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  1. It does somewhat depend on where your hot water comes from. If you have a combi boiler (ie one that heats water instantiously as it passes through) you should be ok to use water from the hot tap, it is when your hot water is heated in a water tank in the house that you shouldn't use it due to the added copper and heavy metals and other impurities, this is also the reason you should run the tap for a little before using water as this has also been sat in domestic pipes. Hope this helps
  2. I do the same as Daryl and use progold for gel food as it does disintergrate in the water, and Hikari saki as a pellet food, soaked first.
  3. I am with Lupin on this one, if I won the lottery and found one I had to have yes otherwise no, even ?100 seems to much to me plus I love watching mine grow from little awkward babies in to chunky adults.
  4. I like number 4 the best although the black on number 2 is amazing.
  5. It could just be because he has a large wen and that is tipping him forward because of the weight on his front end, Rusty was the same when he had dropsy and he is a similar build
  6. If you don't mind secondhand you can try this site, it is an aquatics classified UK site http://www.aquarist-classifieds.co.uk/php/index_cat59.php
  7. I am glad to say having been away for 6 days and dreading what I was going to find when I got back everyone is fine Thanks for the advice Lionchu, what would be the best thing to do with my albino BN pleco? I know as they don't have scales they can be more sensitive to medications, should I leave her in the tank with the Myxazin treatment instead of risking her with PP as it is probably gentler?
  8. Oohhhh, I had mis-understood the 4 hour bath thing, I thought you only needed to put them in the bath for 4 hours each day but what it actually means is to keep them in PP bath for three days but having to put them in fresh PP water every 4 hours, is that right? That could be a problem as I won't be there to be able to change them from one tank to another every 4 hours as I have to work Would it be ok to keep doing it while I am there and then for the 9.5 hours I am gone to put them in plain water and then moving them back to fresh PP water when I get back for each day? So they will get three 4 hour baths and one slightly shorter one then have to be in plain water for 9.5 hours I am away and then go back into the PP water when I get back each day? I have enough tanks that I can set maybe 3 or 4 up ready and just move them from one to another giving the water time to dechlorinate before they go in each one. Everyone still seems ok and Snufkin has stopped listing to one side and is greedily eating her medigold, fingers crossed they are all ok when I get back in a few days.
  9. Ok I have had a good read through of the PP info and am planning on the following. Make up a batch of 0.04% PP in one of my smaller spare tanks to use as a 4 hour bath for everyone. I have something called Myxazin from Waterlife which is a broad spectrum bactericide which can be used for steralising. When I used it before I had no problem with it killing filter bacteria or plants as it only contains low doses of Malachite green (0.17%w/v), formaldehyde (0.24%w/v) and acriflavine (0.11%w/v) so I am going to use this to disinfect the tank and it's contents but still be able to puit the fish back in after their bath. So everyone will go in the bath for 4 hours, with airstone and I will dose the main tank while they are bathing in PP. Everyone will then be moved back to the main tank with the Myxazin in and I will repeat the bath and redosing with Myxazin everyday for three days and hope this gets everything. I will also PP all the spare equipment, syphon etc so I don't add anything nasty back in later. Everyone will also complete a dose with medigold Anyone see any flaws in the plan?? Will it be ok to move the fish back into the main tank or do I need to try and keep them out of it for the three days?
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys. Unfortunatly I am away for a few days now but I can do the PP thing when I get back as I have a few cheap plain tanks I picked up incase of fry, which although only 18 inches so not 20gallons if I keep rotating them around a few times a day they should be ok, just catching Scooter my BN plec could be a pain. I have to go to work soon so will have a good look through the PP threads when I have a quiet moment there. In the mean time everyone seems fine and I will keep feeding them medigold to hold off the bacteria, I have auto feeders so I can keep them on the medigold while i am away Thanks again for taking the time to give advice Trinket and Lionchu
  11. But the other fish aren't actually showing signd of dropsy yet, I want to kill off whatever it is that is then causing them to then dropsy before it happens as other than Rusty they have all gone within 24 hours of showing dropsy and with the current count being 4 fish with dropsy in aout a month I am sure there must be something nasty in the tank which is the underlining cause?
