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  1. Those aren't airbubbles that is the light, what you see is the unit lying on it's back with the light pointing up. The cables come in at either end of the unit.
  2. Thanks for that fishguy, I was thinking Kelvin was temperature so that is really good to know. The pages I found them mention the kelvin of the LED's was on reef sites and I think people like to use slightly blue lights on marine setups so that makes sense. I will post some pictures of the tank with the new lights once I have it all setup so you can see, although it might not look very blue for a while as I have three new pieces of mopani wood going in which is turning the water it is presently soaking in to the colour of dark tea
  3. Thanks for you responses I have had another look around and finding onfo about LED's and plants is a nightmare as they are mainly rated instead of using halides in reefs. So far the couple of sites I have found with articles have all said the diodes run at 20 000 kelvin even thought they were different products, could this be a standard value and can you explain what that actually means please I am a total novice about lighting? I think my user name was probably the same fishguy, I didn't post much, use to read more but did join in some of the "discussions you started"
  4. Hi Fishguy I have to ask are you the guy who use to have same or similar name on GP?? Love your tank by the way Anyway, I have read abit about them and read that the spectral response of White LED's are typically heavy in the blue with a red spike and weak in the green so will be interesting to see how they turn out. I have a friend who as a marine tank with aquaray led lights one set of white, one set of blue and they are amazingly bright considering her tank is quite deep and she has so few. My real concern is how the plants will do as I have quite a few, although they are all low light ones like anubis and java fern etc. so should be ok I ahve had different types of flurescents in the lid of my present tank and have found I am not that fused about the colour as each different one seems to chowcase something different. I am interested in knowing more about the light sbut the manufacturers website is down for an upgrade so will ahve to wait to see what that says. I really like the shimmering effect you get
  5. I am getting a replacement bigger tank for my goldies to move into and have decided to try LED lighting. Lots of my friends use blue LED lighting for a moonlight look and in marine tanks but I want to try going the whole hog and using it for daytime lighting. I have found some on ebay that do full spectrum so the plants should be ok and after long emails with the supplier have worked out what I should need although adding more later is an option if needed as you can daisy chain them together. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-led-lightin...1742.m153.l1262 I am going to get two 450 full spectrums, two 450 daylights and a 730 moonlight or blue lagoon for evenings to go in my new 4 foot tank. They are expensive but I have friends and family who didn't know what to get me for christmas so I will be getting most of them as presents apart from the 730 and the plugs, I am so excited Does anyone else use these and how are they doing? I have roughly worked out that over their 10 year life expectancy the cost of replacement flurescent tubes would be about ?300 against ?160 for the LED setup and that doesn't take into account the much lower running costs, should be quids in and environmentally friendly Plus the manufacturers are suppose to be developing controllers to use with them to simulate sunset/sunrise and set timings for on off.
  6. Your tank looks amazing and lush, love watching it develop. I have been toying with the idea of using CO2 in my new tank but not 100% sure yet.
  7. Here are some of mine from the days I got them, which is only April last year for the oldest Dylan and December last year for the Rusty the youngest, and them today. Dylan - who has the biggest difference Dougal Mac Rusty
  8. I have 4 goldies who each cost me about ?5 ($8) which come from general lfs and I just spend a long time looking for the special ones. Equipment wise, I am awaiting delivery of a second hand 430 litre tank to replace the ex-display 180 litre one my goldies are starting to outgrow having only been in it a year since moving my original two out of their first 60 litre tank after 2 months, so as none of the tanks were new not as much as I easily could have. I also have top notch external and internal filters running which are worth alot, although also not new. Plants use to be a big expenditure till I found ones that the goldies don't eat and don't melt. I wouldn't mind paying more for really excellent goldies but finding them in the UK is harder.
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