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  1. That stinks cause I have a few of them and am not using them anymore
  2. I have to say I like the eheims best. I would get the 2217 classic for your tank. The only fluvals I have used are FX5 and they are too big for your tank. Eheims are quiet and VERY reliable and easy to maintain.
  3. I am looking for a microscope but I want to ask fellow fishkeepers which ones they have used or are currently using. I do not know what kind to get and don't want to buy the wrong one more than once. Obviously I want to use it to scope any nasties on my fish. Thanks
  4. I think we all think we look funny when our pictures are taken. You and your daughter look great. I wouldn't mind meeting more members next year, hopefully I'll be back at the show and I'll bring sunscreen for the sunny weather challenged....LOL
  5. Ha! I like Georgie a lot. I hope she stays blue and healthy for ya. I had a hard time not buying one for myself. It was great meeting you family and look forward to seeing Georgie get bigger under your care.
  6. I think that oranda won last year too, wonder how Allen's fish fared.
  7. Thats sucks because I left about 3pm yesterday. Doesn't hurt to check out the auction, if I lived in town I would.
  8. I thought we did a good job of hiding indoors...Don't forget to use aloe on your sun burn. How's you know who doing? Jen how's your new addition doing?
  9. I'll try to sneak up on you guys since I have a general idea of how you guys look. I won't be there till noonish since I have to pick up a rental at 9am. I guess I'll be wearing a monster fish keepers shirt thats black with an arowana on it. I'm 5'4 with long brown hair.
  10. I will be there Saturday. We are having the Columbia Cup here so I'm dying to get out of town away from the crazy drunk people. Let me know if anyone is coming Saturday and hopefully we could meet. Be nice to see some faces that go along with the names
  11. Wow! I was waiting for pics of the otto sucking some slime coat. I was thinking of an otto for my diatom problem, but now will stick with good ole elbow grease. Hope your oranda makes a full recovery.
  12. I read somewhere that Prime does not expire. I use the 4 liter jugs and have used the same one for over a year with no problems. I will look for the article, but wouldn't worry unless you are uing the same bottle for 5+ years.
  13. I just noticed one on this week's auction that is sold....... Are you kidding ME????!!!!!!???Tell it its not you this week.
  14. I used to hear 72 degrees but no scientific reason. I for the most part don't use heaters and it stays around 72. I will on occasion use a heater to bump it up a few degrees to get them to spawn.
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