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  1. Love the mushrooms in the second tank!
  2. That's nice, you should give the owner a ring or stop by again and let him/her know because everyone appreciates compliments on their fish/tank.
  3. Brine shrimp is like cardboard, has no nutritional value. Get them some frozen mysis shrimp.
  4. Unfortunately those type of people also buy 8 commons lol.
  5. Thanks everyone. The panda does have some orange freckles on his other side and you can see a tiny bit of orange below his dorsal fin, but all very light colored, still a perfect color pattern for me.
  6. I haven't taken pictures of my fish in a while so here are some new ones! I also picked up a panda oranda, crown pearlscale, and a calico ranchu. Hopefully I'm not the only one that find this picture hilarious...
  7. You have the right to not make the sale of a fish if you know it won't be kept properly. No other animal is taken that lightly. In a positive way you made a sale of a fish that was sick and you can look at his new home as a quarantine tank if they buy medicine and do those daily water changes, but who knows if they will. He was getting sick in your store and was most likely in a 10-20g tank with 20 other goldfish, so do you think he had a chance? Better to see him go living than dead. My store doesn't sell feeders because they aren't good for fish because they can contain diseases. I feed the aggressive saltwater fish ghost shrimp and it's so exciting to watch them eat. It's fun to see such beautiful angel fish pucker at tiny live brine shrimp or to see a cow boxfish go crazy for frozen mysis shrimp. It's a diet they specifically need to survive. It's also really interesting to watch corals eat, like a dunken eating mysis shrimp. Do you have bettas? You should try talking them in to one if they are buying a bowl and or can't afford a proper tank.
  8. Nothing. Buy a heater and put some smaller fish in or a betta.
  9. I live in a three story single family house.
  10. I've just received a free 55g tank and stand from an incredibly nice man. I want to put it in my room along with my 29g. Would the weight be to much for my floor? I have a 29 on the wall that is by the hallway and I want to put the 55g on the side wall but all the way at the end corner. Thanks for your help.
  11. You could always put a small magnet on the bottom.
  12. Forget saving him, you should sacrifice him for a nice feast to a Harlequin Shrimp
  13. Are you a scientist? Even if you make these homemade gel foods you still should put some kind of pellets in it. Tuna has mercury I would stay away from that...
  14. LOL goldfish that have been there for two years...you could probably get them for $10 each...
  15. Ah, so those are the pieces you picked up on Thursday. Very nice, I really like the zoanthid.
  16. Biology is the study of life, not the study of death...leave that to history.
  17. You can't just add clowns to a tank...You must add your clowns at the same exact time to a new environment or else you will receive the outcome you have. This rule applies to many marine fish, for example a purple and a red firefish.
  18. It's a given to clean your gravel with a siphon when doing water changes... No I don't clean the crud because I hate filters with filter pads. Also, I use sand which keeps everything on the surface and the HOB easily picks up. Simply putting it, if a HOB/canister filter gets the job done RIGHT and you do all the common sense fish keeping needs, then the the UGF is OBSOLETE. Do you understand?
  19. Well NightAngel just pointed out that having a ugf is pointless. Fatchu - People hate them so much because most people have had them get clogged and a HOB/Canister filter gets the job done.
  20. If you're asking these questions then you really shouldn't get one. Trigger Pods made by Reef Nutrition feeds mandarins if you do not have a well established tank.
  21. Well if you plan on getting coral I hope you plan on spending a ton on lighting. They love to eat live brine shrimp. You don't need coral for them to attach to, Tonga Branch live rock works PERFECT for them. What kind are they? $100 is an insane price. My store sold Thorny Seahorses for $50 and they were captive bred. Find out from your store if they are wild or captive bred because captive bred are easier to take care of and that's what usually drives the price up.
  22. Jaws where are your parents?
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