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  1. Give them lots of hiding places, like a big rock or driftwood The pregnant ones use them for protection for their babies . I turned a batch of 6 ghost shrimp into a huge community of 40 shrimps in around a few months without seeing a single pregnant shrimp!
  2. Actually, given the proper habitat with a lot of hiding places. Ghost shrimp multiply quickly. What I've noticed is that the baby shrimp tend to hide under caves during the day and go out only at night to avoid being eaten.
  3. I dont remember what it's called but the shrimps I got were 2 inches long with long hands. Don't get small shrimps like ghost shrimp, your goldfish will make a snack out of them
  4. Well, snails can be a problem. But they do serve a purpose eating algae and decaying material
  5. Yep, I bet its ok. I have 6 neons and a couple of guppies in one of my tanks with no probs.
  6. Same here. Cook them first. I dip mine in hot water for a couple of minutes. I pinch one side to create a small hole and squeeze.
  7. Cool! I also see my goldies do the same thing. It looks so cute but does it mean that something's wrong with my tank?
  8. Yep, I bet it's teeth as well. They look a bit triangular with a hollow part in the other side
  9. I saw one this morning at a petshop. It was kinda large, around 6" long I rember.
  10. One problem I had with shrimps is that they tend to jump out of the water. I'd just find them across the room the next day...sometimes they're still alive, sometimes I'm not so lucky.
  11. Dont flush your goldfish down the toilet! It might clog up your pipes . That's my biggest worry. Burrying them in the garden seems to be the best, that's what I do.
  12. Thanks bettaqueen! Just followed your advice and now i have my plastic plants in my tank without them floating away. Thanks you all for the advices.
  13. Dont put shrimp with goldies. My shrimp started nipping at the fins of my precious lil' goldies.
  14. Wow! That's very surprising. Will tell that to my friend ASAP so he'll try to stop feeding them raw beef. Thanks
  15. My friend has been keeping goldfishes for a while now and he just had a silly idea one night and started feeding RAW GROUND BEEF to his goldies. At first I got scared, but he told me that the fish loved it. He's been doing it for a couple of weeks now and he keeps on telling me to try it out on my fish. My only problem is that his fish might turn into wild freaky carnivors
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