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  1. Beancurdtt, apocraphya, alistairw, trinket, imber, Appreciate so much!! Guess, this topic will be moved soon to other place as it is no more emergency 911 or 999... Below is the topic i just created especially for popo.. thats the best thing i can do for her for the last time.. hope she will always being remembered in this kokos as she is actually grow up with kokos.. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/78561-popo-rip-080809/page__pid__875847__st__0entry875847 thanks buddies..
  2. popo is gone...... .. She is swim free now.. This morning when I woke up at 10something am, I quickly went to see popo.. She didnt move anymore.. I scoop her out and touch her to see if she have any reaction... none............... .. Sad thing to see is her eyes already have worm inside crawling around.. So hearthache.. Why this has to happen to popo.. why????... I am gonna miss her and never forget her................ RIP popo.. mama and papa, pipi, sonic and the rest of tetra fishes will gonna miss you.. Also, thanks to all my friends here in kokos especially Trinket, Sunshinegurl and Martha.. U gals has help alot to save popo.. We already try our very best... She will know... RIP popo 08/08/09
  3. Bad news...... Popo didnt eat today.. I feed her pea, she swallow a while and throw them out.. I tot the pea is too big for her, and i made smaller piece, same.. she didnt eat them.. Then i tried feed her floating pellet (soaked a little longer than usual) and still she didnt eat.. I notice her tummy side is very soft when touch.. She seems not active anymore.. Just float and breething slowly.. I put my hand nearer to her, she didnt swim towards my fingers.. She is look like dying soon.. I don wan to lose her.. What can I do now?... Its 2:15am now and I still cant sleep.. cos i wan to keep looking at her.. I afraid tonite will be the last nite I accompany her..... I see her closely.. she seems thinner than usual. her wen at her both side of face become smaller, making her head wen look sharpen than usual.. here is the pic..
  4. Jesi, Thanks for dropping by and leave message here.. I am sorry for your fish too.. Why they have to suffer this floatiness???.. Popo havent swim for 2 MONTHS!!!.. Pipi floating on and off but she still can swim around freely... I am so sad to see popo being trapped inside the round fish bowl most of the time to keep her from redness.. I tried fish net but the redness is getting worst becos her tummy rubbing the net. Keeping her inside he fish bowl is the best way i can do now... and good luck to you too.. Trinket, I tried contact the sales via email, seems that they are not interested to send 1botlle of the jungle food.. No respond from them since i told them i just wan to over 1 bottle.. . I wll keep on follow up on this..
  5. Martha, hug hug.. thanks for sharing the website.. But I hope Trinket can recommend me what to buy for popo and pipi.... at least i know how the product look like and can look around at local shop. If really cant find, will order online from this DrsFosterSmith.com. Waht i am looking is food and the spray..
  6. Just for reference, I know this has been delayed but I would like to comment that Sunshine was correct in guessing the exact cause of the wound. I was also baffled why my own ryukins had white and red rings around their fins. I frowned on what appeared to be a piece of fin tissue only to freak out it was anchorworm. Both anchorworms and fish lice were infesting my goldies altogether and I had to use trichlorfon for that. Lupin, thanks for dropping by, i didnt see the white thing on popo anymore theese few days, guess she is recovered but i m not sure if they will strike back... geee..
  7. I think I fed them all broccoli only for a couple days and she recovered. She's still tippy like a boat with a high center of gravity when she turns, but she's ok otherwise. I hope you solve your little one's problem. ok. i will try broccoli.. thanks beancurdtt..
  8. I have been looking for this but couldnt find medicated food at my local store. I guess if it is necessary, I have to buy online from foreign country which I didnt do before.. Can you recommend type of medicated food suitable for popo and pipi now? and also the spray thing to "wet" the fish body.. I never buy thing online before? How to pay ? credit card? is it safe? geee....
  9. I think it's fine. Last year there was a short time when Ferrero was upside down and floating. She figured out the hanging out in a glass vessel all by herself. She would swim in and float to the top to rest. These little critters are smarter than people give them credit for. BeancurdTT, So, hows Ferrero now? manage to swim at normal? how u cure her? she look so cute.. tiny miny inside glass...
  10. yesterday nite, when i hand feeding popo, i realize popo tummy is very soft and 1 side seems flatten, its like there is nothing inside (not solid as before). I touch pipi tummy to compare, it is solid and no flat.. I am worry, is there something wrong with popo tummy?? She still can eat and poop.. But why her tummy is flaten at 1 side (the float and touch the glass side).. I didnt take photo becos I cant see the flatness by eyes.. Only when touch, can feel it.. pipi is still turn over on and off.. I guess now, she is sleeping upside down.. new style which I don like to see..
  11. Trinket, I added air pump inside the big tank.. Popo reddish will come back if there is air bubble going inside and accumulated into the glassbowl.. so from time to time i must monitor if the small air bubbles has accumulated become big air bubble, i will remove the bubble out.. else, popo's belly will still exposed to air bubble inside the glass bowl.. As for pipi, she flips often.. either at bottom tank, sometimes float upside down in the middle of tank and slowly up to water surface, but becos she was swap by the air bubble from air pump or water outlet pipe, she will quickly swim back..... I treated her peas (soft de-shelled) yesterday.. and will not let her eat so much..... i think pipi have early stage of popo sickness. I don wan her to end up like popo.. i need fast solution... or is there no solution at all?... I am worried... U asked "One thing (only as I know your water is perfect in every other way) I wonder if you have the surface of your tank ruffled? Like splash all along the top?", is the pic below answer ur question?.. This is before I added air pump.. tonite i will capture the view with air pump and post here again..
  12. Bad news... Now is pipi... I notice pipi start to turn up side down at bottom tank, middle of tank and sometime floating at water level when she is resting from swimming... i know sometimes she is sleeping becos I try to wave her to get her attention, she move or wake up.... last time she used to bottom sitting when she is sleeping at her favourite corner of the tank.. I measure the water parameter as below: Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = N/A (I just found out the 1st drop bottle finish) Nitrate = 10-20 PH = 8 KH = blue to yellow-orange in 4drops. ( I dunno wat value I should put here, 1st time using it) What shall I do now? I don wan pipi end up like popo.. I don wan my fish to just float.. I wan them swim happily... Tomorrow I will do large water change on the big tank.. 70% water change.. Please refer to photo..
  13. Popo reddish has reduced alot.. I think trap her in glass bowl is working.. I will keep on update on her again.. Thanks..
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