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  1. Ok thanks Trinket. I'll keep an eye on her. She alternates between bottom sitting and activity. I'm going to continue her diet of fresh foods only but today is sunday, her fasting day. I think it best to fast her today too, since she was floaty this morning. I'll keep an eye on her though :) .

  2. omg thank you so much, your like the only one who answered (not directed to future answers) but thank you so much. finally some one who understands my problem. by the way, is that your fish as your avatar? he is so cute, i used to have the exact same kind of fish but then had to put him to rest since he was suffering so much (poor kiko :( but anyways, i like how u made the quote just keep swimming, cute! thanx so much for the info and thanks for the 20 gallon tank stuff, i will upgrade as soon as his tail is bigger and he has grown larger. take care of Chichidongo!

    nah. he doesnt have a heater, besides, goldfish are coldwater fish anyways, i will put a heater though when he is ready for a 20 gallon

    Oh you're very welcome Aquarium Guy! I'm a frequent stressor over my goldfish, so I know the feeling of having a sick goldie. Your mind just envelopes around this one little bad idea and it grows bigger and scarier until you think your goldfish is going to die at any moment. Thus the quote "Just keep swimming" was born :) . Oh, and yes, that's my fish. She's very cute, but much bigger now haha. And her name is Fiona, not Chichidongo. I meant that there was another member who had your exact problem and her name was Chichidongo. But no worries.

    Trinket. I know that a 10 gallon tank will suffice for now, but I believe I mentioned that he will need a bigger tank in a few months. Not right away :) . So it's nothing to stress about at the moment. I'm not sure if salt is necessary for now, because it's just a few spots, and if you load up your tank with salt, you run the risk of stressing your fish and possibly making whatever it is worse. Like I said, another member, Chichidongo, had the same problem with a few "grain like" spots on her fish's tail, and they were never a problem. But it's totally up to you with what you choose to do. Just keep up on water changes and you'll be fine. Please keep us posted and good luck with whatever you decide to do! :)

  3. Awwww thanks Chichidongo. But I think everything's fine :) .

    Alright. So before doing the water change, here are my water params:

    Nitrite-0 ppm

    Nitrate-~10 ppm


    Ammonia-0 ppm

    Then, I performed a "30%" water chage, even though it looks more like half. Oh well.

    Anyways, here are my params after:

    Nitrite-0 ppm

    Nitrate-5 ppm


    Ammonia-0 ppm

    I know Nitrates are just a tiny bit high, but I really doubt that's what was causing her to float/bottom sit. So now I don't have a clue why she was/is bottom sitting (haven't seen her do it in a while but idk when she might do it again). I think I'll stop feeding her misis shrimp, because they tend to float and I think she sucks in air when she eats them.

    Thanks for the help everyone. Keep my other suggestions in mind, and tell me your ideas.

  4. Ok. Sounds like you miiiiiight have a small case of ich on your hands. You probably know what this nasty bugger is, so I won't go too far with details. Ich is a parasite (I think) that attacks your fish and gloms onto it's skin wherever it can get to. It will rapidly spread and soon infect other fish in the tank (luckily you don't have one). Ich is easy to treat, but if not treated correctly, can come back. Cures range from store bought medication, to adding a little salt and cranking up the water temp.

    Since your fish only has a few spots, I wouldn't do anything just yet. Chichidongo had the same problem a few weeks ago, and it turned out to be nothing. Keep us posted.

    Here's your problem. 10 gallons will serve enough space for one goldfish only for just a few months. You will soon need to upgrade to a 20 gallon. Also, you may wish to have a 20 gallon filter instead of just a standard 10 gal. Goldfish produce more waste than tropical fish, and I kept a 10 gallon tank once, and I learned the 20 gallon filter option is the best way to go. I'd also advise doing slightly larger water changes, both because of the "spots" on your fish, and the small size of the tank.

    Let us know how things go!

  5. Ok. Thanks Trinket. I don't know if I want another goldfish or not. I really want someone to keep Fiona company. It seems kind of mean to keep her all alone like that :( but at the same time, getting another goldfish is such a hassel! I'll definitely think about it though. Like I said, I want the best for Fiona. She definitely has enough room for another friend haha. But I'd be nervous she dosn't want to share her home with another friend (and would eventually end up eating him/her like my other goldfish did when I got Fiona). That always keeps me from getting another fish :( .

    I'll get those water parameters to you asap Trinket. My weekly water change is today, so we'll see pretty soon.

  6. I'm so sorry that happened :( how traumatic. I can't imagine how mad I'd be at them. I'd be chasing them out of there with a baseball bat so fast.....I would be so devistated if anything like that happened to Fiona. Then again, I freak out when her water is just a little cloudy after water changes. That would really send me over the edge. I guess Fiona isn't going to college with me....lol

  7. Hello all. I think you might remember a few months ago when I came here, Fiona was having problems floating. That has since subsided with a few minor outbreaks here and there. Very well diagnosed and under control. However, she recently decided to float on me after feeding her some misis shrimp. I think it was because they tend to float for some reason and she might have sucked up some air. She's fine now though.

    The problem is, she's resumed her bottom sitting. She's been doing this for a week or so, but shows no signs of illness. She merely sits on the bottom in the corner of the tank facing me at my computor. This is very odd, but she dosn't seem sick at all. She eats normally, and all that. The only thing I can think of is that I've gotten into a habbit of falling asleep much too late. So could she not be getting enough sleep? I don't want anything bad to happen to her. :unsure: If you put your hand near the corner, she'll "wake up" and root around for a little while. Could she be lonely? She's never had a tankmate (except for one that tried to eat her). She also released eggs not too long ago. Could this be her internal clock telling her it's time to make babies and she needs a boyfriend to keep her company? I want the best for my little Fiona. What do you guys think?

    Thanks everyone.

  8. Yes it's all very very odd. I've seen Bruce before, and there's another goldfish out there around his size. Search sampson the goldfish on youtube. It'll be a mondo redcap oranda.

    Bruce looks a little bigger though. That one of him swimming in the second pic is amazing! I really want to know their secret haha. Wouldn't it be fun to swim with bruce? :D

  9. I was wondering the same thing when I went from my measly 10 gallon tank to my large 29 gallon tank. "How do I transfer the BBs to the new tank to reduce the stress on my fish?". Well, what I did was add all the water from the previous tank into the new one. You already did that so Kudos! I also added all the gravel from the old one into the new one. That's where a large chunk of that bacteria is living. So it's a good Idea to take that into consideration. Also, I would reccomend using the filter media from the old filter and put it in your new canister filter, or simply bury it (in the mesh it's in) in the gravel of your new tank. If you follow these steps, things should go quite smoothly.

  10. Well when my fish floated, it was a combination of food and pH problems. For me, my pH was too low. Yours might be too high. You should be shooting for around 7.5. Also, try fasting your goldfish for a few days then feeding only fresh foods. (frozen brine shrimp and veggies would be good). Do this and a water change here or there, and you'll be fine :)

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