but is still much smaller than my other guys but has a much deeper chest than when I got him. Both is dorsel fin and tail are still droppy so I guess he will be like that for life but I don't mind other than that it will be harder to tell when he is feeling under the weather. He is a bit of a strange swimmer and seems to swim any way up he feels like. He is now in the big tank with the others and doing ok although he does sometimes seem to be a little floaty in that he rises in the water when resting but isn't super bouyant like Wembley. This picture is the right way up it is Grover heing silly And here he is with some of the others to show his size
  17. Sorry to hear about your fry Jenny, but glad one has still made it this far
  18. looking good Jenny, I wonder what colour Curly will end up, they are obviously flourishing under your care.
  19. I have had anubis nana in my tank for 2 years and had no porblems with it.
  20. Yay, when you get them give them a squeeze in some normal water before adding them to the tank as they are often full of stuff that clouds up the tank. Then give them a gentle squeeze when you put them in the tank or they will float around.
  21. Time for more video's Most of the gang at breakfast this morning And Wicket who is off her food again :roll: and not feeling very sociable at the moment. She is still swimming around so I am not to worried about her. I think she may have reabsorbed her eggs as there is a massive white/clear poop in the tank and her rear is still rather pink. I will leave her for a few days before doing a anything as last time once she had lost the eggs she started eating again, although she does seem to be breathing a bit fast Poor Wembley is also very floaty at the moment ( as you can see when he floats up through Wickets video ) although it doesn't seem to bother him unduly :???:
  22. I am in the UK which probably makes a difference, most of mine came off ebay where I got 5 (each about 2 inches across) for ?6.50 (about $10) but I have got some larger ones from my local fish shop where they were about ?5 each but they were about 4 inches across. I have one goldfish that does seem to enjoy pulling chunks off them that I have to clear from the filter intake every so often but if the balls are good and dense they seem to survive her attacks ok. I did get one lot that were sort of loose and they didn't last long. The ones in the main tank are the same ones I have had for the last two years so they must be doing ok.
  23. Yeah they are moss balls and I love them and have loads in all my tanks
  24. Since Wicket has not been ill for a while it was finally time she joined the others in the main tank, giving me the chance to move Penfold into the QT tank. Here ia a little video of Penfold in the QT tank I took before work this morning. I was going to get one of Wicket as well but she wasn't feeling obliging this morning. Her rear is looking very pink plus Rusty was sitting on the bottom so I would guess he spent much of the night harassing the poor thing as she is looking rather round again, at least she is the same size as Rusty giving her a better chance of not being knocked about to badly It is a shame I can't move them to the breeding tank but it is full of potassium permanganate treated water before I pack it away for a few weeks as we have people coming to stay and it was in the spare room :roll: Although I might have room to set up a smaller tank somewhere if there are eggs and they don't eat them all before I can save some
  25. I have just been trying the video feature on a little secondhand digital camera I've got. The only problem seems to be how long they take to upload and the fact Col can't be on the computer when I am doing it on my laptop as it crashes it out. So here they are, just click on the image to get it to open and play First we have Penfold in the breeding tank Wicket in the 510 QT tank Everyone in the Rena having dinner (apart from Wembley who you can't see as he is on a forced diet for a few days and so is in the plastic breeder in the top right of the tank) You can also see that although Grover is twice the size of when I got him he is still tiny compared to the others And a slightly fuzzy one of Scooter in the Rena
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