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  1. Very nice. What temperature do you have it at? I have a tropical heavey planted and the plants grow very quickly and as soon as I move some to my goldfish tank they die. So what temperature is good for both trpical plants and goldfish? I have my goldfish tank at 70F, 21C.
  2. After the 2 min bleach dip, the plants looked like dead after a day but now new green stems are growing on sides. Do these plants do well floating as well? I assume they would since those don't have roots right now anyways and are growing.
  3. I heard wens can cover eyes when they mature and I don't really think overgrown when is attractive. I have an oranda tho. I hope his wen doesn't cover his whole face.
  4. Where can you get eggfish? Because even tho the ranchus are cute they get disabled because their wens seem to cover theirs eyes when mature so.
  5. So are those orange ones eggfish? Do they grow wens? What do they look when big? I've never seen fully grown ones from that gene pool.
  6. They are very cute. When I walk into fish stores I always want to buy more and more but I know I shouldn't.
  7. Is it the oranda in your pic? He doesn't look so big.
  8. I'm a bit confused. You are saying you moved in the big orandas and they ate the snails? I ended up cleaning the snails then I bleached it for a little over 2 min. Doesn't look like the plant is dead but..... I would buy the plant somewhere else but the thing is Pets mart was the only place they had it and they have a lot of snails in there. I didn't see snails before and after the bleach treatment because I cleaned it before but I hope the plant survives. Leaves did fall off somewhat but Most of the leaves are intact. I hope I didn't underdo the bleach treatment.
  9. Have you tried it with anacharis? I heard Anacharis doesn't take bleach or salt treatment well.
  10. I purchased 4 bunch of this plant in vvvv and they had mystery snails in the tank. Employee told me I can use zuccini to get rid of them. I don't have any and I'm not sure if that will eliminate them. I heard bleach treatment kills anacharis. According to http://www.fishpondinfo.com/plants/submerged.htm#dilemma there are 3 types of 'anacharis' and the one I bought had the name 'Egeria densa' on the label. Not sure if this matters but just in case. What can I do to make sure I lose all the snails? I washed them in tap water and put em in bowl for now. Can't risk raising snail farm. I only keep Japanese Trapdoor Snails; no other snails allowed. Oh crap... according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egeria_densa it looks like this is the most tropical of the three. I hope it does well in my coldwater goldfish tank.
  11. At the very least, the goldfish were able to grow that big so the conditions are excellent in my opinion. Your group of common goldfish are very nice. How old are the commons? Did you get em as feeders?
  12. They're of one single species. Same thing as different guppies with different caudal fins even tho they're same. Except goldfish breeding is taken to the extreme.
  13. It's terretorial thing. Basically telling him to get out of my home. This happens a lot in tropical tanks. Take the aggressive one out for about 30 min and rearrange the tank and put him back in. Aggressive one will think it's new home.
  14. Hmm... I won't expose the store name but there are few stores that are big chain stores such as mmmm, nnnn, et CETERA, et CETERA. Anyways... in that store one hot lil teen told me I can put 29 goldfish in my 29 gallon tank so.... I stopped asking right there. But that store has 2 for 1 sale sometimes and they have fish that are hard to find in LFS such as real weather loach, female dwarf gourami, gold ram, bolivian ram, all kinds of tetras. So if you're lucky to be there during 2 for 1 sale time and find a clean tank, you just might get lucky with those fish.
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