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  1. Her eyes are now mostly cleared up... She is in the middle of SBD.... I guess I wonder what is next .... as we went through Ich, finrot, and pop eye and sbd in one fish in 10 days....

    She is alone now...because we didn't want to stess the other fish any further ... also it's hard to fast one fish unless she's alone...

    The black moore got better

    the fancy gold never got sick at all....

    We did co-treat with ich guard/salt/marcyn

    when things got worse with marsyn we were doing ichguard/salt/tri-sulfa

    We were doing 25-30% water changes daily and monitoring our water quality

    She is struggling with SBD right now....she is alone in 10 gallons as of this morning...

    Do you mean you were mixing medications at one time? That's not good. I would really advise you avoid that. Like I said, some meds can be really toutchy and kill the fish if mixed with other meds or not dosed correctly. If I were you, all I would do for the next few days in terms of water is water changes. To clear out all those meds.

  2. I've never heard of females getting breeding stars...my guess is it's two males hyped up with hormones in the springtime and competing for a female that just dosen't exist. I suggest a tank divider until they calm down a little.

  3. It can be both agression or breeding behavior. Check and see if one of them is a female (the one being chased should be a female) and check the one chasing for breeding stars. If you can't find any suggestion of breeding behavior like breeding stars or eggs, maybe you should think about seperating the two with a tank divider.

  4. Well this is just my :twocents but it sounds to me like a crowded, new tank and an ammonia spike means new tank syndrome. Pretty much everyone encounters this within their first few weeks of fishkeeping, and the only thing you can do is keep up on those water changes.

    As for the sicknesses....that's really unusual. I do know though that it sounds as if you're adding a lot of medication. Did you happen to mix any of them? Large water changes need to be done before starting a new medication regimine. Also, are you using the medications with the salt? Some meds can be really toutchy and the slightest thing can wack them out. So for now maybe take it easy on the meds? I'm not really sure what your problem is at the moment so describe what's up with the fish and what you want to fix.

  5. Trinket's right. Goldfish can be tough little buggers and you'd be suprised at how strong they can be when dealing with illness. As for the filter....have you tried maybe covering it with a sponge to avoid any more fin-ripping?

  6. I hate when that happens! I've had it happen once with Fiona (I got her new, smaller gravel). Turns out it was too small and jagged for goldfish with curious mouths lol. And the worst part was that I was away when it happened!! My mom called me at a study group and said Fiona was choking! Needless to say I was a complete nervous wreck! Luckily, with the help of my dad, they both collaborated and removed the rock with some tweezers. Phew. My mom is such a life saver!!!

    Btw that demon gravel is gone now. Back to nice big, smooth pebbels :) .

  7. I'm sorry! I would mail you meds if I could :(

    But don't freak out just yet. You have to keep calm for both yourself and your fish. Fiona has caused me MANY meltdowns in the past (we all dearly love our aquatic friends) but I learned it dosn't get you anywhere and you make bad decisions when you freak (maybe it's just me. I tend to get angry with myself, not sad when somethings wrong with my tank) lol.

    So take some deep breaths, ok? :)

    Now to your fish. By seperated, do you mean in another tank, or just seperated by tank dividers? You're right, that tank is much too small, and it needs to be fixed asap. Beg your parents if thats what it takes. If you can't obtain a filter, maybe get one or two large rubbermaid containers. 10-20 gallons each if you can. These, with an added filter, become great fishy emergency homes in times of money shortage. You'd also need a cheap airator to keep the water agitated and oxegynated. But that shouldn't cost too much.

    So before you go buying, or worrying about buying meds, try getting your fish some better water quality. Weekly water changes in your case should be around 60-80% (because of all the fish). But make sure the temperature of the water is the same as the temp in the tank, or you run the risk of temperature shock to your fish.

    Also, is your tank cycled? How long have you had the fish in it or how long has it been running?

    I hope your fish get better, and keep us posted! :)

  8. I really don't think your fish has sustained any damage to his/her tail. If it hasn't gotten better in a year with good water quality (assuming that it's always been fairly good) I would guess he/she was born that way. My Fiona had her fins bitten off almost to the nubbins and they grew back within a few months. So I'd stop adding stressful meds and just let the fish do it's thing :)

    Your pH is really high though. You should be shooting for around 7.6. Test your tap water pH and see if that's not causing the high pH. There's several things you can do to lower your pH both naturally and chemically.

  9. Well Fiona's much more active (I just did her weekly water change today) and she's actually been quite active all week. I think the spot's getting better too :) . I've decided to clean the wood and under them every time I do a water change too. I can't believe I didn't think of the wood thing the first time :wall lol such a common sense thing. Oh well. Fiona's ok I believe. Maybe a week more and a few water changes here and there and I think she'll be good. Thanks so much everyone!!! :)

  10. Ummm.....Ornaments? Nothing artificial. I do have two pieces of wood in there, but those have been in for months without problems. And it's treated aquarium wood. Not just something I liked and picked up on the beach lol. I clean those every few weeks when they really gunk up. Last time I cleaned them though, it was really nasty under them, so this cloud of crud sort of came into the water. I think that might be a factor......I'll put up a pic asap!

  11. Thanks for the replies everyone. The gravel is around 1-2 inches thick, but I vacuum it every time I change the water...and I guess I could change her filter media. I can't remember the last time it was changed. As for tank sides cleaning, I do that every time I change her water as well. Everything is flowing well so no pipes are clogged. Fiona's not bottom sitting today though. I think she gets more active after I do her weekly water change. So maybe I should give her some fresh water a little more often? Maybe a bi-weekly water change? What do you guys think?

  12. That's so wonderful you kept shermen and the other fish together :) can you imagine being seperated from a good friend you've known all your life and never seeing them again? Probably happens in fishstores all the time :( but I'm glad these two got to stay together! SImply marvelous fish!

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