  12. Thanks for the kind thoughts people. Unfortunatly not Trinket, Wembley who got it first I had had over a year and when he got it I hadn't added any other fish for 3 months and the last fish I had added are both still fine?? And wicket and Mokey I have had even longer although Wicket was ill when I got her but she was ok for about 6 months before she got dropsy. I have started to fed them medigold as I thought that was best for internal infections, would metromeds be better?
  13. Water Test Readings: -Ammonia= 0 -NitrIte= 0 -NitrAte= 0 -pH= 7.8 -KH= 78 -GH= 120 -Water Temperature: 65F -Tank size= 120 gallons -Filtration (Make, and GPH) Eheim external 2078 (488gph), Eheim external 2224 (132gph), eheim aquaball internal (132gph) -Is there gravel/sand/rocks in the tank? If so how deep? gravel, less than 1 inch -Tank Inhabitants (How many, how big?): 9 fancy goldfish ( 3 at 4 inch bodies, 3 at 3 inch bodies and the rest 2-2.5 inches)and one albino BN plec at about 3 inches -How long the tank has been set up: just over a year -Frequency and amount of routine water changes: 40-50% weekly -What you feed them, how much, & how often: fed alittle 1-2 times a day, progold, hikari saki, algea tabs, peas, prawns, gel food -City or well water: city -Water conditioner used: API stress coat -any extras (i.e.; air pumps, and air stones?) air stone -New fish or plants added to the tank? What type and when? Were they quarantined?: None in the last month -Medications used: Tank has had a weeks worth of prazi treatment -Describe the problems you are seeing: loosing lots of fish to dropsy. Dropsy strikes again, this time it has killed my redcap lionhead Wicket in less than 24 hours. Like the other two that I lost a week apart a month ago she was fine the day before, eating and acting normally, then got bad dropsy and died within 24 hours. Rusty who also got slightly dropsy but did show signs of lethargy before still seems to be doing ok in the QT tank so I am hoping he will make it. Snufkin who has had bouyancy issues since I got her and spends time on the bottom when she is sinking like a stone was slightly rolled over on one side before I left for work so she has gone in the fry trap and I have fed her some medigold just incase although she isn't pineconed. I am wondering if there is something nasty in the main tank that the fish are passing around between themselves. None of the dropsied fish were doing anything abnormal before getting dropsy and none had any signs of disease other than the pineconing, apart from Rusty. The water, which I have been checking constantly has been fine, and if it was something toxic I would expect the fish to show distress and become lethargic, gasping etc but nothing before the dropsy. The remaining fish all look the picture of health at the moment but I can't stand to loose another having done nothing to try and stop the problem. I am wondering if they have some internal bacteria that they are passing around between themselves that is killing them off as I know dropsy is only a symptom of other things and the medigold did seem to sort Rusty out. I am thinking of feeding them all a course to try and irradicate it if it is bacterial as if it is viral I am screwed. Any ideas greatly recieved??
  14. Unfortunalty you are going to just need to keep up the water changes to keept he ammonia at 0 to give Bella the best chance. I wouldn't hold off the salt as she will probably end up covered in ich as it reproduces which will make her feel terrible, plus salt is beneficial to them as it eases stress. Also leaving the lights off and putting something over the tank to keep the light out (like a towel)as ich is suppose to need light apparently.
  15. Rusty is still doing well, all his scales have gone back to normal and he is much keener to eat and is moving about more so I have started to reduce the salt level with his daily water changes but am only doing it slowly incase he starts to struggle I also haven't added any Epsom salts since Friday in his water changes so that level should be reducing as well. The metromeds arrived from Fish Sempai yesterday so I am torn between swopping to them for the second week of his treatment I know one of the ingredients in medigold are suppose to be hard on kidneys and some people recommend not to give it for more than 10 days, should I switch or just try him on normal food again???
  16. Wouldn't boiling the water till it all turned to steam use a HUGE amount of gas/electric????? which although conserving water would not be a good thing for being energy efficient !!!!!
