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  1. Well here is my tip for DIY Lighting. As we all know the economy is bad, money is tight, but I wanted to get better lighting for keeping live plants with my goldies. Most of the Lights I looked at were over $100 just for the fixture, no way I could afford that right now. So here is what I did. I went to the hardware store, I bought 2 48" shop lights, around $15 each. I also picked up some 1x6 pine and 1x8 pine, around $12.00. I cut the 1x6 for the sides and attached a small strip of molding for stability, i then took the 1x8 and drilled one hole in each side to attach to the edge of the 1x6 as the face plate. I went to Wally Mart and bout 4 Daylight bulbs, 40 watt each and 6500K each, price $10.50 each pack of 2. Now I have 2.9WPG lighting which is helping my plants grow (it also brightens up the living room). So I have spent $63.00, instead of over $100 just for the fixture. *Note: I will post pics later if anyone is interested.
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