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  1. I use external filters and when I got a new one I had a lot of trouble getting the pipes connected to the hard plastic bits of the inlet and outlet fittings and the tank connections as they were so tight. I was given the following tip by someone at the lfs. Take a cup or heat resistant container and fill 3/4 with boiling water, then dip the tip of the pipe in it for about a minute. This will make it go softer and will be much easier to get the pipes on and also gives a much tighter connection when it has cooled back down so is less likely to leak. I have also found it can increase the life of suction cups. I have found the suction cups on my ehiem internal seem to flatten out and not stick so well after a while. Dipping them in boiling water also seems to help them reform to there original shape and stick better. Sorry if this has already been posted, I did have a look back but couldn't see it mentioned.
  2. I am not expert but you really need to be adding a conditioner to the water to remove chlorine and chloramines from the new water you add??
  3. Sorry for the delay in responding I had forgotten about this. Here is what each thing treats:- Medi-Gold To rid your cherished but sickly goldfish of bacterial and fungal diseases and to encourage a speedy recovery! Medi-Worm Excellent for treating internal worms. Metro-Med Treat "Hole in the Head", Internal Parasites and Symptoms of Dropsy. Contains Metronidazole. Praziquantel 'Prazi' is extremely effective for the treatment of external flukes, liver flukes, internal parasites and internal worms in koi, goldfish and tropical fish. If this is all people want the postage for a pot of metromeds including all postage Kungfuman will be ?15, let me know if you want anything else, sorry the exchange rate isn't so good now as when I posted the orginal topic. Poppy I will do a half pot for you as I am sure someone in the uk will request it at some point, That will be ?9 all in. Jenny, it was the Progold I said to you before about. I am going to get a bag of the hikari saki for koi as the goldfish has tiny pellets but it is going to be massive so if you want some of that instead let me know, so if you just want the metromeds they will be ?15 or if you still want the progold as well it will be ?24 all in. I will leave this another week incase anyone else wants anything and then request money from the interested people.
  4. I have alot of anubis in my tank and they don't seem to mind the salt for treatments but not sure about other plants. But I would like to point out you shouldn't really keep salt in your tank all the time and only use it to treat problems.
  5. Don't bin it, eheim do most of the parts for their filters. I know you aren't in uk but here is a site that lists all the part numbers which might help you find it elsewhere http://www.fishandfins.co.uk/eheim-manual-spares.htm if you click on the little images they enlarge Hope this helps
  6. Glad to hear they are doing so much better You might be best to test and see how soft your water is, as if it is very soft you might be best adding something to increase it as goldfish have to work much harder to osmoregulate themselves in soft water which might increase the chance of your fish getting sick again.
  7. Did you get the stuff I sent you Poppy?
  8. Will see if we can get you sorted Poppy
  9. I am just about to do an order, the posting is here if you want some but it will be about a month before it arrives. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82128-anyone-want-us-medsprazi-metromeds-medigold-etc/page__pid__921197__st__0entry921197 If you are in a hurry and need it asap I can probably send you some of what I have left?
