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  1. Alright, I've been rather busy/lazy lately and haven't gotten around to posting very much (Sorry everyone :( ), but I really need help right now because Fiona is worrying me a little.

    So here's my situation. Fiona has been acting weird the past few weeks. She's taken to bottom sitting and I have no clue why. I did regular weekly water changes (except for once I skipped a week :/ gahhhh I don't know why) and everything else has been normal. Eating, poop, ect. The only real reason I can think that she would be doing this is maybe because she's lonely? She's recently showed me she's ready for a boyfriend (by laying eggs twice) so maybe that's it? I'm lost...

    However, what really drove me to post is an alarming redness on her lower right tailfin. I knew that this might have something to do with bad water qualities so I did a 50% water change. Here were her readings before the change:

    pH: 7.6

    Ammonia: 0 ppm

    Nitrates: 10 ppm

    Nitrites: 0 ppm

    I know the nitrates are a little high, but I didn't think it could cause all the redness. I thought about adding melafix to the water to help her heal? Would that be good? I really hope it's not something serious like hemorragic septicemia!! But I don't see any sores on her body so that's a plus. I'll continue doing partial water changes for the next few days as well, in hopes of curing her of whatever she's sick with. Thanks for the big help everyone! From one worked up goldfish lover to another :)

  2. I think overfeeding might be bad.....I don't know what Trinket means but I've always thought it was bad lol.

    Anyways, you'll make it with the fasting. It was hard with Fiona, but know that it's for your goldie's health.

  3. That white telescope is so amazing! It's the spitting image of Fiona but white :)

    Glad you found my idea for a giant goldfish tea cozy was good. I hope you'll make one and show us! So you'll be selling these little goldfish creations then? By the way, what's this called? Crocheting?

  4. Fiona was ok don't worry :) It was just her food that didn't make it haha.

    Thanks for the tips Chichidongo! That's a great suggestion. I don't think I was cut too bad. Just got some nasty slivers :( GLASS slivers haha. But they're all out....I think.

    That's a great idea about the bread too Chrissy!!

    Man Koko's has some clever cookies :)

    I'll try Pyrex. I think we have one. But my mom says I have to use this plastic measuring cup now lol.

  5. So I was making Fiona some food tonight. As I usually did, I boiled her some veggies in the microwave and proceeded to dunk ice in the water after I was done (to blanch them). I accidentally added too much ice at once though and the inevitable happened. The glass exploded in my hand as a result to the temperature shock and glass shards went everywhere inculding all over my feet :( . Ouch lol.

    So I picked all the shards up with help from my mom and everything's good now. No serious injuries, just glas slivers that itch and I think one place the skin broke. No big though. Just a pain in the rear.

  6. Great idea Trinket, but my goldfish has had these exact same symptoms before, so I'm sort of a veteran at this... :)

    Here's what Fiona's problem was. She floated constantly like your fish, and had "bubbly" poo for a wihle. So I diagnosed it as a digestive problem and found out that she can't eat prepared foods (especially flakes). The starch or flower or something really dosn't agree with her. Maybe it's the same for your fish?

    So here's what I did. Fasted for around 3 days. The floating should stop by now and you'll be safe to feed a diet of only greens (peas weren't working for me, she just got gas with those. I found Zuccinni to be a great alternative). Your fish should get better if she has the same problem as Fiona. Now I only feed Fiona fresh foods. Nothing prepared. She's on a diet of frozen veggies and brine shrimp/beef heart. Everything thawed and veggies boiled. She's now healthy and hasn't floated in months. :)

    Is your fish gulping? This can cause the gas as the air passes through the goldfish, causing floating and bubbly poop. This could be a sign of flukes, but I'd try my previous solution before medication. Water changes also are't a bad idea, and pH should be around 7.5. A low pH can also cause gulping. Check that as well. Hope this helped.

  7. Omg O_o *Mystefied*

    I can't even begin to comprehend the physics behind that lol. I don't see how a jillion knots make a goldfish. Then again I dont' even know how girls manage to make french braids lol. It just dosn't make sense to me. But it must take great skill to crochet? Knit? Idk what it's called haha but great job!

    Just an Idea. You should TOTALLY work on a goldfish TEA COZY! :o

  8. Hi everyone.

    Sorry I haven't been on in AGES. I just became too busy and time got away from me. Especially with Finals and all. But those are over and I'm ready to help out and be a part of Koko's again :) Hope I don't get in trouble for "bumping" this post. I should probably start a new one...lol

  9. Ok, so I'm at the mall with my mom and sister (Almost ready to blow my brains out), so I go into the pet store they have there. I see all the dogs, rodents, birds, turtles, but what I was really after was the goldfish. Now, I've never bought a goldfish from this store, because they have a habbit of not taking care of them. There is always disease everywhere in the tank, and you feel immensly sorry for all the fish in there. But, they have some cool fish sometimes and I just thougth I'd take a look. To my amazement, I saw some really cool fish.

    I've never actually seen a pompom or a celestial eye goldfish before (except in books) but here is where that changed. Before me, amongst masses of floaty, ich covered fish, I see some very beautiful celestials and chocolate pompoms with red.....pompoms? lol. They're so cute!!! I wanted to rescue a pompom, but remembered my last attempt to rescue from this store ended up with the fish dying in a day. Plus, I had no quarantine tank set up. It was just too much. Luckily, my fortitude was strong today and I resisted. :) I'm quite proud of myself haha. But at the same time, sad for those adoreable goldfish :( .

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