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  1. Ok so I have 3 things I used to like to feed my goldie Fiona. Omega 1 goldfish flakes, some seafood flakes, and brine shrimp

    I fed her the omega 1 every day, and paired it with seafood flakes on one day, and 1 block of frozen brine shrimp the other day.

    So here's what it looked like.

    Monday- Omega/seafood





    I'm now working on varying her diet more, and am trying to switch from omega 1 to another food because she recently got swim bladder probs and I think Omega might have been the culprit. Because i fasted her and fed her peas, but once I gave her some Omega, she flipped back over for a day. Hasn't since I stopped feeding it to her.

    So was this a good schedule? Too much? Too little? I'm gonna vary it more so ya. No more Omega though.

  2. Tetra flakes are simply Garbage. Toss em. You should be feeding your fish a varied diet, with veggies, frozen foods ect. Yes, you need a base food like flakes, but as I said before, Tetra flakes for goldfish are simply not gonna cut it. Go with something like Hikairi or Omega 1. Much better for them.

  3. In all honesty, I think all those meds were simply too much. Goldies are sensetive and require good water quality. Mine just recently got sick because of it. Lucily I think she's better.

    I'd start off by doing a large water change as stated above. Then buy a kit to test your water WITH NUMBERS. Not just an "OK" or "Harmful". We need real numbers in ppm preferrably with a drop kit as they are more reliable than strip tests. Good luck, and keep us posted.

  4. K Thanks Trinket. I did a 30% water change (9 gallons in oppose to her usual 6 of 30) today instead of waiting til her regular schedual 2 days from now. I'm planning on doing another smaller water change tomorrow and a smaller one the following day.

    I haven't seen her float in a while. In fact, I found her resting on the bottom today when I came home from school, which was a reliefe because she's had to sleep upside down in plants the past few days.

    Here are her perimeters after the change I just did:

    Ammonia 0ppm

    pH 6.6

    Nitrite 0 ppm

    Nitrate 5 to 10 ppm

    As you can see, her quality has gotten MUCH better compared to her last check up. I don't attribute the pH rise much to the API PH up though. In fact, our faucet water is around 7 to 7.5. Perfect for goldfish. So I'm thinking this is what raised the level. That and the fact I tested pH after I added API and it had only gone up .2. With her other water changes this week, her levels should be back to normal, and I'm going to start doing 9 gallons from now on instead of six, plus a 50% monthly water change.

    As for food, I'm giving her half a cube of frozen brine shrimp. I still need good fishfood names or recipes for home made fishfood.

  5. Hey, I'm just wondering what kinds of goldfish flakes are good and nutritional for goldfish.

    I'm trying to treat a swim bladder/constipation problem with my telescope-eye Fiona. You can help me with that in my topic titled "swim bladder problem?" in disease discussion/diagnosis.

    So here's the deal. I've recently learned she might have "Gas" from her food I'm feeding her. Or it at least dosn't agree with her stomach. So I need some suggestions. I want to feed her something natural, and nutritional. No tetra crap. That's junk. But something good. That's why I chose Omega 1 goldfish, but I might need to change foods. So suggestions?

  6. Thanks trinket. I appreciate the quick responses everyone. I'll keep you posted with her water perameters every day. Should I do a water change tomorrow to take care of Nitrates? Or should I wait to stabilize the pH?

    Also, I've fed her Omega for months, so why would it start acting up now? I wouldn't know what other flake food to feed her. Foods from tetra are garbage, and Hikari has lots of starch and flower in it, with little or no nutritional value. What flake food do you suggest?

  7. Her regular diet consisted of Omega 1 goldfish, marine life flakes (to vary diet) and Brine shrimp (To vary diet). Of course, Omega 1 goldfish was her staple and the other two were only used every other day or so. So she had a varied diet. I'm pretty sure. But what do I do now about her floating problem? Thats what I want to know.

  8. K I'm gonna use my API pH up. Now what? She's upside down under the plant. Frick. She's breathing but....Oh now she's out. But she's having a hard time staying down. I think I should try some peas with a salt crystal in it. I think it might be constipation...

  9. Alright. Here are my water perimeters. I use drops cuz they're more accurate. All good. Nitrites 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm.....But there are things bugging me. Her Nitrate levels are high. Around 20 to 40 ppm. I know it's a problem but I can't seem to get rid of it. I'm going to do a water change today and the day after tomorrow. And her pH has dropped to 6.0 which I know isn't good for goldfish. So what do I do??

    As for her swim bladder problem, she seems a little alright and a little not. She swims fine and at times shows no swimming problem at all, but then all of a sudden I'll find her floating upside down in the plants like a few days ago. In fact she just did it. I'm worried but I just can't seem to fix it.

    I didn't feed her for 2 days then fed her peas for 3 days. I moved her onto her regular food (Omega 1 for goldfish) yesterday when she seemed alright. But now I don't know.

    Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  10. Hey everyone. I'll start off by saying hi, and that I've been a goldfish keeper for around a year now. I like your website koko and it's a wealth of goldfish information!

    So here's the deal. Two days ago, my calico telescope eye Fiona began swimming funny. Then she persisted to swim upside down and float relentlessly. She proceeded to sleep upside down under a plant to anchor herself. (She's a very smart fishy :) ). I was initially very scared, and had diagnosed the alement as some sort of swim bladder problem. So, I remembered all my readings and fasted her for 2 days, in case the cause was constipation. After that night, she returned to normal. I think. Now she's not swimming funny anymore and the only thing I've fed her is half a pea. I'll give her 2 halves tomorrow and so on for a few days.

    One thing I also noticed was her poop was thin, and had bubbles in it. It wasn't clear, but still worried me. Any suggestions? I feed her by hand so she's not inhaling air when she eats.

    Fiona has a habbit of swimming face down in her bubble stream. She then seems to "inhale" bubbles and spit them out. I really don't like this so I decided to turn her air pump off. What do you think? Can she live with the aerator off? I don't want to suffocate her, but I don't think her ingesting bubbles is the best thing for her. And I think that's part of her bubbly poop problem.

    Please help, she's not floating upside down anymore, but still has bubbles in her poop.

    I did her weekly water change today plus a gallon, so her water qualities A ok.

    Once again, please help. I appreciate it guys.

  11. I would if it was me, get maracyn 2 and feed him Medigold...Sounds like a bacterial infection hun...I would keep up the other things your doing but these two meds will help clear it up :)

    Yes you're right Koko. I've had this happen before and it turns out it was something called hemmoragic septicemia. I don't know if I spelled that right but that's what it is. I used a medication by api specifically designed to treat those red ulcer things you mentioned. I think it was called tc tetracycline. If it's not that, it was something like it. Sorry if I'm no help.

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