  10. Sorry Mods this is a duplicate post but I know alot of people missed it last time I posted that I was ordering meds. If people do, please follow the link below to the main posting to let me know http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82128-anyone-want-us-medsprazi-metromeds-medigold-etc/page__pid__921197__st__0entry921197
  11. Having been sending other poeple alot of my medication I am in need of some more already To reduce postage costs does anyone else want anything and I will order it all, have it sent to me and then post it on. Below is what I can order at present day currency conversion but NOT INCLUDING POSTAGE COSTS The Prazi lools very expensive but you need 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon to dose 100 gallons so it goes along way, if people want say only 12.5grams and I get a few poeple wanting it I can get a 25g or 50g pot and split it before posting it from me so please ask, I can also split the 8oz post so medigold or metromeds if people want but obviously need people in multipes of two wanting that. Metromeds 8oz ?9 Medigold 8oz ?9 Jumpstart 8oz ?8.40 Praziquantel 25g ?30 Praziquantel 50g ?45 Mediworm 8oz ?9 Progold 2 pound bag ?18 Progold 8oz bag ?6 Buff it up 20oz ?12 KoiRx trace elements 16oz ?6 Or in bundles Metromeds & Prazi (25g)& medigold ?45 Metromeds & Jumpstart ?15 Metromeds & Prazi (25g) ?37.70 Medigold & Prazi (25g) ?37.70 Medigold & Jumpstart ?15 The postage last time was 0-1 pound ?12, 1-2 pounds ?21 and 2-4 pounds ?33 so the more people want stuff the cheaper it will be, and there will also be P&P cost sfor sendin it from me to you but that will be charger at cost. If people can let me know if they are interested in the next two weeks I can contact Sempai and get a quote for postage and then people can confirm if they are happy with the postage, obviously the more people the less the postage will be. I would like to point out these meds could be seized by customs on the way into the country, I have done a few orders and know others in the UK who order from them and no-one has ever had their shipment siezed but with more people wanting stuff I can't really take on the cost if it doesn't make it so please take this into consideration when telling me you want.
  12. If you are worried about reaching filters hung on the back you could go with canister filters which you put under the tank so it isn't a problem. For cleaning algae off the back of the tank you should be able to get something like this http://www.charterhouse-aquatics.co.uk/catalog/hagen-deep-reach-algae-scrub-p-1684.html I ahve a big tank (100ish US gallons) and it is easier than having loads of little tanks, although I have to do water changes with buckets so it is a fair amount of work.
  13. If you want to get one check it will fit in your cupboard, I nearly got it before realising it was massive and it wouldn't actually fit so I had to go for the next size down and I have an eheim 2078e and eheim 2224 on my main tank one on each end of the tank
  14. I have eheims and adore them, but I thik they are really pricey int he US
  15. This is my tank with the LED lights and is planted, the photo was taken with fluorescents to make it a bit clearer but I don't use them normally and my low light plants do fine with just a bit of plant food.
  16. Austinado16 is sort of right Lots of people misunderstand how an airstone/bubble wand work. Water is an oxygen poor environment and contains only five percent of the oxygen that the same volume of air does Little of the oxygen in the bubble actually dissolves in the water. The important bit is the way the bubbles move the water up, in a sort of colume, as they rise so the less oxygen-saturated water is lifted to the surface where it can give off CO2 and take on oxygen. It is the water surface area of an aquarium where the main exchange of gases occurs and the bubbles also assist in this by increasing movement and surface area for this exchange. Jamie is right about little bubbles being better as when they burst at the surface they give even greater water surface area for the exchange than large ones. Also during hours of daylight, if you have a planted tank plants are the most important means by which oxygen enters the aquatic environment at night they are the enemy. I have my tank set up with a spray bar on each side and three airstones set up across the middle of the tank so there is good water movement and surface movement at all places in the tank to help as much as possible.
  17. A carpet of plants on the bottom will make it very difficult to vacuum the floor of the tank properly . My tank has a fair few plants but they are all fixed to either bogwood or large stones so they can be moved easily for every week cleaning and totally removed for major tank cleaning and the fish can't move them or uproot them. My plants are nearly all low light as I use LED lighting and just add a little plant food every week to help the crypts that could do with a bit more light but do ok. I agree that CO2 would probably be wasted as it would get drawn so fast and could cause problems for the goldies due to the CO2 concentration in the water at night My tank
  18. Thanks guys. It is alot more work to keep it clean over a bare tank but I think fish need an environment with places to hide and explore. My moss balls do get a bit of abuse from the fish but I tie a bit of cotton around them to hold them together and haven't added any new ones for a year or so. They fish don't destroy my plants but that maybe just luck and Scooter my albino pleco keeps them algea free. Most of the plants are various different types of Anubis which have very thick waxy leaves that like low light as I only use LED lighting most of the time. I also have a few different types of crypts which the fish do pull the odd leaf of but they seem to be growing faster than they are ripping them off, although I do add plant food or they don't do so well. There is also a few onion bulbs and hygrophila at the back that I have to trim to keep under control. I have tried java fern but it doesn't seem to like my soft water. All my plants are either attached to bogwood or a large stone so I can easily move them for cleaning with the exception of the onion bulbs which just sit half in the gravel.
