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  1. Well this the last time, if no one wants to buy them their going to my local pet shop. I am dropping the price to 50 dollars for both goldfish. I will be bringing the gold fish to the local pet shop tomorrow. Email me as fast as you can if your interested my email address is sencion88@gmail.com Thank you, Joel S.
  2. ??? what would I post I'm not giving them away I'm selling them
  3. I have it just that the buyer always comes up with something
  4. I know some one that has shipped many fish. If you want he can ship it to you he is a transhipper so he has to know how to ship. He owns a pet store here he charges $80 for shipping I trust him he has shipped fish to Hawaii and they arrived alive email me
  5. Doesn't mean anything really just putting it out there I guess. Both still for sale
  6. Well I had to put both goldfish in by cichlid tank my 65g chipped so I put the in the cichlids 75g but good thing I have a divider and I divided them of they are in really clean water and look happy as well I well take some update pictures of you guys tomorrow
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