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  1. I bought an API Freshwater Master Test Kit today! My readings right now need some work. I think I'm still establishing my cycle. API results: ph: 7.6 hr ph: 8.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 5.0 nitrate: 5.0
  2. I only have the API nitrates test kit. I'll take a sample in to my lfs and get a full test.
  3. I'm currently looking into getting at least a 55g tank.
  4. Are we sure that they see the same mirror effect that we see when we're looking in on them? I mean has anyone stuck their head in to get a fish-eye's view? I think that the mirror effect that we see has to do with the water bending light; and with the side walls being at an angle, they prevent you from seeing through them. You can actually see straight through from front-to-back and side-to-side. I think in order for them to see a reflection, you'd have to use actual mirror panes. I think the goldfish might enjoy the "company." I wouldn't expect any Betta-like aggression.
  5. I was actually just doing that lol. I took it down level with the bottom trim. I'm going to keep it low everywhere except for where the plants are planted.
  6. I put the ryus, orandas, fantails and three of the corys in the 30 gallon tank. I left the moors, butterfly, pearlscale and the two smaller croys in the 20 gallon tank. They are all noticeably happier in the gained space. I agree that bare bottom would both offer more water volume and less collected waste. I have tried it in the past, but it's really not for me. I don't mind vacuuming the gravel weekly and it makes it easier to keep my plants down. Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions. These setups are definitely temporary, but aren't they all? I will buy more tanks as I find good deals. I paid $10 for the 30 gal w/ glass top.
  7. I got it set up. I'm waiting for the water to clear up before I put my ryus and orandas in. There was still a bit of dirt on the pebbles that was stirred up when I put the water in. I put the 200gph and the 81gph filters in the new tank. I got a pump for aeration and some live plants.
  8. @Patti They all average 2 inches in body length w/o the tails. @shellbell4ever I like your idea except that, due to space, I'm putting the 30 long in my bedroom and leaving the 20 tall in the living room. I want to keep the moors, butterfly, pearl & fan tails on display in the living room. I'm worried about my cycle. Will I kill the cycle in the 20 gallon tank by removing half of the bb?
  9. Hi, I currently have a 20 gallon tall tank with: 2 moors 1 butterfly telescope 3 orandas 3 ryukins 2 fantails 1 pearlscale 5 corys with 611 GPH filtration: Tetra Power Filters 200gph & 330gph Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter 81gph I just found a 30 gallon long tank on Craigslist. How should I do the split without killing my cycle? My plan is to move the 330gph filter and half the gravel & plants into the new tank. I know I'll still be overstocked in both tanks, but how should I divide the fish? Thank you.
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