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  1. yea that sucks i dont like fish like that
  2. How much are these fish cant find prices. I know the auction is over but would like to see how much these go for.
  3. Less than a week I was at the Afish convention in Long Island and Ed Champinay from koi-art.com was there selling goldies so I picked up a few Any tips for a goldie newbie?
  4. Thank you for the comments I really like the guy in the top pictures he comes up and eats the flakes from my hand
  5. This is awesome I knew I would love goldfish! I trust my fish I have some jewel cichlids now so the cycle doesnt get thrown off first thing i do when i get home is transfer these guys into a 55g Do i drip acclimate the fish?
  6. I have a 55g tank that was used for african cichlids the gravel is crushed coral and the media in the canister filters is also crushed coral. Do you guys think this water is OK for goldies? Should I start over and re cycle the tank? I have some fish so the BB isnt dying but want to convert entire tank just for goldfish
  7. My plan is 65g with a fluval and aq110 w/c every week. I have kept other fish but fell in love with these guys when I went to an auction couldnt believe the prices are so cheap. Im going to stick with just goldfish. So now my question is if I have a 65g how many goldies can I stock in the tank. This tank will probably be their tank for life.
  8. Im a newbie to the goldfish scene was wondering what sort of tankmates can I keep with my orandas? Was thinking a colony of clown loaches but sure how they would fare.
  9. This thread is awesome there is nothing like raising the fry of fish you bred. I have bred convicts in the past and even though they breed like rabbits it was fun raising them.
  10. I have a 55g that I kept african cichlids in the gravel is coral and I have coral in the canister filters and AQ do you guys think the water is safe for my guys or should I recylce?
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