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  1. Love the mushrooms in the second tank!
  2. That's nice, you should give the owner a ring or stop by again and let him/her know because everyone appreciates compliments on their fish/tank.
  3. I also forgot to mention you would need a powerhead.
  4. What? Clowns only use anemones to host in. Clowns will only host in bubble tip, sebae, long tentacle, and carpet. They will NEVER host in a condylactis. Captive bred clowns will host in ANYTHING *that means live rock* This is because they are not from the wild and have NEVER seen an anemone. A 10g tank is way to small for an anemone. You can have 2 clowns in a 10g tank, but 12-14 would be better. You MUST get both clowns at the same time or the clown in the tank originally will kill the new clown. When the clowns mature one will become the male and the other will become the female. The female becomes larger. If you have a pair one will become the male and the other a female. You will need to buy roughly 6 pounds of live rock. Every gallon you want roughly a pound of live rock. *Adding lbs of rock will cause less water to be in the tank* Since you are doing a FOWLR *fish only with live rock* you can use regular fluorescent lighting. Also get a bag of live sand. You will not need a sump for this size tank, using a regular HOB filter will work great, also mentioned a protein skimmer will help dramatically. Mentioned before you will need a hydrometer to measure the salinity, salt, spare 5 gallon bucket, and an extra heater. You will need to heat up your water before adding it to your tank since it's going directly in. I recommend only using RO water if you can get it from a local shop, won't be expensive at all to do a small water change *usually around .75 cents a gallon* You will have an algae bloom when your tank is first cycling. Getting small snails will help with algae. Do not get turbo snails for a 10g since they are pretty large. You could also add some small inverts if you wanted like a cleaner shrimp or feather duster. Enjoy your tank
  5. Brine shrimp is like cardboard, has no nutritional value. Get them some frozen mysis shrimp.
  6. Unfortunately those type of people also buy 8 commons lol.
  7. Thanks everyone. The panda does have some orange freckles on his other side and you can see a tiny bit of orange below his dorsal fin, but all very light colored, still a perfect color pattern for me.
  8. I haven't taken pictures of my fish in a while so here are some new ones! I also picked up a panda oranda, crown pearlscale, and a calico ranchu. Hopefully I'm not the only one that find this picture hilarious...
  9. You have the right to not make the sale of a fish if you know it won't be kept properly. No other animal is taken that lightly. In a positive way you made a sale of a fish that was sick and you can look at his new home as a quarantine tank if they buy medicine and do those daily water changes, but who knows if they will. He was getting sick in your store and was most likely in a 10-20g tank with 20 other goldfish, so do you think he had a chance? Better to see him go living than dead. My store doesn't sell feeders because they aren't good for fish because they can contain diseases. I feed the aggressive saltwater fish ghost shrimp and it's so exciting to watch them eat. It's fun to see such beautiful angel fish pucker at tiny live brine shrimp or to see a cow boxfish go crazy for frozen mysis shrimp. It's a diet they specifically need to survive. It's also really interesting to watch corals eat, like a dunken eating mysis shrimp. Do you have bettas? You should try talking them in to one if they are buying a bowl and or can't afford a proper tank.
  10. Nothing. Buy a heater and put some smaller fish in or a betta.
  11. I live in a three story single family house.
  12. I've just received a free 55g tank and stand from an incredibly nice man. I want to put it in my room along with my 29g. Would the weight be to much for my floor? I have a 29 on the wall that is by the hallway and I want to put the 55g on the side wall but all the way at the end corner. Thanks for your help.
  13. You could always put a small magnet on the bottom.
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