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  1. Love love love! Always. Love your fish, your photography skills and your camera!
  2. Gorgeous! I love ryukins! What an awesome bunch! Makes me miss my guys..lol
  3. There's talk that she might actually be eggbound. What's everyone think about that? I can get the water stats of the water here at the store now, I'm currently here.
  4. Hi guys! It's been ages, I know... I've been struggling to keep my fish as healthy and happy as possible with our water situation. But just a quick question for you... I thought I had found on here once a thread talking about popping the swim bladder? I'm really nervous about this, but Chance, my pearlscale is bottom-up (pretty much permanently) and we don't know what else to do. I'm going to try to start feeding peas; right now she is at the pet store in much better water because I was afraid she wouldn't make it through the day while I was at work. My boyfriend is there checking on her occasionally - she is still upside down, and looks sad. I don't know what I'd do if I lost my Chancy!
  5. Good luck with finding a place.. and with the eventual move! I'm sure Sushi will be fine. You've received great advice already. That's why I love it here.. so many lovely, knowledgeable people so willing to help us with whatever comes our way! Keep us posted!
  6. Ohhh they're soo precious! I love pearlscales, too. :heart:heart They actually remind me of my very first pearlscales... such little angels they were. Unfortunately there was a horrible case of gill flukes I couldn't catch.. rip babies. About a year ago I picked up another pearlscale from a local pet store. The poor thing had its fins destroyed by a catfish.. it was a miracle she ever grew back her fins, especially her pectorals! Her name is Chance. She's a big beautiful baby. I just told my boyfriend the other day.. "I want another pearlscale!" How long have you had them? They are so small!
  7. Adorable!! are always so much fun!
  8. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you found them in time! I hope they continue to make strides..
  9. I just stumbled upon this on Yahoo. I'm not sure how I feel about it... the fish almost looks like my Angel did! As it was posted previously; I kinda expected more see-through.
  10. I'll be thinking about your fish! Hopefully your mom will take great care.. I know how hard it is to leave them. One of my biggest reasons to not leave for school was the fact I'd HAVE to bring my goldfish and frogs! And I agree -- have pictures sent!
  11. Thanks guys. I've finally stopped crying. I'm glad you mentioned the salt, Sue.. I was about to use Paraguard. Poor new guy Spike brought it in. He's so cute though, and fits right in with Chance. Peaches is still so small. She also has a deformed mouth as Angel did. I know she's going to take after her well.. just hopefully not after her illnesses!
  12. Hi guys.. another long absence has ended but in an unfortunate circumstance. My calico (she had a calico spot on her fin, that's how she was sold although she's all white) fantail Angel has passed. She struggled so much throughout her life, most of my postings on Koko's have been as a result of her. Angel had severe SBD and had spells in which swimming was close to impossible yet she still made sure to acknowledge me when it came close to feeding time, and always chased after her food with such enthusiasm. My boyfriend often called her "retarded" due to how silly she swam. Sadly I didn't get to spend much time with Angel in her last days.. she was in a 20 gallon tank at Josh's house along with Chance, Peaches and Spike (my new green lionhead) due to the fact SOMETHING was wrong with my water. After a few tests the feared truth came through - my well water is rich in copper. We are in the process of coming up with something to clean the copper out of the water while I do water changes, but money has been tight. I'm glad Angel got to come home for a short time though; she passed behind the bubble wall, her fins frayed and her head slightly red. I'm not exactly sure what caused her to die. The water at Josh's was fine when she started acting up there. I have realized that Spike and Peaches have ick - that's going to be fun to deal with - my best guess is the water problem and her struggle with SBD. She was the sweetest goldfish I've gotten to know. I was lucky enough to have Angel in my life for a year and a half.. she lasted the longest of the four original goldies of mine. I'll never forget you baby girl. I'm so sorry I couldn't stop it, but I'm also so glad your pain is finally over. Both Josh and I agree, you were one crazy strong fighter. I love you. : Nono/photo.php?pid=3014...p;id=1226040011
  13. I'll be adding the crushed coral today! I'm really happy to report that everyone's happy now. In the 55 gallon tank! Chancy just swam right up to the glass excitedly and ate from my fingers. Peaches has been eating like normal, Angel's scootin' around but eating as well. She's getting better swimming each day.. how it usually works. Yay!! Thanks you guys. : I guess something's up with the water in the 37? So strange... I might see if Nate can test it at the store, maybe he'll find something I missed? Tragic loss of Tala, Nate and Coop though through this ordeal.. RIP babies I love you..
  14. Oh Martha! I thought I noticed it on your signature.. I'm glad this thread came back through - I'm so sorry! He looks a lot like my Peaches, she's so small I'm hoping she'll get bigger. Gabriel's pictures are beautiful, something you'll get to cherish forever just like all the wonderful memories. RIP Gabriel
  15. Oh, beautiful pictures Alistair! Pippin is gorgeous!! My fantail Angel was a clean white when I first had her, as was Bridget.. but as time went on some yellowing happened. Still just as precious, though!
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