  19. I can't use a python as I have a hot water tank not instantious boiler so need to boil the water in the kettle or preheat in another tank a day before, it does take a fair while to do the water change each week but I love my fish enough to make the effort. I am short to but use a magnetic cleaner and the extra depth of this tank over most others on the market is one of my favourite things about it.
  20. You might change your mind on water change days when you had to do it like me with two 2 gallon buckets and have to temp match the water with water from a boiled kettle Although having said that if I had the room and could convince OH I would have the 6 foot 6 inch version of my tank so I could have a few more goldies
  21. A whole tank shot I got while doing some fish pictures, all the plants are still doing well after over a year with the exception of java fern which I don't think likes my soft water.
  22. I had a bit of spare time yesterday so decided to give the tank a huge clean out yesterday so all the decorations came out and about 3/4 of the water It doesn't look any different and not that much mess came out of the gravel which I guess means I must have the maintenance about right So here are some pictures taken last night of each of the remaining gang in order of when I got them, I really must update my signature as I lost some of them to dropsy and two of my newer ones are missing. Dylan, my first fish who is still doing fine other than having a little growth just behind her head but it doesn't seem to bother her so I hope it is nothign to worry about Dougal, who still looks like a young one even though she is quite old now, and at present she is very very fat so I think the tank may get an egg covering soon. Rusty, my giant boy, although I think Chalton will be outsizing him soon. He still has days where he looks under the weather but I can't keep medicating him and is always very keen for dinner. Barkley, he is a lovely big softy and has a lovely velevt look to him now. Morph, he has lost some more of his black but not all yet Chalton, who is now massive and must have some common goldfish in him somewhere as he is different proportions to the others Penfold, who has grown but is very much the same shape as when I got him. Tomsk, such a little character, still much smaller than everyone else but has a grown a bit Orinoco and her lovely flowing fins Huxley, has grown loads and is a totally different shape to when I got him with a very deep chest Snufkin who still sinks like a stone but seems to manage ok Here are some group shots taken while they had their dinner
  23. The reason the guy doesn't feed his fish in the winter is becasue as the temperature drops they move less using less energy and so needing less food, which does show he knows what he is doing, plus in a general pond they find there own food unless it is very heavily stocked. Your fish is a standard comet and is definatly hardy enough to go in a pond and if done when it is warmer the temperature will drop slowly on a pond that size so he will just get use to it. He will be fine with the Koi and will probably grow pretty big himself gvent he extra space to do so.
  24. I have LED lighting in my main tank. My tank is large (100gallons-ish) so I have alot of LED lights but still keeps the electric bill down. I have these :- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Aquarium-led-lighting-professional-UK-manufactured-FS_W0QQitemZ250566192960QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Pet_Supplies_Fish?var=&hash=item800eafd700 They are however not nearly as bright as a normal tube in the tank and the tank can look quite dark on very sunny days although it looks fine in the evening, I have had them in smaller tanks where I think they work better but they do struggle with the depth of my main tank a bit (70cm). I have a mix of white ones and full spectrum ones (which I think you need for plants) it does give out a much more white light instead of the warm colour most tubes give off so may not appeal to some people. I love the way they shimmer though with the water surface movement and the fact they are directional so you can aimt he lgiht where you want it with mine as I made up the mounting brackets for them. I do also have normal tubes which I turn on if I want it brighter, like for taking pictures, but only have them on a few times a year as the LED's are generally bright enough. I have a quite heavily planted tank with low light loving plants and some crypts and they all do fine, it is difficult to tell if it stops so much algea growth as I have a pleco in the tank.
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