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  1. Muffin ate his dinner last night and this morning and I still think the wound is looking more pink than red now but will try and get some pictures to compare when I get home from work this afternoon.
  2. I never managed to find it in the shops but a fair few people seem to sell it on ebay which si where I go mine
  3. The "Max 1320 l/p" is the value you wanted, that means the pump head shifts up to 1320 litres per hour (which I guess would make it not US made or it would be gallons per hour ) Which translates to 348 US gallons per hour I didn't spot how many gallons your tank is but it is generally recommended here that the filter move 10 times the tank volume an hour but if you have that I would still get something to give it some better water/surface movement. I have a tank with a filter built in the hood and although it does seem to pull alot of the rubbish out of the tank the way it trickles back in doesn't give any decent movement to the water or it's surface. I have another internal filter in mine to give the water better movement as well as an airstone. I just put all the cables through the hole for the heater cable to go through This is the tank with the extra filter but before I got around to tucking the filter cable out fo the water The aquaballs are great as you can adjust the nozzel to point in any direction so you can put them further under the surface and point them upwards.
  4. Thanks guys I got up a bit early this morning to test the water although I think OH would kill me if I had actually needed to do one before 5am Luckily the ammonia is still 0ppm so I didn't have to disturb OH. Muffin seems a bit better this morning and his dorsel fin has gone back up and the edge of the wound seems more pink than red but that might just be because I didn't turn the tank light on so it was different light. I resisted the urge to try him on some food and will have to wait till I get home tonight to see if he is eating
  5. It is totally my fault he has taken a turn for the worse As I have been changing some of his water every day on Tim's advice to keep the nasties count in the water down I haven't checked the water since Monday, I did it earlier and he is in 0.5 ppm of ammonia As if fighting off the infection isn't hard enough on him I have been giving him ammonia poisioning to fight against as well I have gradually changed 10 litres of water every hour so as not to stress him to much but I feel terrible, if I loose him becasue of a newbie mistake like that I will be so gutted as he has been through so much and faught so hard I feel I have let him down not doing my bit His ammonia is now zero and I am going to wait till tomorrow to feed him to give him time to perk up and want to eat.
  6. It is not looking good for Muffin He didn't eat his food so I have cleaned it out and tried him with some defrosted brine shrimp. He puts them in his mouth, looks like he is chewing but them spits them back out whole And his dorsel fin is not really up anymore, it isn't clamped but is sort of flopped over It maybe that the infection has got into his internal organs and it is game over but as he is still swimming I won't give up on him yet I am going to try him on some of my homemade gel food incase that can tempt him to eat.
  7. Thanks guys There is no chance of me giving them up as I love them which is why it is a bit stressful at the moment but they are worth it . I wish I had put a ruler in to give it some perspective. The stone is 3/4 inch in size and Rusty is about 9 inches including his tail. When I got the gravel I took out anything that I then considered would go in a goldies mouth but due to Rusty's massive size now ( he was only about 2 inches when I got him and is now my biggest fish) he can now fit them in his mouth. I have tried bare bottom in other tanks but never really got on with it. Rusty is looking a bit sorry for himself this morning but he will probably be fine. Wembley is totally back to normal this morning so must have just eaten to much making him sink like a stone Unfortunatly Muffin is worse He was bottom sitting when I checked on him this morning and wasn't interested in his breakfast . I was a bit pushed for time so couldn't stay and watch him for long so I am hoping the food will be gone when I check on him when I get home His wound is going very dark inside but I don't know if that is a good or bad thing
