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  1. Thanks Stephie, I put some in after Hidr suggested it. I haven't managed to get a decent picture today but the red has totally gone althought the two last rays have gone yellow so I think he will loose those but he has started to move the little stump he has left so it obviously isn't sore now. I will just have to wait and see if the fin grows back now, I have had a few other fish that I have got with damaged pectoral fins that have all grown back but none were as bad as Tomsks.
  2. Great video, loving the buble eye getting in on the action Brownie does look like she is struggling with the extra pompom's as they keep getting sucked into her mouth, I would be tempted to trim some off to help her as it must affect her ability to eat, swim and see
  3. Here is Tomsk today, the red is now only on the edge of his fin. Most of the rays have gone as well now apart from two at the very front so I am not sure he will be able to grow his fin back but it doesn't seem to affect his swimming. Had a shock this morning when I looked in the tank before going to work and he wasn't in the trap :shock: the little monster must have jumped out and was swimming around with Orinoco :roll: which just shows how much the missing fin isn't hampering him I really need him to heal a bit faster as I am going away on Tuesday for 5 days and I'm worried about leaving him unmedicated if he isn't alot better.
  4. I use this and have never had a problem with it affecting the filter bacteria
  5. Time for Tomsks daily photo update He is definately not as red but he is more fungusy although you can't really see it in the picture :???: He is swimming about all the time again now so fingers crossed it hasn't damaged his gills. Can't believe different his colour looks in each picture, he looks totally black in this one.
  6. Hi Jayne I am down in the west country so not very near either, sorry
  7. Thanks, the black on his tail is rubbing off but the stripe down his back is presently staying put and he is doing well now he is in the main tank.
  8. Thanks for the advice Koko. I had a hunt through my medication draw and found something that does the same thing so I put that in this morning after having put carbon in overnight to remove the tea tree and Pimafix. I've just got home and the rays on what is left of his fin seem to have wasted away even more and the red has spread up more around his gill cover I decided to try a suggestion I got from a guy who works at the place that makes the medications of dabbing some of it straight on the area minding his gill with a small paintbrush. He riggled a bit to start with but he calmed down and it wasn't to hard in the end and I managed it without getting any on his gills, you can see his pectoral stump is alittle stained green I never thought I would be painting my goldfish :shock: He is still looking quite bright in himself and swimming around without using that fin and his dorsel fin is up most the time and he is still trying to eat anything that he sees in the trap which at present is just his poop :roll:
  9. Thanks for the advice Koko unfortunatly being the UK I have never seen Maracyn 2 over here what does it treat for and do you know what the active ingredient is?
  10. I stopped in on the way back from a call out and here is what it looks like now, I think it is slightly less red but that might be the difference in natural light from this afternoon and the artificial light from this morning :???: You can also see the fungus on his tail He still tried swimming around when I came up to the tank though, bless
  11. He is already in QT as I have only had him a week not a great start I normally use tea tree to treat damage as I have had amazing results in the past from breeding damage but if he doesn't get any better in the next few days i will try adding salt, I just don't want to over load the tank as I have already treated with tea tree and Pimafix for the fungus I think tomsk must have just done it when I found him as it looks much worse this morning The whole area around his pectoral fin is very red and sore looking as well as looking a bit fungusy He also seems to have a fungusy bit growing on his tail that I didn't notice yesterday but looking back at the picture I took there is a very slight white mark where the fungus is now so maybe he caught that at the same time I put some Pimafix in last night as it looked slightly worse so hopefully that will help and I have put him on some medicated food that should also help. On a more positive note he hasn't lost as much of his pectoral fin as I thought he had. When I checked him this morning he had unclamped it and most of it is still there even if it is just the rays left that gives it a good chance of all growing back Seems like it is more the skin around the joint and his gill that is damaged. He ate his food ok last night and although sitting on the bottom of the fry trap this morning, which is probably becasue he doesn't want to use his pectoral fin, he did have his dorsel fin up so I am hopeful he will be ok even though he seems to look worse at least being in the fry trap means he is out fo the water current so isn't having to use his damaged fin. And there I was expecting Muffin to be the most difficult to get through QT out of the three of them
  12. Tomsk has managed to have an accident in the 510 although lord knows how :roll: He was fine when I checked him before I left for work at 5am this morning and being his normal busy self. But when I turned the light on when I got back he was sitting on the bottom looking rather sorry for himself On closer inspection he has managed to rip off half of one of his pectoral fins :???: and it looks very nasty at the base which is torn too. And ther are just a few tatters of ray left He was more obliging than Muffin in letting me get a picture of his injuries. I don't know how he has done it so in has gone a dose of tee trea and seeing as he is small I have put him in the plastic fry trap just incase Orinoco is to blame which seems unlikely as I have never seen her pay him any attention but better to be safe than sorry. Anything else I should be doing? Also Orinoco doesn't seem very keen on the lights on the 510 if I turn both on she goes and hovers under the aquaball out of the direct light, although she seems fine with just one on :roll: If Muffin carries on healing well (his side is only pink not red now although there is a bit of a hole :cheers: and his dorsel fin is knitting back together) maybe I will put Orinoco in with Muffin as they are a better size match and let Tomsk have the 510 to himself to heal.
  13. Moo has lovely markings viewed from above
  14. Sorry something has got lost in translation, I guess you guys in the US don't call them car boots. Car boot sales over here are sort of like your yard sales, accept they are held in a large space and people bring stuff they want to sell and pay a small fee to have a sort of stall. There are often second hand tanks for sale but this is the only time I have ever known someone bring the fish as well ! I don't know why someone would want to get ride of such nice fish, but I guess it is my gain.
