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  1. Give them lots of hiding places, like a big rock or driftwood :D The pregnant ones use them for protection for their babies :D . I turned a batch of 6 ghost shrimp into a huge community of 40 shrimps in around a few months without seeing a single pregnant shrimp! :D

  2. My friend has been keeping goldfishes for a while now and he just had a silly idea one night and started feeding RAW GROUND BEEF to his goldies. At first I got scared, but he told me that the fish loved it. He's been doing it for a couple of weeks now and he keeps on telling me to try it out on my fish. :D My only problem is that his fish might turn into wild freaky carnivors :lol:

  3. I have some plastic plants but i have to burry them in the gravel to weigh them down, however, i dont have gravel. What can i do so that they wont float? Some plastic plants i saw had some "epoxy" or resin type base...I'm thinkin of plaster of paris, is this safe? If not, what other suggestions do you have?

  4. Ok thanks! I sure do hope they're ok. I am really a newbie and i paniced when i saw them this morning and immediately placed them in a small tub. I had to hand pick some of them out of the filter because some got sucked up. I hope i get babies soon. Pray pray!

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