  8. I don't know what is up with my fish they obviously think my life isn't stressful enough. What with Tomsk and his accident and Muffin and his exploding sides, now Rusty has joined in :shock: I have just had to extract a huge stone from inside his mouth with tweezers :???: He had been trying to spit it out for a while but seemed exhausted so I thought I better help. Luckily it was an irregular shape so I could get hold of it but it was tight. He is fine now and back to eating his bloodowrms :roll: Rusty in the bucket with the extracted stone And Wembley isn't looking right, it might just be where he is digesting his bloodworms as he does have digestive issues but he is acting like Groover was just before he died I will have to check how he is in the morning.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. I still can't believe it doesn't seem to be affecting him the pictures don't really show it that well but the hole in his side is MASSIVELY DEEP Every day I expect to go in and either find him at least bottom sitting if not dead but he is busy as ever. It does seem like the sore on his right side has now popped so I am hoping it will start to heal up again. The sore on the other side is the same as in the previous picture from nearly 5 days ago which is good so I am not sure if that will burst or just go down as the infection clears up. Under his chin is now the same colour as his tummy a warm yellow shade . He is still a very greedy boy and as I am doing daily partial water changes he is getting three meals a day to ensure he keeps his strength up He is always swims down the end of the tank I feed him at when I go in the room and even when I just peep around the door he is always moving about like nothing is wrong, he is a real trooper. He is presently in 0.3% salt and I have been adding tea tree oil (active ingredient in melafix) and pimafix each evening for the last two days to encourage healing and hold any fungus at bay. It does seem amazing what some goldfish will recover from, after Tomsk with his pectoral fin injury and how fast that has healed I do hold out hope for Muffin
  10. Here is how he looks today He is still a real mess but still swimming around and eating like a pig so I am still hopeful especially as the white in the middle has gone.
  11. I am no expert but it looks like a bit of wen fuzz and possibly nothing to worry about. Mine often get little patches or white pimples where they are getting new growth which lasts a week or two before clearing. The only other thing I have read can look similar is if they have skin flukes, have you tried treating the tank for flukes as this is often recommended when you get new fish anyway?
  12. You were right Morph has grown back an amazing third of his fin in just two weeks the new growth is transparent not black but it looks great.
  13. That looks great I want to change mine from black to blue but it is going to be a monster task to empty the tank out to do it
  14. The pictures were taken in a tiny tank of maybe 1 litre as Muffin won't show me his bad side in his QT tank. Thanks for all the info Trinket. I have got back from a weekend away expecting Muffin to have perished while I was gone but he is still swimming around as if nothing is wrong and eating like a pig. His wounds don't look that much worse but aren't any better either apart from the one under his chin which is hardly pink at all now and looks much better.The bad side seems alittle redder around the edge and white in the middle but not any larger or more swollen than before I left. I only put the light on when I check on him other than that he is just getting a bit of sunlight from the window.
  15. Yeah he does look a right mess Koko but is still acting as it nothing is wrong and eating like a pig. The patch under is chin is not swollen just a bit pink and hasn't really got any worse unlike the other patches. I have emailed a supplier today who some of my fish came from who has a lot of expereince and wealth of knowledge and he thinks it is a bad infection and will probably get worse before it bursts and starts to get better. On the up side he said he had seen worse that had recovered so fingers crossed as it doesn't seem to be bothering him that he will pull through. I am away at the weekend so I will be worrying how he is doing while I am gone and hoping he makes it till I get back
  16. Thanks Trinket He is looking worse today He now has a white solid looking lump showing through on his worse side. Although it looks like it in the pictures there is no fungus around the wound. And this is his other side which hardly showed a few days ago I have removed the treatment so will just upt he salt alittle and see how he does, fingers crossed.
  17. Thanks for your advice Newbiefishgirl but I am now rather confused Myxazin is a UK treatment for bacterial infections. I can't get Jungle Antibac in the UK and I'm not sure what MMS is? Also Trinkets contraindications says "Tetracyline antibiotics in the water should not be used with salt or in high gH. Salt and high gH makes them ineffective because tetracyline binds with calcium and magnesium making them inactive. They are ineffective in high pH/over 7.5. Tetracylines should be used alone and not mixed with any other meds (except in med food and in this combo*)." Marycyn2 is a tetracyline so surely I shouldn't be using that with salt or anything else as well as my Ph being to high to use it anyway I am on the last day of the Myxazin treatment so maybe I will up the salt once I have put the carbon in the filter as I personlly don't like blitzing my fish with to many things at once.
