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  1. When I say kids that can range anywhere from a toddler to a teenager. The top of the tank where the overflow box is about 5 feet up. They either threw it up there with good aim or dropped it while being carried in their parents arms. No it wouldn't take a few minutes since it only takes a second to drop the crayon in the box.
  2. No, it's just that the tank uses metal halides and it's so the lights are perched up on all four corners so their is a gap between the tank and the lights. Reason being the lights are up and on other tanks there must be a large opening in the back is because the lights produce so much heat. LED lights produce no heat, but cost a fortune, talking in the thousands =/
  3. Most of the fish were in the $30 range, but the corals in the tank easily out price the fish.
  4. Well said. Went back in to work and all the soft corals are doing great but several of the stoney corals are half bleached.
  5. We have signs and they still do it...
  6. I work at a pet store that has a very good aquatic department. We have a lot more saltwater fish than freshwater and a huge coral selection, so it's very enjoyable to look at everything. Lots of the families come in to the section with several of their young kids and look at the fish. Of course they treat this area like a day care, as I am suppose to babysit their kids and tell them to stop smacking the glass or putting their hands in the water. It's very annoying to have an adult smile at their kid as their hand is dipping in to the coral tanks. The store is right next to a chuckecheese which just makes things worse for me. My work day started off normal and all the fish were active and healthy. After I fed all the fish I decided to take an early lunch break. About an hour after my break I looked at our show tank and notice a green chromis dead, so I go to scoop him out. Next I see a cardinal dead....I start to frantically look at the tank and notice ALL the fish are dead. I tried to save some that were still alive like a purple tang, but after a few minutes died. A total of about 13 fish were dead. I managed to get the giant clam out and put him in the clam tank where he reopened and was thriving. All the coral closed and and is now doing fine. I did a large water change and couldn't figure out what caused this. I looked all over the tank and in the sump and overflow and found nothing. Next day I get a text from my manager and he was able to find the problem... SOME STUPID KID PUT CRAYONS IN THE OVERFLOW BOX!!!
  7. That's nice, you should give the owner a ring or stop by again and let him/her know because everyone appreciates compliments on their fish/tank.
  8. Brine shrimp is like cardboard, has no nutritional value. Get them some frozen mysis shrimp.
  9. Unfortunately those type of people also buy 8 commons lol.
  10. Thanks everyone. The panda does have some orange freckles on his other side and you can see a tiny bit of orange below his dorsal fin, but all very light colored, still a perfect color pattern for me.
  11. I haven't taken pictures of my fish in a while so here are some new ones! I also picked up a panda oranda, crown pearlscale, and a calico ranchu. Hopefully I'm not the only one that find this picture hilarious...
  12. You have the right to not make the sale of a fish if you know it won't be kept properly. No other animal is taken that lightly. In a positive way you made a sale of a fish that was sick and you can look at his new home as a quarantine tank if they buy medicine and do those daily water changes, but who knows if they will. He was getting sick in your store and was most likely in a 10-20g tank with 20 other goldfish, so do you think he had a chance? Better to see him go living than dead. My store doesn't sell feeders because they aren't good for fish because they can contain diseases. I feed the aggressive saltwater fish ghost shrimp and it's so exciting to watch them eat. It's fun to see such beautiful angel fish pucker at tiny live brine shrimp or to see a cow boxfish go crazy for frozen mysis shrimp. It's a diet they specifically need to survive. It's also really interesting to watch corals eat, like a dunken eating mysis shrimp. Do you have bettas? You should try talking them in to one if they are buying a bowl and or can't afford a proper tank.
  13. Nothing. Buy a heater and put some smaller fish in or a betta.
  14. I live in a three story single family house.
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