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  1. i would still recommend a close up of that mouth though, it just doesn't look right to me, not that fact that it's stuck open, but like Taryl said it looks red.Has he ever been treated for flukes? Wow, what a crazy weekend, my daughter had 5 hockey games in 2 days, so I apologize not getting back to this sooner. His mouth is not red, it is orange. I guess it's just a REALLY bad picture. I am trying to get my digital camera to talk to my lap top so I can post better pictures. Steve has never ben treated for flukes, but on a happier note, Steve's right eye may be fine, the white on it looked very clear yesterday. I will try to get better pictures.
  2. Just a small update: Steve seems to be doing fine, I forgot to bring my parameters to work to fill in here, but everything was great. He seems to get enough food, I still think he may be blind in the right eye, and he is definitely has a deformed mouth. His mouth never closes, it looks like a vacuum tube. It does not seen to bother him as he still eats as much as he can. Reminds me of a stingray, he sort of just sucks up the pellets.
  3. They are all very nice looking goldies. Congrats!!
  4. There is not time that these began as I just purchased him on June 28th, I believe I got him that way. Arctic Mama, I understand why you asked for the information. I will get it tonight (been away a few days), I didn't know if someone could tell about the blind by just looking at his eye. I don't have a working camera at this time, so the pictures are from my phone. If you look closely you can see his mouth does not close. I thing it's a deformity. That would be fine with me, he seems to get enough food, sort of sucks it up like a vacuum.
  5. I work at a lumber yard, selling everything you need to build or renovate a home. As stated above on a concrete slab you will be fine.
  6. So he is my situation, my daughters telescope Steve, I was watching closely last night as I was worried my Oranda wasn't letting him get enough food. I noticed Steve's right eye seems to have a white almost cloudy film over it. I am wondering if he may be blind in that eye. The other thing I noticed, his mouth does not seem to open completely, it looks like when he's trying to eat the left side remains closed. He does seem to suck up the pellets and get food. Please take a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think: Thank you in advance for any help/advice...
  7. Pictures above are from years ago, I have always loved Orandas, the picture below is my newest little guy:
  8. WOW, great find, I would have scooped that one up in a heartbeat!!
  9. Thank you all for the nice comments. I have added a few more pieces of anubias, I put them into the suction cups used to hold the air hose, stuck them to side of the tank, can't wait to if it works. Pictures to follow.
  10. Sorry to hear that they passed, we actually picked hers up at Petco, the last one they had. She loves the, as she calls them, bug eyes she is only 12. Thank you all for the nice comments, i really did miss keeping goldies and my friends here.
  11. Sorry you have to part with such beautiful goldies, I wish I could have a bigger tank to take them. Good Luck!
  12. Sorry, not sure why it's not there anymore, I will see if I can fix that.
  13. Well, my 33 planted is no longer, a small part of me is sad, but a larger part is happy as I turned it into my goldfish tank. I took the planted and re-did my 20-long, moved the anubias to the new goldfish set up, got rid of a few plants that didn't look like they would make it. The 20-long now only has Crypts and duckweed. I plan on only doing crypts, I will add more but will keep the duckweed, I like the floating aspect. Here is what the new set up looks like:
  14. Well the water was finally ready, so on Monday 6-27-16 I started my new goldfish tank. As I am a fan of Orandas, of course that is what I picked, my daughter picked the calico telescope, and named it Steve, seems to be a fitting name for this little guy. So here are a couple of pictures of my new friends......
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