  17. Hi Kim I don't know if they will stock it at the one near you but the Maidenhead aquatics near me stocks Wormer plus behind the counter, there is one at St Albans if you wanted to ring and find out if they have it if you are in a real hurry. Claire - how do you dose the wormer plus, do you follow the packet instructions or do it like they do with the prze more often? Also I don't know if this will be of future help to anyone Praziquantel product for sale in the UK http://www.fish-trea...k/products.html I found this for sale in the UK, it reads as if praziquantel is legal under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and you don't need a prescription or anything to buy it. It won't be much good for people with very small tanks as 1 gram does 250 litres as it is 50% praziquantel.
  18. The water issue is probably considerably less of a problem than the electric we use to run the tanks in terms of damage to the planet If you want to be super water consious set up a water collection system outside and when emptying the tank water the garden with it, no real difference there in if the water just fell on the ground in the first place. I don't think you can say nitrates would ahve a massive difference, that is like saying if I didn't have a tree in my garden I wouldn't have leaves, which wouldn't rot and then enrich the soil with there nutrients these things all happen in nature, again it is probably the power used to pump the water around the whole water system and the treatment plants that are causing more of a problem. I am having a new greenhouse soon and intend to set up guttering to collect water into one of those blue food safe drums (although I will probably still mix with some tap water so it has the right properties) and already empty all my water onto the garden (not that that really matters as we have a septic tank so it just goes from the sink through into a tank that collects the sludge before the water flows into the ground, no electric used just gravity) I run LED lights on my tank which use a miniscule amount of electric compared to the normal tubes, my filters are very effcient wattage wise compared to most and I have the heaters turned down to 65F (19C) and off in the warmer months and wouldn't have them on at all if I didn't have a pleco in there. I have a wattage meter on the plug all the tank bits are plugged into so I can keep an eye on how much it is using daily. My tank is also heavily planted so I very rarely even have nitrates, below is a good link fo rmore ecological tank setups http://www.thegab.org/Plants/setting-up-a-walstad-natural-planted-tank.html When I realised how much water I was using I also stuck a brick in each of our two toilet cisterns so they use less water everytime they are flushed which really adds up as it uses half a gallon less per flush (I might even put another half in each and see if it still flushes ok ) and if you want to be really good don't have baths as they use an obsene amount of water. And I concur that if you feel that strongly I am surprised you still have your fish, I want a pond but will only use a solar powered fountain for water movement as I can't justify in my head the extra electric a whole filter or pump would use which will mean I will limit myself to just a few fish to enjoy so it isn't a problem. I do a fair amount to try and be green (we have 3000 litres of water butt capacity which get used for everything outside like washing the car etc, grow some of our own veg and have a small orchard, nearly all our bulbs are energy savers and are never left on when we aren't in the room, the heating is only set to 15 degrees Celsius (60F) and if I am cold I put an extra layer of clothes on and a blanket on the bed, only take short showers, one or two baths a year, read or watch fish rather than watching TV, recyle everything humanaly possible etc) but if I felt really strongly I wouldn't have the fish and could do alot more really.
  19. It will certainly help in a big way, ammonia of 1 will be making your fish feel terrible alone never mind if there is something else wrong as well. You really need to be aiming more for about 50% a week water changes normally , and at the moment while you are killing off the filter bacteria with the medication you might need to be doing more like 50% a day to try and keep the ammonia as low as possible.
  20. I have a second hand Canon EOS 350D DSLR and love it, could just do with having a good macro lens for it although I manage without.
  21. Thanks for asking Sarah He seems much the same, still about two scales that aren't totally lying smooth but the rest are all ok. He is still bottom sitting most the time but swimming around a bit when he sees me come up to the tank which is a slight improvement.
  22. I love the red bottom of the tank and Apollo is definately my favourite
  23. I can't quite believe it but Rusty looks like he might be getting better although I don't want to count my chickens to early I have rasied the KH up to 215ppm and the GH up to 280ppm ( a bit higher than intended as it suddenly went up) so I just need to try and keep the same level in the 50% water changes I am doing each day.
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