  18. Here is a video of him today, not looking better and the swelling looks worse on his right side and he seems to be getting the same on his left side
  19. Thanks Koko There was no white lump, but that could have been how he got the open sore/ulcer he had when I first got him. It hasn't come straight up, it has sort of pushed out sideways it isn't in the centre of the swelling but seems to have pushed the scales up and you can see in behind the edges of the scales where it has pushed it up and the flesh underneath is all inflamed looking. It might just be me being optomistic but it seems more pink underneath than red today although the swelling hasn't decreased. I have salted the tank up to 0.1% but not sure whether to increase it to 0.2%? I have also been adding and dabbing Myxazin as it did such a good job on Tomsk.
  20. I posted this in with his pictures but Sarah (Ryukingirl) advised putting it here incase anyone had any help to offer. [*]Test Results for the Following: [*]Ammonia Level? 0ppm [*]Nitrite Level? 0ppm [*]Nitrate level? 5ppm [*]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7.6 [*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? 7.8 [*]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API drop [*]Water temperature? 20C [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 80 litres QT tank, has established filters from main tank [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s) eheim aquball and fluval 1 internals, and airstone [*]How often do you change the water and how much? 50% weekly [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? has been on medigold for two weeks since I got him [*]Any new fish added to the tank? only had ill fish 2 week [*]Any medications added to the tank? tank has Myxazin added to water and I am building up to 0.2 % salt [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? He arrived with an open wound on his right side which I treated with tea tree and was nearly cleared up after two weeks. Yesterday I came home to find his side had erupted with his scales sticking out and red raw flesh showing under as well as being very swollen [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? He is swimming around ok, eating ok today and had no clamped fins. I got back from helping at the kennels to find his side all swollen and the scales raised and infected looking underneath I don't know what has happened, whether this is what happened to cause the ulcer last time but it looks really nasty and worse than in the pictures although you can see how swollen it is in the second one compared to his other sde. I have started dosing his tank with Myxazin, as well as dabbing it on his wound and started adding salt that I will build up to 0.2%
  21. All the parameters are fine ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-5 ph -7.6 He came with two other fish in a tiny plastic tank a few weeks ago and had a sore on that side then although it was more of an open sore with fungus than this which looks more like it is festering under the scales. There is nothing sharp in the tank so I am guessing the open sore from before must have still had some nasties in when it closed up and the infection has grown under the surface before suddenly swelling up.
  22. Looks like I spoke to soon about how well Muffin was doing I got back from helping at the re-homing kennels to find his side all swollen and the scales raised and infected looking underneath I don't know what has happened, whether this is what happened to cause the ulcer he had when I got him but it looks really nasty and worse than in the pictures although you can see how swollen it is in the second one compared to his other side. I have started dosing his tank with Myxazin, as well as dabbing it on his wound and started adding salt that I will build up to 0.1%. fingers crossed he gets better although he didn't seem that interested in his Medigold dinner which is not a good sign
  23. I'm back and Tomsk is looking great. I was worried I was going to come back to a body in the tank (or even two bodies if Tomsk's had produced to much ammonia for Orinoco :shock: ) or Tomsk covered in fungus fluff. Instead he seems to be 100% healed And here is how he looks now. All that is left of the fin is the base but he is using it fully again now but I don't know if it will grow back as he has now lost all the rays. As Koko requested below is what I treated him with:- When I first spotted it and it was just a wound I treated the tank with tea tree oil. By the second day he had fluff on the wound so I retreated with tea tree and added Pimafix and started him on Medigold. After Hidr suggested it I also built salt up to 0.2% over two days. He still wasn't looking great the next day so I put in carbon to remove the other medication, did a 50 % water change and treated with Waterlife's Myxazin. I added the Myyxazin for the next 6 days as well as dabbing the Myxazin directly onto the wound every other day after lifting him out of the water and drying him (being careful not to get it on his eyes or gills)
  24. Thanks Koko but I won't count my chickens just yet till he is 100%. He still has a little white fluff around the wound and unfortunatly I am now away for 5 days from tomorrow so won't be able to add the medication each day. Fingers crossed he will still be ok when I get back although I will be worrying while I'm gone.
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