  15. I'll try http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/78283-trouble-fitting-filter-hosessuction-cups-not-sticking/
  16. The third of my carboot rescued goldfish finally ate something today and seems to have perked up alittle Things are looking up alittle. I know I said I wouldn't name the chocolate one but someone on another forum I go on was talking about a fish they use to have called Muffin and it just sort of suited him He is still looking very sorry for himself although he finally ate something last night so hopefully the medicated food will help sort his side out. Most of his itch spots have gone but will be keeping him in the dark and salted for another week or so. I don't know how but he has now got a big split in the centre of his dorsel fin all the way to the base that I'm sure he didn't have before. He also has a little nibble out the bottom of his tail but that probably happened before I put him on his own. He has perked up alittle and I have seen him come out from under the filter a few times and am begining to think he might actually make it which I never really did before. So seeing as Muffin is a little better I have had a bit of a swop around. Wicket and Morph are now in bags floating in the top of the Rena (fingers crossed Wicket doesn't have another relapse ) Orinoco and Tomsk are in the top of the 510 and Muffin is moving into the 3 foot breeding tank as I didn't like him being in the 30 litre tank as it is so small. Would you believe he wouldn't let me get a single picture of his bad side I had to give him a nudge to get him out of his hiding place but other than the rip in his dorsel and the odd spot of itch he looks great in the pictures but he still isn't really but hopefully time and some good care will sotr that out So here is Muffin
  17. Great pictures, I really like Sherman's colouring. I think Oliver is a sweet name and seems to suit him.
  18. That is a great idea, might try that in my external filter, thanks A warning about using hoses, some of them come with treated with fungicides so be careful if you choose to use them as you wouldn't wnat that stuff in your tank water..
  19. Bargains are the best, there have been loads of tanks at the carboot sales at the weekend but so far I have resisted as I already have more tanks than I have space for.
  20. All your fish look lovely but there is something special about jet black goldies
  21. I wouldn't have thought this is a big problem or tanks wouldn't come with lids, with two dogs if I didn't have a lid the water surface would have loads of floating dog hair on it Also if you have two airstones running you will be pumping fresh air from outside in which will cause positive pressure which should help with airflow out of the space below the lid anyway.
  22. Unfortunatly no upgrade coming, this tank is already longer than the wall, much as I would love the 2 metre version we have nowhere to put it. At least I have a few spare tanks I can move some of the goldies to if I start having problems, although with it working out at 9 gallons per fish instead of 10 it isn't to cramped for them
  23. Fish rescued from the carboot Last few weeks we have been going there have been mad numbers of tanks there (getting into double figures each week ), from little betta tanks to a 3 foot jewel with stand this week and everything in between. I have so far resisted all tanks and the two external tetratec filters and large pieces of bogwood there last week, but failed this week We had already passed a couple of basic clearseal tanks when we come across one of those little plastic things you get in pets@home that holds 14 litres. I wasn't the least bit interested in the tank obviously until I realised not only had they bought the tank but it still had water and fish in it And they were goldfish. After standing there for a minute we carried on but I just felt so awful. The thought of either those people going back home with them when they obviously don't want them or know how to look after them, or someone else getting them and keeping them in that tank was just to much, so they have come home with us I know I shouldn't of and my tank will be a bit over stocked but I couldn't leave them. Plus they are actually really nice fish, not the thing most people get there kids and must have cost a bit and they aren't that small . They are aclimatising in the 3 foot at present. It was lucky I had already been feeding some extra filters as I am suppose to be picking up some fish from a dealer before Morph finishes his QT in the 510. Only two of the three are in the photo's as the other poor chap is a real mess and I don't want to stress him anymore. I left him (definately a him as he has the white spots on his pectorals) with the others but the others were picking on him. He was already missing most of his scales down one side which has fungus and a red sore in the middle in a deep hole so he is now in one of the smaller tanks from the loft that I got on his own but he is looking very sorry for himself and also has lots of splits in his tail. His tank is dosed up with tea tree and pimafix but he is just sitting in the back corner I am trying not to name him as I really don't think he is going to make it which is a shame as he is a lovely deep black/bronze oranda which a lovely puppy face And now he also has ich probably from the added stress of being taken to the carboot and home while ill he is dosed with salt and the temp raised very slightly but it will be a miracle if he makes it. The other two seem very alert and perfectly ok which is a miracle considering the space the three of them were in and how large the two orandas are. I got so mad when I saw how bad a state the chocolate oranda was I took it out on the cruel tank they were in which is now in a million pieces in the bin, sorry for anyone that thinks that was wasteful but it was very theraputic Here are the two in good shape, still not sure about names but thinking maybe Orinoco (calico oranda) and Tomsk (Panda telescope) :???: I doubt I would have choosen Orinoco as she is very similar to Rusty but she has an amazing tail.
  24. I have had nerite snails, zebra and the red ones as well as apple snails and red ramshorns The problem with nerite and apple snails I have always found is if you want to treat the tank most things seem to kill them off. They don't like tea tree or Pimafix or any of the fluke/wormer treatments although salt never seem to bother mine. So if you want to treat the tank you have to remove them and then of cause you might be transfering the problem with them and adding it back with them. Mine never lasted very long although they did a great job on the algea while they were about, now I have a albino BN plec who also does a great job. I still find odd red ramshorns about so I guess they must be a bit hardier as well as being prolific breeders.
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